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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Emanation Interview

1. Can you introduce this project, to people that are new to hearing you music?

Hello again.

Emanation born as extremely logical move, to develop a new approach to some aspects of an old obsession, the Spiritism. The first evidence of existence was in April 2011 with the recording of 'One Soul, One Body, One Spirit'. A few weeks later 'Immanent' was taped. That recordings were the early research for the recording process of the very reason to creating Emanation, the album 'The emanation of begotten chaos from God', recorded between some isolated places in northern Spain and Les carrières de Paris, France.

Later in May 2012, 'Metenpsychosis' EP was registered together with some untitled demo tracks, based in old potential ideas and lyrics. That demo, was re-recorded in January 2013 entitled 'Under Magnetic Sleep'.

2.How would you describe the musical sound of your releases so far in your own description and also how does each recording differ from each other?

Is not easy to do it without fall in stereotypes with the aim of to be clear for you and the reader. Think that "sound" is only one of the tree pillars of Emanation. Think in a crooked form of mid-tempo music with an eye focused in the past, and the another in the future, who has something worthy to offer to those who are truly seeking.

Maybe quite a few things have changed for the listener, maybe not; but to ask that is missing the point. The most important thing is what has not changed. Music, words and visual are the same; the origin of these manifestations is the same. Are the pillars. The origin. An evolution of one of these aspects necessarily implies an evolution of the other aspects so you can translate it like a perpetual inmobilism or like aconstant evolution. I despise this first category, that goes without saying.

3.The music has a good mixture of experimental and black metal elements,  out of both sides that you bring out with your music, what side are you the most satisfied with doing?

I am not into the idea of divided my music in "sides". All form part of the same reality that flows from the inner concept.

What is experimental? What is an experimental band/music? If your lyric written process, your music composition, your record procedure, your production mechanism, your visual manifestations and your instruments are in constant process of revision, and your band in thus continually overthrown by new discoveries based upon repeated experiences, and the whole structure is rebuild to conform to the altered conceptions... Yes, you are experimental. In other cases you are getting the answer without knowing why, like a schoolboy working a problem whose answer is given in the back of the book.

You probably wouldn't call it Black Metal; only if you fall into a trap of attributing genres according to modern musical formulas, which since the beginning has not been my game, but I know it is necessary sometimes and in a certain context you would be right using the word: "elements". The only point where Emanation is synched with the usual preconceptions about Black Metal is my modus operandi; an isolated cabin in the woods, a man, his vision, his drum set, his raw guitar... but Emanation is not strictly music itself; like I said, it is a indissoluble trinity: sound-words-art. It is technique, research, philosophy, theology, science, religion... all of which made Black Metal go pale in total mediocrity. So yes, some aspects of Black Metal are present in the sound, but be clear about Satan do not guide my steps.

4.Vocals are only used in some parts of the music while the music for the most part takes over, are there any plans on expanding the vocals on future releases?

Before writing the music, a structure of the lyrical concept has to appear clearly. The other elements are subordinated. This shows how important the lyrics are. Not all is like appear. Vocals have a wide presence in the music; are very Symbolic. Sometimes as spoken clear parts, sometimes more subtle, subliminal or like an electronic voice phenomenon back in the mix. Even when you cannot perceive some details, your brain do. I use a wide range of frequencies to obtain the correct feeling, the correct effect, hiding some elements deliberately. The creative peak of this concept is showed in 'TEOBCFG' album. Remember that the light that illuminates us is the same that blinds us too.

5.The song themes cover Spiritism and Science, can you tell us a little bit more about your interest in these particular subjects?

The vast majority of the sources comes from traditional Spiritism but it is true that I have not a single reference.
The modern Spiritism, is strongly supported by scientific utterances; undermine the religious belief and the superstitions. In a world that refuse anything beyond the Material world, Spiritism support the existence of substances or beings not cognizable by the sensory organs under normal conditions. This mixture between Science and Religion, between facts and faith, is the point where Emanation born. However, I am focused in a more experimental and metaphysical Spiritism fields beyond the dogma of the pioneers. Note that I use the term Spiritism and not Spiritualism. Spiritualism is, at its best, a religion; at its worst a racket.

