Sunday, June 28, 2009

Infurium Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band.
1. Well to be honest with you, i am the history of this one man band. The only historic parts of it is the old songs and the old way i used to do things.

2. I have noticed that when I listened to the demo which came out at the beginning of the year, and the new stuff on myspace there was a huge progression! How would you say the music will evolve in the next couple of years.

2. Yes i get that a lot. I would say that i am trying to take a new direction toward what i do, i record in a different way, I've getting a lot better on the guitar and I've tried to create a better atmosphere with Infurium. So to answer your question i believe i will stay on the path i am now and i'm sure that it will get better as we go.

3. Have you received any record label response yet.
3. No, I have not heard one thing from a label, i don't understand this at all, i'm not bragging by no means, their are much better underground bands than infurium but these labels get these awful noise bands and grindcore bands on with them and in my opinion you could give a 5 yr old a guitar and a mic and they could make this crap. But as far as labels go, i am kind of pissed off with that.

4. What are some of your main influences.
4. As far as influences go i am a huge fan of the old stuff, such as Mercyful Fate, older King Diamond, Venom, but i have a very wide range of musical interest, i'm a big fan of classical music and neo classical shred stuff, but i would have to say my biggest influence would be Satanic Warmaster and King Diamond.

5. What are you listening to these days, any new bands that you would recommend.
5. Well I've been into alot of Yngwie Malmsteen lately, his new album is highly recommended from me, and of course King Diamond.

6. Are there any satanic, left hand path or anti-christian beliefs that you follow.
6. No, not at all. I believe that if you surround your self with good then good things will happen, doesn't have to be christian but just good believes and a good atmosphere then you will be happy. But those who choose this satanic way are not truly happy in my opinion.

7. How would you describe the lyrical concept and music of Infurium.
7. When i record a song i try to make it as spiritual as possible, i want people to hear it and drift off to a spiritual place, and i believe that it does have that vibe, as far as lyrics go they are basically ghost stories and spiritual concepts.

8. How is the scene in Tennessee
8. Horrible! For metal anyway.

9. Are there any good books or movies that you would recommend.
9. Well i would suggest any good horror movie, my favorites are the hellraiser series, and books i would go for lords of chaos or the bruce campbell book if chins could kill.

10. I noticed on your website you talk about being from the hometown of The Evil Dead cabin, do you have tourists travel there to see the cabin.
10. No, I go there a lot and I've never seen anyone else down there, it is private property and you will be shot at if you go there! BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS.

11. Do you have any other bands that you do besides Infurium.
11. Well i have been in and out of bands since i was about 15, but nothing has lasted as long as infurium has, and to be honest with you all the other bands around here are death core or hardcore queer bands.

12. Any final words.
12. Yes, i just want to say to all who reads this, be yourself in every way, do not follow the crowd, the crowd is weak, but when you do your own thing then you are truly an individual and you have a real name.

13. Thanks for the interview.
13. the pleasure is all mine! Thanks Vanterious.

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