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Inferno Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band and what inspired you to play the form of the music that you play?
Hi, it was very simple. We are big fans of metal music for a lot of years, music is important part of our lifes. We were 15 years old when we began to feel UG scene. We became big fans of all the old thrash, black and death metal bands, record´s collectors and true musical fanatics. We wanted to be in that machinery, to be a part of this thought of great united fight for filling musical yearning, so we decided to found the band. We were fascinated by essences of death, darkness, occultism, old horror movies,… and black metal was reasoned genre and way that we wanted to take. Of course, we were very satisfied by wave of norwegian black metal bands at that time, so all of these circumstances led us to founding the beast INFERNO.

2. How would you describe the music of Inferno?
I think that our present production is very different from our older stuff in some points. Nowadays I can say the musical face has crystallized and actual form and structure is the closest to us. From my opinion we can designate present INFERNO as apocalyptic black metal.

3. Where did you come up with the idea for the band name?
There´s nothing special and mystic. We were 15 years old when we founded the band, so we didn´t think about the name very much. We wanted name that would describe black metal music and everything connected with that exactly and simply, name with essence of deepness, occultism, spiritism etc…INFERNO has everything like that. Admittedly the name was found unoriginal in the course of time and a lot of bands with similar name exist over the world but we have this name for 13 years. We didn´t want to change the name because we released a lot of stuff and of course, to the name relates specific nostalgia.

4. How would you describe your live show and what are some of the best gigs that you have played so far?
We played a lot of concerts in Europe. Nice gigs were always in Serbia, Germany, Spain … it´s difficult to say what gig was the best or the worst. I always say that there aren´t really bad gigs, maybe sometimes the gig happens better, sometimes worse. Also what do you mean exactly if you say the best gig? The best gig in connection with acceptance of fans, or in connection with technical and instrumental circumstances. It´s question…I think that all gigs we played had its magic and geist….its darkness. Our concerts are full of blood and blasphemy!

5. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?
We´d like to play in US. If some offer comes, certainly we close a deal. We hope that Mexico tour 2010 will become reality. We will see what future brings.

6. How would you describe the musical progress over the years?
I think we are better in technical and instrumental way now, as regards quality of ideas too. For over 13 years we pick up a lot of experiences. Every record comes with specific moment of creation, it´s interception of specific mood, depth, status and feeling of that time. So, some early records are a little bit different, nowadays I think we work without restraint and more systematically as well.

7. What direction do you see the music heading into during the future?

We´d like to compose music with massive feeling and more technically, songs will be more aggressive and they will contain space for showing instrumental skills of musicians. Maybe it´s possible to say that songs will be more spirited. Now it´s hard to say how it will end up because music is some kind of internal feeling, it´s mark of time of creation and everything depend on status of that interior. Also spiritual thoughts very influences direction what we will come to and what direction will specific frag-mental songs come to as well. Now we start to working on new songs, so let it be a surprise.

8. What releases have you put out so far?
Uff, that´s a lot of stuff….We have 5 studio albums that were released on CD/LP, roughly 10 7"EP, mainly it´s split Ep´s and some standalone Ep´s, roughly 3 live CD´s and a lot of demotapes…

9. Are you aware of the Inferno in Norway?
Yes, I´m. At one time there were some bands with same or similar name but nowadays there´s not so many such bands, so that´s good for us. By the way, this bands have good stuff and also Inferno fest has my respect and admiration.

10. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?
Our music has a lot of influences. We try to catch internal mood of our interiors, it means to catch our feelings and darkness inside all of us and then transform it to musical way and record it. We don´t try to compose technical music with over 100% scientific arrangement purposely….We record spontaneity of specific moment more than artificial composition. Inside us proceed a lot of battles spiritual and life-time and they are also influences that are inspiration for us as well as opposition to system, its regulations and conception of moral christian world.

11. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?
Recently I really often listen to records from Merrimack, Craft, Troll, last Katharsis – Four Reich, Funeral Mist, Triumphator, Behexen,…there´s a lot of good records, it depends on mood and taste.

12. How would you describe the bands approach to Paganism, Satansim or Occultism?
I´m not sure if I understand the question well….how to describe all these bands. If you mean some spiritual principles or things connected with image etc….Actually, it doesn´t matter, I think we agree on that all these bands are formed by people who try to search internal power and energy in this rotting world through music and attitudes.

13. What are some good films or books that you would recommend?
Films and books…well, it ´s hard to say, recently I don´t have any time to reading books or watching films. Frankly speaking, about films I think there´s nothing special, everything stinks of hollywood´s propaganda, kitsch and happy-ends. If I want to watch film, I search some low-budget and art films. As regards books, I like a lot of different topics from occult literature to novels and science-fiction. Recently I´ve read some items from Bukowski, Orwell,…

14. How would you describe the metal scene in your country, I know that some classic bands such as Master's Hammer and Maniac Butcher came from there?
Yes, these two bands have cult status in our country and they are very acclaimed in the world. Metal scene in Czech republic isn´t very big and it isn´t very interesting as well as compared to other scenes. I don´t mean only music but also relationships, organisation, support….there´s same shit like anywhere else. There´s some good bands but there is missing support from labels and fans from abroad…we´ll see, I hope czech scene comes through in the future more than in present. Recently I´m skeptic.

15. Any final words?
Thanks for space in your zine. If you were interested in our new album Black Devotion, contact us!

16. Thanks for the interview!
Thanks as well. War continues!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Puter Deus Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

Puter Deus was an idea I had for some time and in early 2008 I decided to breathe life into this project. I already had some things spinning in my head and I immediately started writing music which ended up becoming my first demo "Through The Ashes Of The Past", which was released the summer of 2008 through Teutonic Satan. Recently I also released a new demo which is available for download at the Puter Deus Myspace page.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Since I never intended to make Puter Deus a narrow minded project I can't really fit the whole sound into tags like raw or primitive. It is pure Black Metal with the whole meaning of it. I like rawness as I also like melody.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

Puter Deus is Latin. Puter means rotten and Deus means god, so you actually get the point, hehehe! First of all I like this name since it is not antichristian, but more antireligious I would say. I don't go for one religion, I am against all of them. Also it kind of resembles to the name of Rotting Christ and I am deeply influenced by this incredible Greek Black Metal legion!

4. What releases have you put out so far?

As I said before, I released a demo last year through Teutonic Satan, which was kind of stranger than my current sound. The vocals were way more different and the whole music was kind of more mid tempo and atmospheric I guess. My new demo called "Anti All" is a more classic straightforward Black Metal release

5. Have you received any label interest yet?

After releasing my latest demo I started searching for a label since I am in the works of a new release, which will probably be an EP. Until now I have heard many positive stuff about the new songs, but I still haven't found anyone that is able to release it.

6. How would you describe your lyrical content?

My lyrics are mostly about individuality, pride and war against every form of religion. I believe that every man should strive to reach the top and be strong enough to knock out everyone that stands in his way. Instead, many people are based on fake hopes and counterfeit religions. I strongly support Crowley's wise words "Do what thou wilt"...

7. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

The bands that have been like mentors to this musical journey for me are of course the titans Darkthrone and Mayhem, as well as bands like Carpathian Forest, Craft, Leviathan, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Burzum, the Finnish warriors Impaled Nazarene, old Satyricon and many more. I also draw inspiration from various things like literature and poetry, nature, one of the most beautiful things. It can be the most destructive, as well as the most beautiful thing.

8.What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?

I listen to various stuff in and out of the Metal scene. For example I may listen to Black Metal and after some minutes you can find me listening to electronic music, classic Rock or Blues. Lately I have returned to my Black Metal roots listening nothing else than Black Metal. Some great releases I lately came across are Absu's latest masterpiece and Afgrund's "Vid Helvetets Grindar". Sick albums!

9. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music or life?

To tell you the truth I don't really care since as I said before I am against any kind of religion or things that connect to it. People feel the need to use symbols and invisible Gods just to feel safer or stronger. People still believe in stuff like heaven, hell, demons, magic etc. It just feels kind of pathetic. An incredible number of bands has written about stuff like that, but let's not forget that it is a field which offers you lots of things to write about. People still write about Thor as they still do for Satan. What can we do? We humans are just dying for myths and fairytales...

10. Are there any good films or books that you would recommend?

I recently read a very nice book by Robert W. Chambers, "The King In Yellow". The atmosphere this man creates is incredible! Regarding films, it may strange to some but I recently realized that I am a huge fan of Emir Kusturica. I watched "Zavet" and I loved it!

11. How would you compare the black metal scene in Greece to other European countries?

Although Greece was never famous for its Metal scene, the Black Metal bands back in the early 90's managed to put Greece in the Metal map. Titans like Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Zemial, Varathron and many more did amazing things and they are bands that are worth the respect of every black metaller. I won't say if it is better or worse than other scenes, every single one has its own sound. The fact is that hey managed to create a unique sound that still characterizes the Greek Black Metal scene.

12. Any final words?

You can visit to listen to my music or contact me. You can also visit if you want to purchase my first demo.

13.Thanks for the interview?

I thank YOU for this interview! Keep up the great work and supporting the underground brother!

Kratornas/The Corroding Age Of Wounds/Kneel Before The Master's Thrones Records/2009 CD Review

Kratornas is a 1 man black metal band hailing from the Philippines which I was describe as extreme fast war/black/grind/thrash and this is a review of their 2009 album "The Corroding Age Of Wounds".

Drums on this recording are really fast with a lot of blast beats that make Immortal sound like a doom metal band in comparison and they also slow down at times when the music gets slower, to give the music an even edge.

Bass guitars on this recording have a really dark tone that plays the role of a rythym bass., while the guitar rhythms take the heaviest elements of black, death and thrash with some really fast riffs that are very heavy and brutal, as for the guitar leads they are very noisy and chaotic.

Vocals are very high pitched black metal screams that sound very brutal and evil which is what is needed for this music, while the production sounds very professional and reminds me of the sounds of the early to mid 90's Swedish black metal classics, as for the lyrics they seem to cover some dark topics that kind of have a left hand vibe to them judging by the name of the songs.

In my opinion this is a really good album while this recording kind of seems too long for a fast black metal with a time limit of 50 minutes I still feel this band has a lot of potential and the brutality of this album is among the most skull crushing I have heard so far and this is the heaviest one man band I have ever heard.

RECOMMENDED TRACKS ARE "Beasts From The Sea" and "Flood Of Fire" which mixes some effects in with the Heaviness and speed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The True Endless Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band and what your goals were when you started the band?


M is here in behalf of The True Endless!

Well, the band born in the fall of 1997 e.v. and everything was quite different from today..
We started with the idea to play something the most extreme as possible.
We liked to mix Black Metal with Thrash, Grind and Death Metal influences, the idea was to make something extreme and anti-trend...and we did it!

After a little period we concentrated on Black Metal...

From this far away time we made lot of gigs, recordings and we grew up as musicians and person, so, now, we are a mature extreme band that blend all the influences from the music we like and listen to crate our own vision of what Black Metal is...

We gained our first goal in 2001 when Aphelion Productions published our first album "Wings Of Wrath", but we create new goals every time we gain a new one...

We are iper-active!

2. How would you describe the musical style of the True Endless?

I think Black Metal fits perfect...

3. Were did you come up with idea for the band name?

The idea comes from my passion for the writer H.P. Lovecraft...The True Endless is something without end, something we cannot imagine, far away in the aeons of time...

