Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Funereus Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?

We are Funereus, we play funeral hexing black metal for the glory of the devil.

2. How would you describe your musical sound?

Our craft is old-school black metal, in the vein of early 90's black metal.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

Funereus translates to Funeral in the ancient language.

4. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?

Our lyrics are about worshiping the devil.

5. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

The Gathering of shadows fests In Colorado, and Conjuring the dark II fest In Minneapolis, we channel the black energies thru our craft of black metal ritualistically profane the holy and rejoice in blasphemy is what describes a live Funereus ritual.

6. Are there any upcoming shows or tours coming up?

At this moment there is nothing scheduled.

7. How has your music been received so far by black metal fans worldwide?

The public has heard our music and have written numerous reviews on our demo and ep alike and most recent our split with Helsefyr (SWE), they describe our music as "Raw& Evil”, to us this tells us we are in the right path of Evil!

8. Out off all the releases that the band has put out so far which one are you the most satisfied with?

We are satisfied with all of our releases, but the most satisfying would have to be our first full length entitled "Profane Rite Of Morbid Glorification".

9. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music?

All I have to say is the early 90's wave of black metal.

10. How would you describe your views on Anti Christianity, Satanism and Occultism?

Christianity is for the enslavement of the weak, Satanism & occultism is that for the followers of the left hand path of Enlightenment.

11. Any final words or thoughts?

Funereus would like to thank Occult Black Metal Zine for the interview

Only Death Is Real!

Anno MMX


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Typhon Interview

1.Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?
1. We formed in 2006 in Wichita KS out of the ashes of a thrash metal band called RANCOR, the bassist and our current guitarist Zach Collins ended that, drafted myself on vocals and Nolan Weber on drums forming TYPHON, we released our demo in 2007 to fifty hand printed and numbered copies. It was re-released in 2009 by Nusantarajim Productions to 66 hand numbered copies, that sold out as well. Shortly after we released our Eternal Scorn EP to 50 copies as a way to put out something with better production before the time it would take to put together our full length. Currently we are working on our self-titled full length, and should be released in the fall.

2. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
2. Typhon, historically to the Greeks he was a giant who the Greeks feared most. For Zeus' act of imprisoning the titans Typhon rebelled against the gods and attempted to destroy him. He was also identified to the Egyptians as Set, the god of darkness. Thus, to us Typhon represents the rebellious nature of man, the decay of society, humanity, and morals, and ultimately the culmination of the Anti-culture of black metal.

3. How would you describe your musical sound?
3. We play very aggressive black metal with death metal undertones. We try to make our music influence people with violence, negativity, and curiosity.

4. What is it like being a brutal black.death metal band in the state of Kansas most of the bands that I have heard from that state are more commercial, and the only other black metal band that I can think of out there are Anwyl?
4. From the metal community here, we receive nothing a following and it's praise, but being we are in the heart of the bible belt, the following is nothing close to other states. In general we receive much resentment and criticism, most venues, with the exception of our brothers at The Oz Cafe, refuse to book us, or if so on a Monday or Tuesday, out of general fear of violence that ensues at our shows, rumors of National Socialist ties, or no support of extreme music. Anwyl are a major influence to us, we even had the founding member, Olc, on guitar for a while. However with most acts from Kansas, including CORPUS DELECTI, most of the members have degenerated themselves out of the scene. Today there is not much to mention in Kansas except for CHRIST HATE out of Lawrence, they are a breath of fresh, blistering air. SANCTUS INFERNUM from Wichita, they play very menacing doom metal. And of course the legendary MANILLA ROAD, but they have separated themselves from this desolate state. Most people here cling on to ORDER FROM CHAOS/ANGELCORPSE/ARES KINGDOM, although technically they are from Missouri.

5. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
5. I write themes of nihilistic reflection and judgment on the world we live in. Whether it is the praise of death, the criticism of weak minded morals, values, and religions, or rejection of our putrid society. I aim to make the listener question himself and this life, and hate what it stands for.

6. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
6. Playing with DEICIDE was amazing for us, along with CEREMONIAL CASTINGS, LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, and MASTER. In Kansas it is rare to receive noteworthy bands to play with so we were honored to have performed with them.
Our live shows can only be described as violent and pure aggression, as this is what we try to bring to our audience, we try to hurt them any way we can with our music. Its rare to go to one of our shows in Wichita and not see fights, teeth, or blood stain the ground.

7. Do you have any touring plans for the future?
7. In the future we are hoping to do some midwest touring, hoping to go as far north as Chicago and play a few dates with our brothers in S.S.W.G., and we are planning each coast as well, but that is further in the future.

8. How has the feedback been to your music so far from black/death metal bands worldwide?
8. Very accepting and positive, while far and few.

9. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
9. Our music is always growing in the negative light the more we grow as musicians, we are all fairly young, none of us over 20, so only the future will tell.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
10. We have all been influenced by the early and modern USBM scenes; acts like JUDAS ISCARIOT, ABSU, DEMONIC CHRIST, PROFANATICA, VON, THY INFERNAL to even more recent acts like BLOOD STORM, ACHERONIAN DIRGE, SUMMON, KULT OV AZAZEL etc. outside the U.S. like REVENGE, ANTAEUS, INFERNAL WAR, as well from the Polish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Austrian and French scenes. Really any Black/Death/Thrash/Doom Metal that handles themselves with integrity.

11. Are there any side projects besides this band, or are the members of Typhon dedicated to this band only?
11. The members are all devoted to Typhon, as we dont just let anyone in because they have musical accomplishments, we seek a devotion to not only our cult, but comradery with each other and an allegiance to the ideology of black & death metal. Drew, our newest member is the founder of the death metal band GAROTED and Nolan drums in this as well.

12. What roles does Satanism or Occultism play in the music?
12. These things do not play any role in our music, except for some minor personal influences because their historical workings against Christianity, and more importantly society. However these are all works of fantasy, by the human ego to make us try and think we are all special, and we're all 'individuals', but the truth is that only death is real.

13. What are some of your interests outside of music?
13. I have recently began GOSPEL OF HATE PRODUCTIONS, as a way to further propagate the ideology of myself and Typhon, we are working to bring more true metal to Kansas, put together art and inlays for other bands, and further negativity and hate in music.

14, Any final words or thoughts?
14. Hails to those who respect us.
To redeem the world in peace
But the peace did not embrace men
The peace shall be strangled by our wrath
And our wrath shall redeem the earth


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ritual Combat/Occultus Requiem/Hate War Records/2010 CD Review

  Ritual Combat are a band from Los Angeles, California that consists of ex members from Nokturne that plays a very fast and brutal form of black/war metal and this is a review of their 2010 album Occultus Requiem" which was released by Hate War Records.

Drums are fast throughout the album with a lot of brutal blast beats and some mid paced drumming, while the bass has a very dark and distorted tone and there is a mixture of mid paced and fast riffs.

Rhythm guitars are mostly fast black/war metal riffs with some mid paced riffing and one song using depressing sounding riffs mixed in with some parts of certain songs that has some death metal influences added in and there are little to no lead guitars present on this recording.

Vocals are high pitched black metal screams with some spoken word parts, while the lyrics touch on occultism and war with a satanic edge, as for the production on this album which was recorded at Black Static Studios in 2009 has a very raw and heavy feel that captures all of the sounds coming out of the musical instruments.

In my opinion Ritual Combat are a very good band that would appeal to all fans of true black/war metal. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Infernal Wolfpack" "Circle Of Nine" and "Black Mirror Eternity". RECOMMENDED BUY.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ssenkrad Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard you before?
Ssenkrad is the manifestation of myself only. It was designed as a tool to bring forth everyday life issues and obstacles, problems and fires to an end, through the medium of Black Metal. In one way it could be looked at as a indulgence, similar to drug addiction, I'm receiving my fix, so to speak. In another way, it's more Catharic. Regardless of means it is what it is, Black Metal. We began in 1999 doing demos, at that time there were three members. By means of evolution it became what is today, a one man project. I currently release material on my label SixhundredSixtySickScoreProductions, along with my other projects. I do shows, when invited, and release cd format as well.