I use sometimes Science  like a synonym of Knowledge. Man's progression, here or hereafter, must be founded on knowledge. Only by it can man subjugates his external environment. So it is also with things spiritual. Only through a knowledge of spiritual laws can man mold his spiritual environment and enjoy, while yet on earth, spiritual powers. The ignorant incurs moral maladies that follow them beyond the tomb. The acquisition of knowledge, like everything else, depends much upon a proper beginning and the student needs to take care that he sets sail from the right port and in right direction. No better starting point can be found for such purpose as the fundamental assertion, I am.

Take care of a tendency among the material scientist to overlook the fact that the physical senses are but instruments by which reality may be determined. To assert that the physical senses and reason are the only means by which the universe may be apprehended and knowledge gained, is thoroughly unscientific; for any such assertion is an assumption not verified by experience. When it takes this attitude, material science is as dogmatic as the religious it ridicules; for it assumes a superiority and infallibility that its own history refutes. 

I am not justified in coming to conclusion that Spiritism and the related phenomena, now called occult, are to be relied upon without full proof; and I am not justified in accepting loose explanations of them; or any explanations that have not been tested thoroughly by experiments. The accuracy and value of information received through any channel, physical or psychical, equally requires experimental determination.

Yet since I am agree that all knowledge must be based upon experience, and since repeated experiences, as we have just seen, tend to correct false impressions derived from too-limited experience, it is clear that any avenue by which man can arrive at that wider and more accurate cognition is legitimate, and that the only test of its usefulness lies in the verity. 

6.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Emanation'?

Emanation word cover a wide range of scientific, metaphysical and philosophical interpretations. A vulgar simplification can beeverything that flows from the Origin. Please, do not read further, first think a while about the implications of these concept. Is the basis of all.

7.With this musical project you work all solo, are you planning on working with other musicians in the future or do you chose to remain solo?

I work all solo, yes. But impulses come from various sources. Every part of Emanation being constantly evolving thanks to many persons who, although they are not into the project as active members, possess a peculiar power which is very helpful and congenial. In the last release 'Under Magnetic Sleep' for example, main vocals was recorded by one of this persons, under his sitter pseudonym The Throat that Sleeps. 

8.Both of the recent recordings came out on Black Mass Records, can you tell us a little bit more about this label?

Is an extinction danger underground label located in UK. The boss, Alex Tedín is a devotee, focused in music, ideology and attitude. Dedicated and reliable. One of the few ones.

9.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black metal and more experimental genres?

Emanation is in a shape that is not necessarily "consumer-friendly", however the feedback is fantastic from individuals and 'zines. If this is for the wrong reasons is another debate.

10.Are you involved with any other musical projects besides Emanation?

Yes. I am involved in several personal projects since mid 90's, working for another bands, artist, movie directors and theatrical companies too.

11.What direction do you see your music heading into on future releases?

Is hard to talk about future. All the original work for which Emanation was begotten, is done. However, I am working in new texts right now under the filecode: 'Wake'. This can be the beginning of a new album or maybe not. I do not know. A lot of meditation will be required to shape this words into something that will allow me to start the purely musical writing process, recording research and production. In addition, realistically, there are not many interesting and reliable labels out there, so this cannot have a certain viability. Time will say.

12.What are some bands or musical genres that have influenced your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

I have a wide range of influences like you can suppose. Since the first and second Heavy Metal wave to the early Noise and all in between including classic music and electronics. However, the bigger inspiring influence in some aspects of my sound is Burzum. ('Inspiring' is the keyword here).

Nowadays there are not many interesting bands that worth the time and money. 99% of the recordings I bought this years are only clones of the greater ones. Conformist bands without anything special. Playing for another form of entertainment stuff. Lack of ideology; lack of attitude; lack of aptitude... Boring stuff far away from the Art I am looking for. There are a very few doing the things right, only a dozen individuals worldwide, realistically.

13.Outside of music what are some of your interests?

I am biologist so I read a lot of scientific papers, major focused in animal behavior, marine oil spills, evolution, genetics, anthropology and quantum physics. In addition I focus my attention in the early works in Spiritism research, from the believers to the skeptics. I have a little collection of original old books.

In other hand, I see a lot of movies and independent shots. The better one watched of this year was the Bela Tarr last opus, 'A Torinói ló'. A masterpiece of total art.

I am not only interesting in develop the mind of course. I ride fast my superbike; I sail our coast because I am skipper of sail sailing;  I am studying Wing Tjun and ground sections of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu daily; ...

14.Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?

All has been spoken. I spent a nice time replying your questions. 


CG Santos.


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