4. What are some of the best gigs that you have played so far and what are the best countries that you have played?

We played many gigs, but mostly in our country due to our work problems and the lack of money...the best ones??? In Switzerland with Besatt and Vesna and another time with Gosforth and Meridian (always in Switzerland…we like to play in that country), in Italy, the concert in Rome with Horna, Black Lodge and Vorkreist was great and even the last festival we played in the north of Italy, the Goat Metal Fest...we played at 2:00 in the night, but the crowd have been fucking great taking part at the ritual with all their last forces!

Damn great!!!

There are many more, but I don't remember them at this time...hehehehe!!!

5. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?

It would be great...but we don't have any contacts if you read this interview and want to see The True Endless in the USA get in touch!!!

6. I know you play in some other bands as well, who are they and what styles of music do they play, and does anyone else in the band have side projects?

Well...this will be a long list:

I sing in Opera IX one of the most ancient Black Metal bands from Italy.

Then Mayhem and me play in Darkness (a Thrash-Black Metal act), in A Forest (pure Black Metal in the nordic way), The Blessed Hellbrigade (Doom Metal), I have my own project Skoll (Heathen Metal), then there's Torvara (Black-Thrash Metal with some people from Adversam and Natassievila) and I play in a sick project named Zenith (Noise Drone Black Madness)...In plus I sometimes play/sing as session in recordings of band friends or from who call me...

Mayhem plays in the bands with me and in plus into a local rock'n'roll band.

Andras have his own project nemed "Andras", but actually it's stopped.

Soulfucker has stopped almost all her cooperation with other bands and projects due to work problems.

7. What direction do you black metal heading into during the future?

I don't know, time will tell, maybe Black Metal will return into a more Underground movement as in the beginning, maybe the trend will start up again, who knows?

I can assure you that we will continue in the way we always did...

Black Metal is not a trend it's a CULT!!!

8. What are some of your influences as a musician?

Many...personally all my life and what I see and listen...musically I'm very influenced by old bands like Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Sodom...but I'm influenced by many other bands and musical styles...I don't like to limit myself in music! Every kind of music that gives me emotions can influences me...

And the others in the band are almost like me, so we make our own blend to make our music the most personal as possible.

9. What are you listening to nowadays and what would you recommend?

This week I was listening to Darkthrone, Deathspell Omega, Bolt Thrower, Mortuary Drape, early Samael, Enslaved, Emperor, S.D.I., Funeral Mist and many many more...

From the "new" bands I would like to recommend Mephisto, Sekhemt, Coldworld, Eroded, Tundra, Frostmoon Eclipse, Sampikuq, Aquer, Blasphemophagher, Psychofagist, Prayer Of The Dying and many more here too!!!

I'm an underground freak and I like to listen at all new UGbands!

10. Does Satanism or Occultism pay any part in the True Endless?

Of course!

But we are more into occultism than into satanism, we are not part of any congregation or sect; we are individualist and we follow our own path in the dark side.

11. What are some good films or literature that you would recommend?

All german films from the 20's/30's, in plus I like films by W. Herzog, S. Kubrik, some by F.F. Coppola, A. Jodorowsky and many more here too...I like arts at 360°!

About literature I like to read about ancient religions, anthropology and heathen mysticism...but I like sometimes to read the old traditional literature, from Dante to Walter Scott...

12. How does your home country react to your style of black metal?

We have many people that appreciate our music here, but we are underestimated...maybe because we don't have the good contacts nor good aquaintings...

13. Any final words?

If someone wants to get in contact or to be informed about our activities just visit or to or write at

We answer every time and we are always in search for possible trades-splits-gigs-productions-etc...

As I told you before, we are iper-active!

14. Thanks for the interview?

Thanx a lot to you for your support and for your questions...
We hope to come in the US one day or another to devastate your ears!
'till then get in contact and support the Underground!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gromm Interview

1.Can you update us with what is going on with the bands these days?

