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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Viranesir Interview

1. For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the musical project?

Viranesir was in my thoughts to be a side project in which I was to explore relatively more experimental subjects and styles. In a way, a creatively fuelling side project to my main project YAYLA. I finally created it to score my film “Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty” and then it morphed into its own thing. There are radical stylistic and topical changes between each album, but so far the uniting factor can be considered their weirdness’s I think.

2. I have read that this musical project was supposed to be a fictional character's project from a movie you where working on, can you tell us a little bit more about this film?

“Drink From The Fountain Of Uncertainty” is my first feature length narrative film. It tells the story of a musician that has deep problems trapped in a hole that he digs deeper trying to climb out of. I have written-shot-cut this film by myself around my hometown, and my to be band mate from Viranesir; Merdumgiriz played the lead role and helped greatly with production. I did not release it yet, but the parties concerned can get in contact with me if they want to see it.

3. Recently you have released a new album, how would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the recording and also how does it differ from the stuff you have done in the past with this project?

Guitar, drums, vocals made raw experimental massacre. In this album, Merdumgiriz and I switched instruments and mainly worked with abstract hate and immediacy. It is different in that the previous two albums did not have guitar in it, and except their weirdness and chaos had a whole different musical style going on. The first album “Fountain Of Uncertainty”; although Metal like this one, had a way more concise, depressive and alien style while having way less riffs and progression.

4. You have some very offensive and politically incorrect lyrics with this project; can you tell us a little bit more about the songwriting?

I not only don’t have a concept of political correctness; I think it is very unhealthy to put limitations on speech. That having said, I accept the fact that this album can prove to be ultra offensive for some and made out of spite of the recent upheaval of the guilt propaganda and censorship agenda of fascists under liberal skins affecting our metal. The main idea behind doing such controversial work is to show that I do not feel guilty for saying what has been said, and even enjoy saying it. Before attacking me for making this statement, which so perfectly mirrors that whoever gets most offended, people ought to realize that they do the same. They not only have a good time while the things I sing about happen, they indirectly if not directly participate in them. They also seem to think manipulating and not talking about these subjects can achieve a merrier world. The only merry one will get out of ignoring their participation in the crimes that I am talking about will be their reoccurrence I think. Me singing about it as I am someone who does these things and enjoy it mirror humanity more honestly than it shows itself in my opinion. Using these words lightly also open the gates to taking away the religious zeal around them which then might lead to their free interpretation which will flourish the world of fine art.

5. How have some people react to the lyrics on the album, have you heard anything from very sensitive people getting angry?

I have heard that a lot of random people mainly thought it was insensitive, stupid or pure evil. I have seen couple feminist scum trying to form some sort of alliance on boycotting it. It makes me sigh that people become hate protesters once they find something to hold onto in this life (religion, ideology, parenting, position, possession). Most things deserve to be destroyed and hated but just because our limited minds cannot find ways to include them in our lives. We do in turn someway or another either destroy them or turn away from them. In my life I am no different than most hypocrites who live like their choices are so noble, but in art I am all for freedom of speech and free thought. However I do my best to limit it to the privacy of my art not on other people. Not that I have a problem with people doing it on other people, just the ones claiming that they don’t. I don’t expect nowadays people to get something as deep as freedom, but I know that freedom of speech is the future, I can see it and I am sick of waiting for people to accept the future.

6. What are some of the things you feel that you bring out with this musical project that you have not been able to with the other ones that you are working on?

Viranesir is like a free fall band in which I puke out all the piss within me. I do not let myself have this much freedom and immediacy in my other projects. I also have a lot of standpoints, criminal intentions and strong feelings for petty things and Viranesir is where I get most of the anger out in a socially acceptable platform. I have made psychedelic synthpunk to experimental doom metal in this band and I will continue towards more fucked up musical territory in the future. YAYLA is a tranceful fiery metal monolith with more spirituality and BLLIIGGHHTTED is a progressive extreme chaos with more philosophical inclinations. They can change too, but not as drastic and schizophrenic like Viranesir I don’t think.

7. Are you open to working with any other musician's on this project?

I have two more members in this band, Merdumgiriz and Ruhanathanas. The last album was all Merdumgiriz’ guitars. The future of this band will include both members as we’ve made numerous to be released material, but it is essentially my project and I can se myself make more one man albums. So much as I can see myself recruit more members.

8. On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to this project by fans of black metal and experimental music?

It has been really good. The real black metal fans never fail to endorse extreme things let alone shying from them. They have been very open to hearing what I really had to say and quite a lot of them enjoyed the music. I always say that Black Metal is the pinnacle of fine art, and its real fans are the real people with a perpetual critical eye. We’ve had very good conversations about evil through my album. Even some who were not capable of conversing about it thought it was somehow “cool” which is sort of better than turning away from the sight of it. Experimental music people are usually lame ass fucking hipsters who are politically correct, so not that many good reactions yet! But we can always hope for the better.

9. Are there any musical influences that you brought onto the new recording that you have not been able to do with the other recordings you have put out?

Musically speaking it is the most immediate and hardcore punkish hateful album I’ve ever been involved in. I have played drums for the first time on a recording on this album. It is also the album with the least amount of instruments (one guitar, drums, three vox). Lyrically, I have touched what might seem to be my most extreme subjects yet in a socio-political context. The GG Allin, Anal Cunt and that sort of influence very much slipped through to our recording without being as satirical.

10. Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?

I’d like to thank you, for always giving us a chance to express ourselves through your site, and salute all the work you are doing for the underground music scene.

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