Monday, June 29, 2009

Namtaru Interview

1. Can you tell us when the band was formed and give us a brief history of the band.

1. the band was formed in 1996 by myself(namtar),teloc coroxo, shaitan, and azale at the time we were also doing perverseraph we did our 1st recording in 1997 which was called plagues of namtar, which was 1st released on gothic records, at the same time we recorded perverseraph's 1st recording which was also released on gothic records. shortly after the releases the band was put on hold because i was asked to join blood storm where i remained a member until 2002,and went under the alias axarcuth and released quite a few releases with them. after leaving blood storm i joined back up with perverseraph for a few years and then moved on to do blood wings with daemon and nemisis. after some time i felt it was time to get out of philly and daemon and i moved to the mountains and thats when i decided to go back to my roots and begin the rebirth of namtaru.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you.

2.the most evil black, death, thrash metal possible.

3. According to the information on Encyclopedia Metallum you changed your name to Perverseraph in 1997, how would you describe the difference between Perverseeaph and Namaturu. i said we did both bands at the same time namtaru was mostly my writings and perverseraph was mostly shaitan's writing.when we got back together in 2002 we decided to just make it all one thing.

4. I know you have shared members with Blood Storm. What other bands have the band members been in.

4. perverseraph,blood wings we also helped out black Pentecost with one of there releases.

5. What direction is the new material going into.

5.i would say after all the different bands i have done over the years it has aspects of all of them.

6. Has this band done any live shows and if so what were some of the best places you played at.

6. we have done a few shows in the 90's but none as of recently we are focusing on new material for right now.

7. What are some of the band's main influences.

7.voivod, king crimson, venom, bathory, celtic frost, morbid angel, dark throne, slayer, enslaved, motorhead, kreator, death, autopsy, impaled nazarene, destroyer 666, i could go on all day.

8. What rule does Satanism, Left Hand Path, Occult or Anti-Christianity play in the bands music and personal lives.

8.satanism to me is a small minded reverse christianity,i get more into the cthulu mythos the necronomicon the writings of kenneth grant, the rh'ley text and things of that nature.

9. Are there any plans for a tour or any future live shows.

9. that's the plan for the not so far future, but for now we are working on new material.

10. When can we expect new material.

10. We are currently writing new material and hope to have a new release asap.

11. What are you listening to these days and what are some good bands that you would recommend.

11.i havent really been keeping up with alot of new bands but i recommend every thing i mentioned earlier in the interview.

12. What are some good books or movies that you would recommend.

12.good books, all of the writings of kenneth grant, both versions of the necronomicon, the rh'ley text any writings on enochion magik,the twelfth planet and all the books that follow. Daemon is into all the Occult books but would add A Song if Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin and The Wheel of time series by Robert Jordan.

13. Any final words.

13.just look forward to some really good new music coming up, and good luck with the Zine.(R.I.P. Azale)and hail to all my brothers in the metal scene that i have worked with and toured with.

14. Thanks for the interview.

14.Thanks for having us.


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