Nabath: GROMM’s spine remains the same: me and Baalberith. In 2009 we started to work with new session musicians: Noktt (bass) and Vlatom (drums). This year a new recording of GROMM was released by PROPAGANDA label. It’s mini-album called "Pilgrimage Amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" – it contains five clots of spiritual pain in the Crown of Primordial Black Metal.

2.What are the future plans for the band?

N.: The most important thing is a creating of a new full-length audio violence. Also we are planning to play at some gigs.

3.What was the inspiration behind the style of black metal that you play?

N.: The inspiration is the Spirit of Underground, some Black Metal bands and our personal feelings.

4.Has Gromm played any live shows and if so how would you describe one of your live shows?

N.: If you visited our web-pit ( HYPERLINK "" ) you would know that GROMM sometimes play alive. Though, during eight years of band’s existence we played only four live shows. We don’t use any special effects or performances at our show – just a pure Black Metal manifestation. And I see, that our musical attack raises primordial aggression from the depth of souls of true Black Metal maniacs.

5.What direction do you see black metal heading into during the future?

N.: Now there are many directions of Black Metal and I’m sure in future it will be the same, no direction will dominate. Anyway, I think in future will appear many bands playing such called "post Black Metal" and bands who will mix Black Metal with other styles.

6.Ukraine is known mostly for n.s and pagan black metal, but how is it for Satanic black metal?

N.: There are only some bands in Ukraine with evident Satanic ideology. The most significant Ukrainian Satanic band is Lucifugum.

7.What are some bands these days that you fell still have the true black metal feel?

N.: I can single out many bands. For example: Corpus Christii, Enthroned, Mgla, Watain, Funeral Mist, Antaeus, Ondskapt… I’m sure that the spirit of Black Metal is still alive.

8.What made you decide on the name Gromm?

N.: We wanted a short and rough name. It has roots in Slavonic languages, though the spelling is changed. Actually, the choice of such name was intuitive. It’s the sound of primordial Chaos.

9.What are some satanic or occult philosophy's the band follows?

N.: We don’t follow any defined concrete philosophy. Just our own "philosophies". I accept some aspects of different philosophies and teachings but don’t stick in any of them, ‘cause I’m very skeptical.

10.Are any of the future Gromm albums going to be released on in the United States or was that just a one time deal?

N.: We don’t have such plans. released 3 our CDs in the past. But now we don’t deal with them. Our last CDs were released by Ukrainian label Propaganda.

11.When I listened to your music I could tell there were some influences taken from other styles of music besides black metal, what are some genres that you listen to other than black metal?

N.: Besides Black Metal we listen to different styles of music: Thrash, Doom, Classical Heavy Metal, different brunches of Rock… But for us is unacceptable all this modern mozerfucka trendy pseudo-metal-shit.

12.Any final words?

N.: Horns up!

13.Thanks for the interview?

N.: Yes, thanx.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Besatt Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

Besatt was founded in 1991 by Beldaroh and Weronis spread a satanic ideas. In first few years a band members were changing and now we have only a few reh’s from that period. In 1996 we entered a studio for a first time and recorded our first demo stuff titled "Czarci Majestat (Devil’s Majesty)". In 1997 we’ve started to record an regular albums, splits and MCD’s. Now we have six full length albums. From the very beginning till now Besatt always was a Satanic Band.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Extremal, satanic Black metal and it’s enough in my opinion.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

Besatt in Scandinavian language means possessed. I think that this word is a really good explanation for our music. We like this band name and it’s part of us.

4. How would you describe your live shows and what are some of the best concerts that you have played so far?

Our gigs are a sort of a ceremonies for Satan. When we’re on stage, we’re not taking care how to play the best gig, but more how to make an atmosphere of black mass. We play a lot, so the same have a lot gigs, which were very good – e.g. Offenbach, Waltershauzen (Germany), Rotterdam (Nederlands), Campinas (Brasil), but they’re only a few from many great gigs.

