Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kathaarsys-Anonymous Ballad/2009 CD Review

 Kathaarsys are a band from Spain that plays an unique blend of black,death and doom metal with a lot of progressive influences and this is their third album  "Anonymous  Ballad".

Drums on this album are mostly slow with some occasional blast beats and a lot of technical parts, while the bass playing seems very progressive and takes the role of being a lead bass that sounds very melodic and you can hear it on this recording.

Rhythm guitars on this cd sound very technical with a lot of palmed muted riffs and a good mixture of heaviness and melody, while the acoustic guitars sound very progressive with a lot of finger picking and a lot of darkness and depression. Lead guitars sound distorted and utilize a lot of different influences from a bunch of different musical styles and you can hear a lot of scales being utilized.

Vocals seem to cover a lot of range and you can hear a mixture of death metal growls, black metal screams mixed with a lot of clean singing, while the production on this recording sounds very professional and you can hear every musical instrument, I did not have a copy of the lyrics since you can only hear this album online but I would say that they cover  a lot of dark and depressing topics.

In my opinion this is a good band and album and I would recommend everybody to go to their myspace page give it a listen and buy it when it comes out.  RECOMMENDED.

Last.fm (contains official free downloads)

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