2. What is going with the project these days?
There is no sleep. Ssenkrad, or the entity known as such is always releasing, and performing new material. I currently have 6 releases to date, and am working on the most latest, as I speak, along with any live outings that come along. The most recent lp should be available by the end of July.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
Many messages have been sent through out the years regarding this same question. I've had people tell me that they went through systems to translate Ssenkrad, but with no avail. First, the opposite of good is bad, from white, there is black, the yin and the yang, the negative and positive, ac/dc etc.....What I invoke through Ssenkrad is Darkness. A manifestation of all things negative, or at least negative to the Christian mind. Darkness is it self matter, no one knows were it comes from or how it was created. Anti matter is what is left from something that was created. Think of a cookie dough sheet, get your cookie cutter and press it down, take the shape of what ever you took out, you have your design, it is matter. But what lies in the outline of what you just removed, anti matter, it's anti self. Hence Ssenkrad is Darkness spelled backwards.

4. I have seen one of your videos, that was a live show, what are some of the best live shows that you have played so far?

It's hard to say really. I enjoy playing live on most occasion's. But there are some evenings were the boys and girls become something else, most nights when the moon is waxing. Were they no longer follow their herd, so to speak. But follow them self's as one, and become the chariot for my dealings. When crowd participation is at it's high, I'm the most happiest.

5. I noticed when you do albums it is only one member, have you ever thought about using the live musicians on your cd's or did the band start out as a full line up and then evolved into a one man band?
In the beginning there were three, but every musician in the Black Metal genre knows that, personalities collide, hence the reason why I'm solo. Sometimes I hire live musicians and or stage performers.

6. I have read in one of your interviews that you are a big fan of movies, what are some of the lesser known films that you enjoy that some of the readers are not familiar with, everybody all ready knows about the mainstream stuff like Halloween?

Well I got an early start, my mother enjoyed the avant garde, so I grew up seeing many different pictures. But currently I enjoy anything from Fred Vogal(august underground) Lucifer Valentine(slaughtered vomit dolls) Harmony Korine(gummo,ken park julien donkey boy) Kenneth Anger, John Waters, Lars von, and Vincent Gallo to name a few. If it is abrasive and over the top, then I probably own it. Film is like dope to me. The first time is good(ie the first awful picture) the second time is better, by the tenth time though you want more, something stronger then the past. Thats why I like what I like.

7. I have seen you list Anton LeVey and Aliester Crowley down as influences, are there any other satanists or occultists that you have an interest in?

Any and all. I read, that's what I do. I follow no set dogma, but study all. To most people's surprise I own every literary religious text (ie: Torah, Quaran, Bible etc..) there is. I am non denomination. I'm not a hypocrite like most musicians. If there was one so called occultist and or mythological subject available to me, I'd study more on Robert Johnson, the man of the so called crossroads.

8. What kind of satanist would you consider yourself as being?
If I was to consider myself a Satanist it would be in the literal since. Now western people may think, hey , he's a Satanist. Philosophically, I live as the accuser. Satan it self is just a word, Hebrew for accuser, never more never less until the Christians needed a scapegoat, and now Satan has a whole different meaning. It's all creation, everything is myth anymore. To the Christians I'm the apitamy of Satan, and that's ok with me, because I am the opposite of them. But truly, I live Satanicly through my everyday outings. I do not worship a devil, nor do I pray to metaphysical beings. The only thing I have now is NOW. I live life to the fullest, and never look back. Fear shall never be used against me, because essentially that's what Christiandom is fear. I remain un- tame!!!