5. What releases have you put out so far?

This is the list of our official publications:

-"Czarci majestat" (Devil’s Majesty) - demo 1996 r.-
"In Nomine Satanas" – first album 1997 r.-
"Hail Lucifer" – second album 1999 r.-
"Underground Satanic split" - split 2000 r.-
"Hellstorm" – third album 2001 r.-
"Korzenie zła"(Roots of Evil) - MCD 2002 r.-
"Scream of the Eastern Lands" – split 2003 r.-
"Sacrifice for Satan" – fourth album 2004 r.-
"Conquering the world with True Black Metal War" - split 2004 r.-
"Black Mass" – fifth album 2005 r.-
"Diabolic Altar" - Ep 2006 r.-"Triumph of Antichrist" – sixth album 2007 r.
-"United by the Black Flag" – split 2008 r.

In October 2007 will be edited our DVD from Brazil titled "Black Cult of Evil". In this moment we’re in studio in progress of recording our seventh full length album titled "Demonicon".

6. What direction do you see the music heading into during the future?

Besatt, from its very beginning, plays a satanic music and this will never change. The same from the very beginning we play black metal and will never change it as well. The only change is possible it’s progress of our musician skills – we can be better musicians and our music can be more technical, but I hope it’s good for a band’s style and our philosophy.

7. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

All world, which surrounds me, is one big hypocrisy. It has a big influence on that, what I’m creating. Priests in Poland has a real great power and they use it in their own ways and trying to put on us. I’m against to their worldview, so it automatically means that I’m antisocial.

8. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?

I am follower of old Black Metal School and some bands are the Best for me from many years. If I should name them, I would give such names as: Gorgoroth and Enthroned. That bands are faithful to their ideas from the very beginnings and creating an amazing music. Of course there are many other great bands which I’m really respeck e.g. Tsjuder, Ragnarok, Watain, Taake.

9. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music or life?

Satanism is my force, I’m taking all of the best stuff to empower my ego. This is a real power I’m using in my own life to settle my unnatural needs. Thanks to my worldview and of course Satan, I can "open" many doors and penetrate a spaces, which are hidden for regular human. I can take from my life anything I want, and I can do that every time, without any bans, cause I’m not afraid of being damned and convicted to eternal death. Satan is a sort of symbol to my opposition to Christianity which for me is a one big heresy and dirty mark on honour of all mankind. Christianity killed real human instincts and own personality and created them slaves.

10. Whart are some good films or books that you would recommend?

In literature I am a real fan on Mario Puzo and his best book "The Godfather". The movie based on this novel is one of my favourites as well. Of course I’m talking of all "The Godfather’s" trilogy. Other movies I really like are: "The Devil’s Advocate", "God’s Army", "Omen" trilory, "Rosemary’s Child".

11. In America Poland is known for Behemoth, N.S Black Metal like Graveland and Classic Death Metal bands such as Vader, where does Besatt or Satanic Black Metal stand in the scene out there?

I can say that Besatt is on high top, if we’re taking a Black Metal bands. But you need to know that music is not a sport game, it mostly bases on taste of listening of persons who are listeners. In Besatt we know what we want to do and trying do it in the best way we can. We play our Satanic Black Metal and it’s the most important to us.

12. Any final words?

Now we’re in progress of recording our new album, so I want to ask people to wait a bit for "Demonicon" – it will be a piece of solid Satanic Black Metal!!!

13. Thanks for the Interview?

facebook official
Official website

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Naer Mataron Interview


Can you tell us about your band, when it started and what your goals were in the beginning?
The band was formed back in 1994 with the aim to play hellenic black metal. Our goal was to partake in the revolutionary-back then- underground black metal scene, something to which we are still loyal.

2. Do you feel you have accomplished what you wanted over the years, or is the best still to come?
From one point of view, maybe we have accomplished more than what we wanted in the beginning, but then, who knows what the future will bring tour way? Life without End.

