Monday, June 29, 2009

Acheronian Dirge Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

Acheronian Dirge was started in 1998 under a different moniker and foundation. Eventually after about 4 years, we went our separate ways. Then in 2005, being frustrated with not doing anything musically I started talking to David our drummer about starting the band up again, but with a darker sound then our previous efforts. And thus the modern incarnation of Acheronian Dirge was born.

2. How would you describe the music to someone who has never heard you before?

I would say our music is diverse in its atmospheres and emotions, dark, and hateful. Anything else is at the ears of the beholder.

3. I have noticed the band has evolved from blackened death metal to fast black metal and from the new stuff I have heard so far it seems like you have been going into a more progressive direction. How do you see the band evolving over the next couple of years?

It is true we have added some progressive elements to our sound. I think we as a collective are trying to express a fuller image through our sound, and in this case the progressive element was the right choice. As far as the future of our sound, I cannot say entirely. I know there is some doom-like undertones in some of our newer music, as well as a touch of some war like themes. I guess only time will tell the full outcome.

4. Have you received any record label interest?

As of right now we have not. We are working on doing everything self released. It would be nice to have a label for promotion purposes but its not necessary.

5. Any touring plans for the future?

We have had an offer to tour the west coast in the summer of 2009 with Nihilistic Terrorist from Seattle. I think there's 16 dates total.

6. What are some of the bands main influences?

I cannot answer for my band mates but I draw a strong influence from many sources. Misanthropy is one of my main sources of inspiration. That and the depression I feel for being a human. Musically I am influenced by somber and solemn, depressive music. I listen to a lot of funeral doom, and black doom bands, as well as many black metal bands. I also draw influence from mythologies from Europe and philosophers. I am a big fan of William Blake's art and writings. The list goes on and on.

7. What are you listening to these days and what new bands would you recommend?

Torture Wheel, Darkflight, Den Saakaldte, Shining, Ondskapt, Shape of Despair, Loinen, Mayhem (new and old), Sepernthrone, Exiled from Light, theres a few.

8. Are there any shows planned for the Rocky Mountain Area coming up soon?

We don't have anything yet, but we'll be playing shows soon enough. We have taken a hiatus to work on new material.

9. I know certain band members are involved with side projects in the area, can you explain what they are?

Our drummer David and our guitarist Clay have a band called The Flight of Sleipnir, which is a Doom/ stoner rock band based on the Norse sagas. Our guitarist Justin, our bass player Dave and David are also in Nexhymn, a Black Death metal band that used to be Thro Cult.

10. Are there are plan for any releases in the year?

We are currently working on a 4 song E.P. that is as of yet untitled. It will be a conceptual work based on the Horsemen of Apocalypse in relation to the 4 seasons. We are hoping to be completed and have the release by spring. After that we will start writing songs for another release.

11. What are some good books or movies that you would recommend?

A far as books go I would recommend the Blood Countess by Andrei Codrescu, The Marriage Between Heaven and Hell by William Blake, any Poe, books on Physics, the works of Percy Shelly, any Thomas Harris, American Psycho, books on mythologies.Movies I would say Bathory, Vincent Price movies, Hammer films, Pieces is exceptionally gory and hilarious, I like Monty Python as well, and Erik the Viking, and Terry Gilliam films

12. What rules does Satanism, Paganism, Left Hand Path, Occult or Anti Christianity play in the band?

Paganism is used as a metaphor occasionally in my lyrics but I have no faith in any of it. I like to use it in a more Jungian sense of archetypes only. Satanism I see as a systematic clutch for the denouncement of Christianity. In that I see it the same as Christianity. An unnecessary force in my life. Occultism had a large role on me in my younger days and still holds some influence on me when I write but isn't as prevalent as it used to be for me. I am very anti-religious and nonspiritual. I believe in the empirical perception and am a man of science. These or my beliefs alone. I cannot say for the rest of my band mates.

13. How would you describe the metal scene in Colorado and what are some good local bands to check out?

There are some good bands coming from here. Deafest is good and Achral Necrosis is another. Also Thaumaturgy is worth checking out. Of course The Flight of Sleipnir and Nexhymn

14. Any final words?

I think I have said enough

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