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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The True Endless Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band and what your goals were when you started the band?


M is here in behalf of The True Endless!

Well, the band born in the fall of 1997 e.v. and everything was quite different from today..
We started with the idea to play something the most extreme as possible.
We liked to mix Black Metal with Thrash, Grind and Death Metal influences, the idea was to make something extreme and anti-trend...and we did it!

After a little period we concentrated on Black Metal...

From this far away time we made lot of gigs, recordings and we grew up as musicians and person, so, now, we are a mature extreme band that blend all the influences from the music we like and listen to crate our own vision of what Black Metal is...

We gained our first goal in 2001 when Aphelion Productions published our first album "Wings Of Wrath", but we create new goals every time we gain a new one...

We are iper-active!

2. How would you describe the musical style of the True Endless?

I think Black Metal fits perfect...

3. Were did you come up with idea for the band name?

The idea comes from my passion for the writer H.P. Lovecraft...The True Endless is something without end, something we cannot imagine, far away in the aeons of time...

4. What are some of the best gigs that you have played so far and what are the best countries that you have played?

We played many gigs, but mostly in our country due to our work problems and the lack of money...the best ones??? In Switzerland with Besatt and Vesna and another time with Gosforth and Meridian (always in Switzerland…we like to play in that country), in Italy, the concert in Rome with Horna, Black Lodge and Vorkreist was great and even the last festival we played in the north of Italy, the Goat Metal Fest...we played at 2:00 in the night, but the crowd have been fucking great taking part at the ritual with all their last forces!

Damn great!!!

There are many more, but I don't remember them at this time...hehehehe!!!

5. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?

It would be great...but we don't have any contacts if you read this interview and want to see The True Endless in the USA get in touch!!!

6. I know you play in some other bands as well, who are they and what styles of music do they play, and does anyone else in the band have side projects?

Well...this will be a long list:

I sing in Opera IX one of the most ancient Black Metal bands from Italy.

Then Mayhem and me play in Darkness (a Thrash-Black Metal act), in A Forest (pure Black Metal in the nordic way), The Blessed Hellbrigade (Doom Metal), I have my own project Skoll (Heathen Metal), then there's Torvara (Black-Thrash Metal with some people from Adversam and Natassievila) and I play in a sick project named Zenith (Noise Drone Black Madness)...In plus I sometimes play/sing as session in recordings of band friends or from who call me...

Mayhem plays in the bands with me and in plus into a local rock'n'roll band.

Andras have his own project nemed "Andras", but actually it's stopped.

Soulfucker has stopped almost all her cooperation with other bands and projects due to work problems.

7. What direction do you black metal heading into during the future?

I don't know, time will tell, maybe Black Metal will return into a more Underground movement as in the beginning, maybe the trend will start up again, who knows?

I can assure you that we will continue in the way we always did...

Black Metal is not a trend it's a CULT!!!

8. What are some of your influences as a musician?

Many...personally all my life and what I see and listen...musically I'm very influenced by old bands like Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, Sodom...but I'm influenced by many other bands and musical styles...I don't like to limit myself in music! Every kind of music that gives me emotions can influences me...

And the others in the band are almost like me, so we make our own blend to make our music the most personal as possible.

9. What are you listening to nowadays and what would you recommend?

This week I was listening to Darkthrone, Deathspell Omega, Bolt Thrower, Mortuary Drape, early Samael, Enslaved, Emperor, S.D.I., Funeral Mist and many many more...

From the "new" bands I would like to recommend Mephisto, Sekhemt, Coldworld, Eroded, Tundra, Frostmoon Eclipse, Sampikuq, Aquer, Blasphemophagher, Psychofagist, Prayer Of The Dying and many more here too!!!

I'm an underground freak and I like to listen at all new UGbands!

10. Does Satanism or Occultism pay any part in the True Endless?

Of course!

But we are more into occultism than into satanism, we are not part of any congregation or sect; we are individualist and we follow our own path in the dark side.

11. What are some good films or literature that you would recommend?

All german films from the 20's/30's, in plus I like films by W. Herzog, S. Kubrik, some by F.F. Coppola, A. Jodorowsky and many more here too...I like arts at 360°!

About literature I like to read about ancient religions, anthropology and heathen mysticism...but I like sometimes to read the old traditional literature, from Dante to Walter Scott...

12. How does your home country react to your style of black metal?

We have many people that appreciate our music here, but we are underestimated...maybe because we don't have the good contacts nor good aquaintings...

13. Any final words?

If someone wants to get in contact or to be informed about our activities just visit or to or write at

We answer every time and we are always in search for possible trades-splits-gigs-productions-etc...

As I told you before, we are iper-active!

14. Thanks for the interview?

Thanx a lot to you for your support and for your questions...
We hope to come in the US one day or another to devastate your ears!
'till then get in contact and support the Underground!!!

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