3. How would you describe your musical sound?
Brutal black metal. Plain and simple.

4. How has the band progressed over the years?
Naer Mataron have expanded their sound from the purely traditional style of the first albums to the extreme boundaries of the genre, without losing anything from their identical atmosphere and the original feeling. Unlike most of the bands nowadays, we become more extreme and more brutal as time goes by.

5. What direction do you see the music going into during the future?
As I just said before our path is one of no return. We do not compromise when it comes to our sound, so what you can expect from our next album is for once more, a big step further our last accomplishment. Extreme speed, unholy riffing and breathtaking atmospheres. More extreme and more brutal than anything you have heard from us until now.

6. Were did you come up with the idea for the band name?
It is taken from the Sumerian tradition, "Nar Mataru" is the underworld, a name that perfectly describes our source of inspiration.

7. What was it that got you interested in black metal?
The black metal ideology-what it stands for: no compromise, no commercialism, the profound urge to explore the dark depths of the human soul, the creativity to transform this experience to music, and the will to release it, either it's going to sell or not.

8. Were do you see black metal heading into in the next couple of years?
I don't know... I can't follow up with the nowadays black metal reality... I'm still into the old '90s stuff and I can see little in common with what's going around now. Anyway the majority of what I can perceive is heading far away from what black metal is all about.

9. How would you describe your live show and what are some of the best gigs you have played so far?Our live show is our manifest of black metal war. Either we can utilize our inverted crosses, goatheads and burning pentagrams or not, we are committed to giving a full-on black metal assault on stage. There are many memorable gigs for me personally like 2003 Thunderroad Festival, 2005 Inferno, 2007 Nacht der Drohenden Schatenor some dates from our european tour last june... But now we're looking forward to unleash our war in south America with the "Apocalypse of the Ancient Ones tour". Beware,before we return in the night...

10. I noticed in your logo you utilize runes, how would you compare to Northern pantheon to the Greek pantheon?
You mean the rune-baphomet. This was done to personalize the baphomet symbol and bring it a bit closer to our band's concept. The runes do not spell a word as it happens with the qabbalistic symbols spelling "Leviathan" in the original baphomet, but represent concepts and ideas that inspire us. This is no attempt to compare Northern to our Hellenic tradition. We are inspired from history and ancient tradition in general, either this is Hellenic, Northern European, Mesopotamean, Hindu etc.

11. What approach does the band use to Satanism and Occultism?
Satanism is approached as an expression of the Faustian Spirit inside us. The Luciferian Revolution, a factor of destruction/creation resulting to evolution. Traditional occultism is a subject that has not concerned us as band.

12. What are some of your main influences music wise or non music wise?
Musically I would say mostly the traditional black metal sound. From BATHORY to norwegian black metal. Lyrically ancient tradition, history and the dark side of human nature.

13. What are you listening to nowadays and what would you recommend to people that read my zine?
Nowadays... What I always listened to: all the true black metal of the old times, U.S. death metal, soundtracks and anything dark, satanic and bruta lthat comes along. But I'm not really into the stuff that's going around these days, except for some classic death metal bands that still shred.

14. What are some good films or books that you would recommend?
I'm afraid we need an extra interview for this subject. I read a lot and watch a lot of movies. By the way did you hear about big studios shooting a movie titled "Lords of Chaos", based onMoynichan's book? Actually it will be about the murders and church burnings in Norway. Now that's a strange thing... From the early underground to the movies... Maybe that's what LaVey meant when he wrote, "This is the Age of Satan"?

15. Any final words?
We always shall be true to our original concept: constantly progressing
towards more extreme paths, evolving to an ever-expanding war machine. We
hail those who join us in our

unholy conquest and promise new battles yet to come, forever in the shadow
of the sword. The world is ours.