9. What are some bands or music styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
There are many, but I try not to listen to much, to my own genre, in hopes that I am not influenced. I picture Ssenkrad as its own force, and to have ties to other artist I believe takes away from what should be yours and yours only. Currently though I do enjoy different genre, such as , AFI, Morrisey, HIM, Spinerette, although it may come to a surprise to most.

10. Now that we are in 2010 what direction do you see black metal heading into this decade?
As long as there is a judeo-christian god there will always be Black Metal. I'm sure that the future will bring other sub genre, fast or slow, but with the same intent.

11. Out off all the albums and releases that you have recorded so far, which one are you the most satisfied with?

Unfortunately I'm my worst critic, I'm quite pleased with all, but try to redeem myself on every other outing. The most slept on release is the Ssenkrad Sargagantas split. My favorite would be Candle Goat Blood Worship.

12. How has your music been received so far by black metal fans worldwide?
I've never had a bad comment or review, but then again who really knows. There was at one time a certain organization I belonged to that distroed my material, but basically sold copies of my music and never paid me. So I must be worth stealing over?

13. Have you ever considered signing to a bigger underground label or do you want to keep the band as being very underground?
It is not out of the question as long as that it did not interfere with my creative process. I've never did any project in hopes of becoming a star or someone with financial worth. As long as I'm comfortable and my family has the things it needs(which it does now) I'm happy.

14. What are some other interests that you have besides music, films or Satanism?
Music consumes my life, with Ssenkrad, and my other project Speaker Ritual, and new things brewing there is not much else in the life of me. I read as much as I can, study the esoteric, and theology, I'm highly into the species and dichotomy of insects, but deep down to the roots, I'm all about my family, and spending as much time as I can with them.

15. Any final words or thoughts?
I appreciate the interview and any and all support I may receive

https://myspace.com › 666ssenkrad666

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Transylvanian Funeral Interview # 2

1. Can you update us with what is going on with A Transylvanian Funeral these days?
Hails brother...! A Transylvanian Funeral is doing well...there have been a couple of split releases, one with Black Torment with four songs from thew upcoming full length and another split with Funeral Winterdust that has 4 exclusive songs to that release...it only has 50 copies so getting one will be only for the real die-hards and bootleggers. I recently moved to Tucson, AZ and launched my zine, Forbidden Magazine. So far the zine is doing well...we are active online and in print...the first zine was an e-zine and is available at our website... www.forbidden-magazine.com we try to make the coverage and band info as widespread as possible...I have been fucking busy, would be a shorter way of putting it!!!

2. In that last year since the first full length you have put out a split album and then the new full length can you tell us a little bit about the new full length?
Well, the full length is titled the Outsider and it has 12 songs...it is just over 66 minutes long and has some of the best songs I think I have ever written on it...It is a departure from my previous album, the S/T Debut, but still retains a ATF feel to it...like the feeling of having your soul spread over too much cold night air...

3. Tell us about the new album?
My previous collaborator, Sojourner, is not present on this release...nor, do I imagine, he will be on any future releases. I am completely responsible for all writing, performance, recording and production...much like the first album, I also designed the fucking cover art and everything, save for the towers that you will see on various editions which were drawn by my good friend Nate of the Fucking Living Dead / Brainvault Illustration...there will be a Pro CD and Pro Tape Release...the CD will be packaged in a DVD case,like the debut and will have two different covers...the Tape will have it's own cover and include random colored tapes...all hand numbered, all dark, dripping with death and existential madness's...

4. How would you describe the sound and lyrical content of the new album?
The sound is somewhat more produced than the debut, although it really took less time to engineer than the first album...I worked with a different drum program to create the music, so that will be the most immediate difference...I experimented with the depth of the sound more, as I felt the debut album was very dry sounding and wanted a bigger atmosphere with 'the Outsider', which I think I accomplished well...the songs are also some of the longest I have written, which was a method I wanted to utilize to create a greater sense of atmosphere and mood...the lyrics of each song are tied together, sometimes obviously and at other times more indirectly...there is a 'concept' running through the album although it was not my original intent...

