Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Urt Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

URT (the South-Estonian Setu language word for "Soul of Death") was formed in 2004 and until now we have recorded a demo, 3 full-length albums (at the moment in studio finishing our fourth studioalbum) and a split.

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

Our music is Pagan Black Metal with old atmospheric death metal influences. To name a band, maybe old Behemoth "Grom" and "Pandemonic Incantations" era. Lyrics (mostly in Finnish-Ugri Estonian language) are philosophical and paganic (inspired of myths of "Põhjala"), like spells of becoming oneself a man with forces of Nature (Hell). It is difficult to explain in English.

3. Are there any plans for an U.S tour?

At the time no.

4. What are some of the best shows that you have played so far and what crowds would you say are the craziest or best?

In these 5 years we have not gone outside the Baltics, so we stick to the Estonian audience.

5. What kind of label are you looking for to put out your new album?

We would like to have a professional label, that allows us to more focus on the (making of)music, rather than to do most of the promoting and selling the cds ourselves. A label should be like
a extra member of the band, who does the work outside the rehearsal and studio room.

6. What are your main influences music wise or non music

Wise?Mostly old black and death metal, but also any kind of brilliant music, alcohol and good old silence.

7. What are you listening to nowadays and what good books would you recommend?

The list is far to big to recommend some bands. Books are mostly about Estonian myths with dark and obscure history.

8 . What rules does the Finish/Estonian gods and religion play in your music or life?

We use archaic Estonian gods in our lyrics, but for us it is not like religion to which we bow. These are more like elements of our physical nature.

9. What are some good books or films that you would recommend?

Books are mostly by Estonian writers about history and philosophy. We adore classical movies. To name some like "Dune", "Star Wars films", "Warlock" also thrillers and Japanese horror.

10. How would you describe the metal scene in Estonia and what are some good bands that you would recommend from your home country?

That is a difficult question. The Black metal scene is not so good, as it was years ago. But there are some very strong and dedicated bands.As probably in every country we have trend waves, that means at the moment deathcore, metalcore is at high point. There are lot..s of that stile.
To point out from act live pagan/black metal, our good freinds - BESTIA.

11. How would you describe your musical progress over the years?

I think, we have made some real progress. Just to record 4 full albums in 5 years is a big progress and you can hear it from each cd. I think we
have reached with the new(upcoming) album our own stile.

12. Any final words?

Visit our myspace page (www.myspace.com/fiercepaganmetal) and also our last.fm (http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3Lmxhc3QuZm0vbXVzaWMvVVJU) page, there you..ll find all the music and last info. Prepare for "Ex mortuis - Saatanhark III" in 2009!!!

13.Thanks for the interview?

You are welcome!

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