16. Thanks for the interview?
Thank you too, it's always a pleasure to talk about our band.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Annihilatus Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

Annihilatus was founded in summer 1999 as a two-man band (me, guitar &vocs; TH drums & bass) and we did our first demo just before the new millennium. Later on the band got third member, Sotakone (bass) and with that line-up we did our first mLP "Annihilation".
Months passed and we got vocalist Centurion, so I focused on guitar only.As this 4-man band we did our only full-length album this far, entitledBlood and War.
Since TH quit the band a few years ago and without a rehearsal room, I have not been so much interested in doing Annihilatus for the time being.So, theoretically speaking, we have a new line-up, but currently the band is frozen in time, so to speak.>

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?
Raw, simple and minimal black metal with a Finnish touch.>

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

The name comes from, as can be read from our band biography, a latin wordmeaning "annihilation". Thus said, if Annihilator or Annihilationmonickers would not have been in use already, we'd probably have either ofthose.>

4. Are there any plans for new material, I have not heard anything since Bood And Honour?

Sort of. I've been thinking of various ideas during last few years, but I have kinda lost my interest to play guitar and put effort learning to play again, not that I never was a good player in the first place.At the moment, I'm more interested in writing, physical exercise and development in those areas.>

5. Have you played any live shows and if so how would you describe your live shows?

Only one live show thus far, so there's not much to describe. It wasn't anything special, but I guess in a way it was great to play live. I have never visioned Annihilatus as a live band, though, so it's highly unlikely we'll play live again.>

6. What releases have you put out so far?

"Unholy Mass Destruction" demo, "Annihilation" 10" mlp and "Blood and War"CD/LP.>

7. What are your main influences music wise or non music wise?

Music-wise I think I got inspired a lot by Ildjarn and Burzum in BM sense,but also Bolt Thrower when it comes to bands that deal with war. I wanted to do simple and minimal black metal without too much bullshit in the music. Besides I couldn't do anything technical in the first place.I guess subconsciously there are hundreds of different bands and composers which influence me without realizing it myself.Non-music wise... well, themes like war, violence, retribution, hate towards religions (especially Christianity) and that sort of issues. Ialways liked to keep things very simple in Annihilatus and low on metaphoric side when it comes to lyrics.>

8. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some bands or releases that you would recommend?

Being a music reviewer in black and death metal fields, I get to listen to hundreds of new albums every year without buying stuff, but that differs quite a bit from the stuff I have in my cd shelves. So, mostly I listen to black metal and death metal of all kinds, from raw and primitive stuff to more symphonic and/or technical stuff, but I also listen to some hard-rock and heavy (like WASP, Manowar, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row etc.) every now and then and also dark ambient, and of course, Pink Floyd.Latest relases, which I could recommend from 2009, are Deströyer 666"Defiance", Arckanum "ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ", Absu "Absu" and Torture Killer"Sewers". I'm also really looking for new albums by Slayer and WASP this year.>

9. Does Satanism or Occultism play a role in the music or life?

No, not at least occultism in anyway. I'm more into barbaric life style without any kind of mystical stuff in my life. Satanism, as a concept, is a bit so-so, because its definition varies a lot depending who you ask it about. I consider myself more of a simple irreligious person with simple values in life, even though nihilism and philosophy play a big part in my life.>

10. Are there any good books or films that you would recommend?

I don't read much books, really not my thing. I write more than I read,really.About movies... well any movie that makes one think and question things,is good, especially movies like Fight Club and generally all war movieswhich are not action-oriented. My all-time favourite movie would beApocalypse Now.>

11. How would you describe the metal scene in Finland, alot of Americans> think there is a good scene out there, would you say that's true?

I guess Finnish scene is quite alright. We have lots of idiots here too,but I guess it is the same shit everywhere. Maybe we have less trendy emo kids and that kind of bullshit posers. The bm scene here is quite good,especially between bands, but I don't think it's anything spectacular. I stick to individualism, really.>

12. Any final words?Adapt. Adjust. Conquer.Aim for self-development.

Official site @