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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mors Spei Interview

1. Can you update us on what has been going on with you and you musical projects these days?
Hail…in these days I’m working on the songs for the new Mors Spei’s work…it’ll be a full length titled “Necrocosmos Genesis” and it’ll contain 7 tracks + intro. I don’t know yet when I release, but it’ll be a work full of raw, hateful black metal.

2.You have 3 different musical projects  can you tell us about the musical direction all 3 of them take, and also how do they differ from each other?
Gort is a full band..we started as raw black metal without any kind of compromise in 2002..but now we’ve inserted some “melodic” riffs, in the veins of Satanic Warmaster or Nargaroth
Vita Odiosa is my first solo project. I created ‘cause I’ve felt the needing to express some feelings which didn’t fit with the Gort’s style. For this reason I decided to create a different project…I loved too much those riffs and I wanted to use them in some way…and I’ve found the way.
Mors Spei is my most recent solo project. It’s recent as birth, but it has its roots in the ’90..years before Gort were even in my mind. So the songs are very easy, with few, raw riffs per songs..I wanted to keep a nineties flavor, so I’ve released only in tape, with xeroxed cover, like the old, beautiful demos…

3.When I listened to Mors Spei it was old school black metal and Vita Odiosa was more in the ambient depression direction, out of all the different style of black metal that you work with, which one do you feel reflects you the most?
Both of them reflect me totally…Vita Odiosa reflects my deeper feelings, my sadness and desperation..Mors Spei, on the other side, reflects my hate towards mankind…all these feelings coexist inside me and this the only way I know to express in a constructive way.

4. What are some of the topics you bring out lyric wise with your musical projects and how would you describe your song writing progress over the years?
As said above, Vita Odiosa express my sadness and desperation, Mors Spei my hate…
I don’t know if I’ve had a progress in composing songs over the years. My approach to my music is always the same: I take guitar, plug in the jack, turn the amp and I start playing…Of course I’ve made some progress in playing, but the composing process has never changed. And I think it’ll never do.

5.I know that the name Mors Spei means "Hope's Death" in Latin but what is the meaning and inspiration behind the name Vida Odiosa?
Vita Odiosa can be translated as Hateful Life. It was the first name of a song present on Gort’s debut album, before changing it into “The Noble Art Of Suicide”…the name expresses all my disgust for the unwanted “gift” called life.

6.You have 2 solo projects and on where you work with a whole band, do you feel you are able to express yourself a lot more with your solo projects and how would you compare to working with a full band?
I think I express in different ways with my solo projects and my full band…nor better neither worse, simply different..the main difference is that when I work alone all the decisions don’t have to be shared or approved by no other persons than, I can work faster..on the other hand, working with a full band has allowed me to grow up both as person and as musician. I’m not Chuck Schuldiner, so, when I work with other person, I listen to their suggestions.

7.Have you been able to do any live shows with your full band?
Yeah, with Gort I’ve made some shows. Not many as I wanted but I’ve played live sometimes. One of our best show has been the one with  Dark Funeral,back in 2009…we were the first band to play but the people went totally crazy for us!

8. With Mors Spei you had your demo released by Lupus Niger, do you feel that they have done  a lot of help on getting your music heard out there?
Lupus Niger is my own label, so..yes, I think I’m doing all the best to promote my bands ahahahhah…

9.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your musical projects by fans of black metal?
People enjoy a lot my musical proposals…above all in south America, rather if I don’t  know why…but we’ve a lot of fans there…above all Vita Odiosa…

10.What direction do you see your musical projects heading into on future releases?
I don’t think my music will change radically, in the future…I love to play this music..maybe I could be involved in some other project, but the style of Gort, Vita Odiosa and Mors Spei will never most,it will evolve, but I’ll never abandon black metal. It’s what I am.

11.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have influenced you as a musician and also what are you listening to nowadays?
Surely my first influences can be found in bands like Dark Throne, Emperor, Mayhem, Burzum, Nargaroth, Make A Change…Kill Yourself, Silencer and many others…nowadays I still listen to those classics, but I’m always in search for new bands in the deeper underground…right now I’m listening to Doedsstraff, a very promising band from Norway.

12.Does Satanism or Occultism play any role in your musical projects?
No, never…I hate every religion…I’m my own God, so I don’t need to kneel in front of none but me. But, maybe, I can be seen as the worst of satanist, by christians ahahahhahahha

13.Outside of music what are some of your interests?
I love reading those strange object made of paper called books…sometimes I’m looked like I am an alien just because I’ve a book in my hands…the new generation doesn’t understand what they loose without reading…
I also look a lot of tv series or film…
Of course, I love going to see concerts..
Maybe these words depict me like a nerd but I don’t care…

14.Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Thanks for the space given to my bands. If interested, don’t exitate to contact me on facebook pages.
In blood, darkness&hate


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