Saturday, November 7, 2009

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult?

We have finished the audible manifestations of our fifth chapter entitled "Saldorian Spell" whilst you have been awaiting the completion of this interview. As many a night will pass before these answers are made public to a specific circle it should be mentioned that the release date of the new album is October 31st, 2009, however for the broad public it is November 20th. This is the solemn and most important update at the time being.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

D. N. Slaughtercult follows strictly the old school path of raw Black Metal, which means we intend to uphold the banner despite of current trends and modern interpretations of misshaped musical influences. It is difficult to describe the own style, or in this case "sound", in a neutral way. Thus, we shall simply adopt the often made comparison to being a relict of mid nineties Scandinavian black metal.

3. What is the meaning behind the bands name?

As we have answered this question numerous times before we shall simply quote ourselves: “The meaning behind our name is well thought about. Unlike others who choose a name disregarding their type of music and themselves, we tried to combine ourselves along with our beliefs and turn it into a banner out of the ordinary. So, Slaughtercult was baptized in blood by Onielar as the union of occult powers, who's cruel, blasphemous deeds are being held during the midnight mass. It is the music and our very own way of existing which stands for Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.”

4. How would you describe one of your live shows and what are some of the best gigs that you have played so far?

We refer to our live performances either as live rituals or bloodstained live battles. It is an intense atmosphere, sort of an exchange of energies between the performer and the audience. Definitely a worthwhile experience for those interested to participate in an audible mass. By now we have played many gigs in Europe, it is difficult to say which ones were the best. Of course we’ll never forget our first festival experience. We were used to regular club venues with one or two hundred people. Our first festival performance had four thousand maniacs in the audience! That’s a big step for an underground band!

5. When can we expect new material?

One of the main reasons why the answering process of this interview was postponed over and over again is that we have been in and out of the studio for the last months. Since October 31st the new album “Saldorian Spell” is out. It can be ordered directly through us. By the end of November the album will be available through usual mailorder companies.

6. What direction do you see the band heading into during the future?

We are not making concrete plans where to go or what to do. We’ve always taken one step at a time. We’ll evaluate offers and opportunities as they come. Certainly, we are aiming at a general direction, namely “straight down to hell”.

7. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?

It would definitely be great for us to travel to distant countries, however, we must face reality that it is most unlikely for an underground band. We are not making arrangements ourselves, thus we are relying on organizers to get in touch with us. In the past there have been concert offers, we'll simply have to see if it finally happens in 2010.

8. What are some of the bands that inspired you to play the raw style of black metal that you play?

It has definitely been early Scandinavian Black Metal which inspired us most. But there are also many other more or less popular bands, which have paved our path to start an active band. To name a few without any particular order Bathory, Immortal, Slayer, Kat (PL), Emperor, Ulver, Beherit, etc., etc.

9. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?

The latest albums which were sorted into our collection were from Carpathian Forest, and Tsjuder, but also ambient stuff a la Popul Vuh.

10. I know from reading other interviews you seem to have a lot of knowledge of Satanism and Occultism? What are some satanic or occult philosophies that you follow and has the biggest impact on your life?

If you have read previous interviews you should have also noticed that we are following an individual path. We try to find our own interpretation of given philosophies. We attempt to redefine the mere definition of given words, so that our mind is capable of grasping the essence. The biggest impact of our live must be the very founding stone of our inner sanctum, thus, you will certainly understand that it is something to not be discussed in an interview.

11. What are some good films or books that you would recommend?

In one way or another, what ever is intended to be seen by yours eyes will reveal itself in due time. No need for any recommendations.

12. How does Germany react to your style of black Metal?

A more valuable questions would be if we, as the protagonist, are satisfied with the reaction of the German scene. A simple - yes - would be the answer.

13. Any final words?

Saldorian Spell – the circle of gathering is here!

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  1. One of the worst interviews I've seen so far. These people obviously take themselves waaay to serious. Haven't they learned anything from Burzum? Being a nazi racist idiot isn't cool.

    1. Where did they say anything about being Nazi's or racists?

  2. They said nothing racist in the interview and I did not ask them any questions about racism or n.s, whoever commented must of been very confused and misunderstood the interview

  3. I would like to meet Onielar, just to see for myself what she's like. That being said, this band takes themselves way too seriously. They should lighten up....or perhaps I don't see the "big picture" behind their marketing strategy.