5. What are some of the inspirations for the new album?
the inspiration for the album happened closer to the end, when I began to see all the similarities between the songs lyrical content...the last song written was the title track, 'the Outsider', and is a variation of the H.P.Lovecraft classic of the same name...the story was the first of his I read that had a profound effect on me...it may have been the first story I read of his, period...either way, the story is such a strong basis for horror that the similarity was unavoidable...I wanted to write a song titled 'the outsider' for sometime, as I usually start songs with a title in mind, for whatever reason...it is the initial impression that a fan can have of your music and 'the outsider' has a certain ring to it, i suppose...the songs are unified with a story of death and rebirth, tormenting eternal life and the strange 'premonitions' one sometimes receives that offers a glimpse at their past lives, astral double or dual existence...'the Outsider' is the final track on the album as well...

6. What is it that you hope to achieve with the newer material?
I definitely have no interest in re-creating the same album over and over...I have said that since before the first album was ever finished recording...I wanted a clearer sound, a bigger sound, a more 'intelligent' album than I had previously released...having said that, don't expect my next release to bear any likeness to 'the Outsider'...growing as a songwriter and as an artist is far more important to me than catering to elitist fans who are 'trve kvlt' etc...there are so many aspects of extreme metal that I enjoy, my goal is to pursue each in their own regard, paying my respects to the art the best I can...to not grow as an artist, i think, is a disservice to one's self...

7. What direction do you see the music heading into on the next release?
oh, i don't know...there is a lot of shit i am really into....right now, I am listening to the new Pest, really digging it...been listening to Deiphago and Prosanctus Inferi alot...I wouldn't mind doing something in the whole 'bestial' genre...would like to do some noise/drone work as well....whatever it may be, it will be dark as fuck...i think that the noise/drone stuff and bestial destruction metal is sometimes just as dark as the more traditional black metal, just because it is more difficult to comprehend...it really takes a trained ear to listen to some forms of music...at some point, it is no longer music...it is music concrete...that is one aspect I would like to take...another part of me also wants to find a drummer and bassist and write, record and perform as a live band...having since relocated, that is more of a possibility...if I find allies for live rituals, i would love to re-release the debut and the outsider as a live or full band release...the sound would be fucking killer, to say the least...

8. How has the feedback been so far to the newer material?
I have only made a few songs available for listen, namely 'Premonitions' and 'Worship a Dead Fucking Goat'...so far the fans have been happy to support the songs and I haven't heard anything negative...I am really happy with the songs as well...like I said, I think they are some of my best and they were not influenced by Sojourned either, which was not really a bad thing, but these are solely my vision...

9. Recently you started Forbidden Magazine, can you tell us a little bit about the zine and if you are planning on moving up to a paper zine?
Forbidden Magazine grew out of my frustration with the zine i previously worked for...I realized I could do everything myself and not have to rely on anyone else and thought I could do a better job that way...the bands who take time to answer fucking 35 question email interviews in the middle of a crazy tour have to be respected and their word has to be recited...i didn't feel the bands, labels, PR, fans or anyone I was working with was getting the coverage they deserved...so i started my own thing...I found out that you always rely on other people...I couldn't do Forbidden Magazine without all the killer contributors I have...everyone really does their best...I stress to everyone the reason we are doing what we do is for the betterment of the artists...not for us to have some position of notoriety or anything...I still want to launch a streaming radio station, but haven't had the time to find someone to help me set it up...!!! Issue Zero is available for download on our website and you are free to print it out, distribute it or put it on your website, torrent p2p or whatever the fuck you want...the only paper copies I made of it went to Hells Headbangers Records, who have a lot my respect from the killer artists they release on multiple formats...Issue One is a monster of an issue and is almost done...it will be printed 1000 copies, with Pro CD compilation in every issue...$6.66! Trades are welcome for ad space too, fuckers! Get in touch!

