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Friday, September 11, 2009

Gromm Interview

1.Can you update us with what is going on with the bands these days?

Nabath: GROMM’s spine remains the same: me and Baalberith. In 2009 we started to work with new session musicians: Noktt (bass) and Vlatom (drums). This year a new recording of GROMM was released by PROPAGANDA label. It’s mini-album called "Pilgrimage Amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" – it contains five clots of spiritual pain in the Crown of Primordial Black Metal.

2.What are the future plans for the band?

N.: The most important thing is a creating of a new full-length audio violence. Also we are planning to play at some gigs.

3.What was the inspiration behind the style of black metal that you play?

N.: The inspiration is the Spirit of Underground, some Black Metal bands and our personal feelings.

4.Has Gromm played any live shows and if so how would you describe one of your live shows?

N.: If you visited our web-pit ( HYPERLINK "" ) you would know that GROMM sometimes play alive. Though, during eight years of band’s existence we played only four live shows. We don’t use any special effects or performances at our show – just a pure Black Metal manifestation. And I see, that our musical attack raises primordial aggression from the depth of souls of true Black Metal maniacs.

5.What direction do you see black metal heading into during the future?

N.: Now there are many directions of Black Metal and I’m sure in future it will be the same, no direction will dominate. Anyway, I think in future will appear many bands playing such called "post Black Metal" and bands who will mix Black Metal with other styles.

6.Ukraine is known mostly for n.s and pagan black metal, but how is it for Satanic black metal?

N.: There are only some bands in Ukraine with evident Satanic ideology. The most significant Ukrainian Satanic band is Lucifugum.

7.What are some bands these days that you fell still have the true black metal feel?

N.: I can single out many bands. For example: Corpus Christii, Enthroned, Mgla, Watain, Funeral Mist, Antaeus, Ondskapt… I’m sure that the spirit of Black Metal is still alive.

8.What made you decide on the name Gromm?

N.: We wanted a short and rough name. It has roots in Slavonic languages, though the spelling is changed. Actually, the choice of such name was intuitive. It’s the sound of primordial Chaos.

9.What are some satanic or occult philosophy's the band follows?

N.: We don’t follow any defined concrete philosophy. Just our own "philosophies". I accept some aspects of different philosophies and teachings but don’t stick in any of them, ‘cause I’m very skeptical.

10.Are any of the future Gromm albums going to be released on in the United States or was that just a one time deal?

N.: We don’t have such plans. released 3 our CDs in the past. But now we don’t deal with them. Our last CDs were released by Ukrainian label Propaganda.

11.When I listened to your music I could tell there were some influences taken from other styles of music besides black metal, what are some genres that you listen to other than black metal?

N.: Besides Black Metal we listen to different styles of music: Thrash, Doom, Classical Heavy Metal, different brunches of Rock… But for us is unacceptable all this modern mozerfucka trendy pseudo-metal-shit.

12.Any final words?

N.: Horns up!

13.Thanks for the interview?

N.: Yes, thanx.

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