10. Any final words or thoughts?
Thanks for the fucking interview brother! I appreciate the support...I return all fucking email so get in touch!!! www.atransylvanianfuneral.com www.forbidden-magazine.com www.forbidden-records.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Transylvanian Funeral/The Outsider/2010 CD Review

A Transylvanian Funeral are a one man black metal band from Indiana that has also had their music reviewed in this zine and has  been  interviewed in here as well and this is a review of their 2010 album "The Outsider".

Drums alternate between slow to fast drumming that also utilizes a lot of brutal blast beats, while the keyboards are only used on occasion to enhance atmosphere with a little bit of piano playing, as for the bass playing it sounds very powerful with a lot of bass leads that are easy to hear and this is probably the strongest bass playing that I have ever heard on a black metal album.

Rhythm guitars have a lot of fast and mid paced black metal riffing with a little bit of a thrash, death metal and classic influence's and some of the slower riffs have a doomy feel to them with some melody and there  is some open string soft riffs that are used as intros on some of the instrumentals, lead guitars when they are utilized are mostly melodic without a lot of guitar solos.

Vocals contain a good amount of variety with some high pitched black metal screams that have a goat metal edge to them at times, mixed in with some whispered vocals, deep growls and a little bit of clean singing. while the lyrics cover some occult themes that have a left hand path feel to them as well as lyrics about darkness and death, as for the production it has a very raw but professional feel that captures all of the sounds coming out of the musical instruments.

In my opinion A Transylvanian Funeral have made an album that is even better than the one that they put out last year and this is probably one of the most original black metal albums that has came out in the last few years, if you are a fan of brutal and evil black metal you need to get this album in your collection. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Worship A Dead Fucking Goat" "A Ghoul Rising From The Grave" "Dismembered By Spirits" and "The Outsider". RECOMMENDED BUY.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Funereus/Bestial Invocation/2010 EP Review

  Funereus are a band from California that plays a raw and brutal form of satanic black metal and this is a review of their 2010 e.p "Bestial Invocation".

Drums alternate between mid paced and fast drumming with a lot of brutal blast beats throughout the e.p, while the bass playing sounds very dark in the mix and follows the rhythm's coming out of the guitars.

Rhythm guitars are mostly fast black metal riffing that utilizes a lot of tremolo picking mixed in with some mid paced riffs that gives the music a very heavy sound also there are some riffs that sound very evil, and there are little to no lead guitars present on this e.p.

Vocals are high pitched black metal screams that sound very evil, while the lyrics cover Satanism and Occultism in a more primitive left hand path way similar to theistic Satanism, as for the production on this recording it is very raw and necro sounding the way true black metal should sound.

In my opinion Funereus are a very talented black metal band that plays black metal in a very raw, satanic and early 90's way, this is probably some of the most evil metal that I have heard coming out of a U.S band in years, if you are a fan of primitive, raw, satanic black metal you should check this band out, RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Beneath The Blackened Moon" and "Black Ritual Sacrifice". RECOMMENDED BUY.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vow Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard you before?

Arntor: We are a metal band from Bethlehem PA, and we’ve been around since 2006.

Nemesis Divina: To those that have never heard us before… go to www.myspace.com/vowmusic and listen to us already! Then you can join the cool people club and stop sucking ass.

2. How would you describe your musical style?

A: The foundation of our music is in Black Metal. Of course we are far from being pure or “true”; We do dabble in other sub-genres of metal to form our sound

ND: Kick ass! If you don’t like it, you are just pissed off because you suck so hard. Our music is bursting with style, and so are we.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

A: We wanted our band name to be something simple and easy for someone to remember. We also like to think that we, in a way, are perverting the word. A vow is, after all, an oath sworn to God.

ND: My favorite song ever.. Vow. Also, band names seem to get longer and longer… so we wanted to be rebellious and have a really short band name instead. It makes for a great logo, so everyone can get it tattooed for all to see.

4. Have you ever thought of adding more members so that you can do live shows?

A: We’re actually in the process right now. We’ve managed to convince a friend of ours to play bass for us, we just have to teach her how! As far as a drummer is concerned, that’s a different story.

ND: Yes, in fact we have tried… but they were bungholes. So we are trying to find new members that are not bungholes. Then everyone can revel in the awesomeness of Vow.

5. Has their been any label interest in your music, and if so what kind of record label do you think would be the best for your style of music?

A:Not yet, but we haven’t actually sent any of our material out to a label. As far as what label would be most appropriate, something like moribund cult or osmose records? Honestly, anyone willing to sign us would be fine.

ND: None yet, but we haven’t tried to get signed yet. When we do find a label, we will expect lots of cash. Lots and lots of cash. So, whatever label has lots of cash will suit us best. (To labels: ignore that… please sign us…)

6. How has your music been received so far by black metal fans worldwide?

A:We’ve both been encouraged by how metal fans have reacted to our music, it would be nice if we had greater support locally.

ND: Worldwide? Very good. Foreign countries obviously have much better musical taste. All anyone listens to here in PA is lame douchebag music that the radio plays for them. When we do hit the stage, we are going to make PA recognize.

7. Out off all of the recordings that you have put out so far which one are you the most satisfied with?

A: Our last album “In the Blood of Beasts” is the one I’m happiest with. We’re always trying to improve upon what we have done in the past.

ND: “In the Blood of Beasts”, because it is triple platinum material that will put us on the map.

8. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?

A: It really varies. Some of our lyrics are inspired by Tolkien, some of them are based on the writings of Nietzsche. Most of our songs are really about self-empowerment, pride, and courage

ND: All over the place. We do not stick to anything particular, we mix it up quite a bit. Writing lyrics sucks, especially when you are writing 7-8 minute long songs.

9. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?

A: We have been doing the same thing since 2006, we have simply become more focused and better at it.

ND: Yeah, we just get better all the time. I see our music heading to a billion dollar record deal soon enough. I am already looking at mansions and luxury vehicles.

10. What are some of the future plans for the band?

A: Well, getting our band on stage for starters

ND: Playing shows, and then hiring some body guards with high voltage tazers for anyone that pisses me off. Then we plan on taking over a country or two and calling it “Vow Land”, where I will reign supreme.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?

A: Bands like Darkthrone, Emperor, Enslaved, Marduk, Leviathan, Windir, Summoning, as well as groups like Opeth, Arch Enemy, King Crimson, Led-Zeppelin, The Cure, Amon Amarth and Morbid Angel. Recently I’ve gotten into Drudkh, Abigor, Behemoth, and Walls of Jericho.

ND: Arch Enemy, Belphegor, Windir, Opeth, and Garbage are a few major influences of mine. I mostly listen to Death Metal, Black Metal, and Melodic Death.

12. According to the myspace page you are both atheists, how would you describe your views on Atheism?

A: I see atheism as an indication of what I don’t believe in.

ND: I do not believe in god or any supernatural powers whatsoever. I study science because I am interested in the way that life actually works, not how people think it works or wish it worked. Some people are dumb asses and believe anything they are told. Those people are very funny and amusing, but at the same time scary considering their numbers.

13. What are some of your interests outside of music?

A: We both like to play Halo so gaming is one of them. I also find hiking to very relaxing.

ND: Art, hiking, science, psychology, and animals.. particularly reptiles. And when it comes to reptiles, size matters, and I like them large.

14. Any final words or thoughts?


ND: I like money.

Black Plague Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard of you before?
A: Black Plague is a one man Black Metal Ambient band from Torrance California. I, Nino am the man behind the voice, music and artwork. I have been working on this project since 2006 and I have released 3 splits and many demos.

2. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
A: Black Plague sounds simple for a black metal band name, however I love the meaning of the actual Black Plague from the middle ages. The pain and suffering the plague brought upon humanity. It caused chaos among all religions in Europe of the time. Also I truly believe a second modern day plague is coming soon...this time it will be through biological modern warfare.

3.How would you describe your musical sound?
A: Its a little of everything in the Black Metal world to keep things new and diverse to Black Metal fans. Its melodic/ambient/depressive when it wants to be, or harsh fierce black metal. Most of the time Black Plague is slow, minimalistic, ritualistic occult hymns and choirs.

4. You have worked with other bands as well as a solo artist, how would you compare the two?
A: Yes I also been in full pieced bands such as Moonknight, Thulcandra and Mortuary but working solo is probably the best felling. Its just total control over the music, style, lyrics and artwork. The downside is the fact that playing shows is not an option. Even though I record solo I also like to collaborate from time to time with other underground acts.

5.Are you still working with any bands, if so who are they and what kind of music do they play?
A: No, not at the time. Vargxin the lead front-man of Mooknight and I have thought of bringing the projects Moonknight and Thulcandra back but they never really take off. Riffs are made but they are never recorded and the Demo tapes always get destroyed.

6. Are you planning on singing to a record label in the future, or do you prefer to self release the music?
A: Self-release all the way. I've thought of signing so many times to a label but I prefer to be free with my project. Although I release most of my work through download for free (Which many traditional Black Metal fans are against) I don't mind, I want people to get a hold of my music because I'm passionate of my music not money. I also do a small amount of printed CD-R's and Tapes which are very hard to get a hold of.

7. Out off all the recordings that you have put out so far which one are
you the most satisfied with?
A: Hands down "Hatred That Feeds Upon The Soul" because it is the darkest album I believe I have created so far. The album is just one evil, schizofrantic experience. I personally think that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to recreate such a powerful yet bleak album ever again.

8. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
A: one word: experimental. I never really know what will be of the future of my music. Usually the recording process is very dwelling. I can tell you though, that the next CD will head in a more traditional Black Metal sense. So fans of the track "Raping Of The Innocent Virgin" will be pleased.

9. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
A: Real. Its real emotion, real hatred and depression that goes into these songs. Mostly inspired by real life not so much on fictional stories or fantasies.

10. How has the feedback been to your music from black metal and ambient fans worldwide?
A: I have been generally getting very good reviews from 2008 to the present. I am very pleased with the fan base I have too, its smaller but very loyal. Many people talked shit about my older stuff yet I agree with some of their criticism. I was looking for a sound from 2006 to 2007. It took a lot of trial and error to get a sound I like.

11. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you
listening to nowadays?
A: Bands: Nastrond, Xasthur, Endless Dismal Moan, Lurker Of Chalice, Songe D' Enfer, Black Funeral, Nihasa, Nortt, Veil, Morbid Undead are some of the few that rank among my favorites. I also listen to some Neo-Classical and Ritualistic Choirs, my favorite composer is Philip Glass and his Koyaanisqatsi series.

12. What are some occult authors, philosphers, orders or practices that have had the most impact on your views?
A: I read and am a big fan of Michael W. Ford's Luciferian teachings. Besides his music with Black Funeral, the man is a fine brilliant author and philosopher in the occult world. I am also fascinated with Aleister Crowley and The Heaven's Gate cult.

13. What are some of your interests outside of music?
A: Art, its been my first passion in life. I have been drawing since I was two years old. I created the cover to the Morbid Undead/Black Plague Split. I have also drawn covers/layouts/Logos for the following Black/Death metal bands: Doedsredskap, Drakkar, Narfantyr, Neant Radical, Hadoth, Devourment, Spewage, just to name a few.

14. Any final words or thoughts?
A: I'd like to thank Occult Black Metal Zine for this opportunity and for taking the time to review my music and interview me. I'd also like to thank the fans of Black Plague and my other projects, without them Black Plague would be nothing.