Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beyond Ye Grave/Raping The Creation Of God/Cold Breath Of Silence Production/2008

  Beyond Ye Grave are a 2 piece band hailing from Russia which I would describe as fast and unholy/satanic black metal and this is a review of their new album "Raping The Creation Of God".

Drums on this recording cover a lot of ground with some slow parts mixed in with a lot of really fast blast beats, while the bass playing which is kind of mixed down low seems dark and is a great counterpart to the drums and rhythm guitars.

Rhythm guitars are fast and contain a good mixture of melodic riffs while the lead guitars utilize a lot of fast guitar solos that contain a lot of melody that sounds really dark and evil which also brings back memories of the 90's satanic Swedish black metal bands.

Vocals are high pitched black metal screams mixed with some low pitched growls that contain a bit of a death metal influence, while the production which was recorded during the summer and autumn of 2007 has a really raw sound that is perfect for this style of music.

My copy of the cd did not have a copy of the lyric sheet but by judging by the song titles they contain a lot of Anti Christianity themes,, mixed with a satanic message and a new take on the 14 words originated by David Lane instead of saving the white race this band promotes destroying the existence of people and the album is dedicated to the Death of sephiroth and the glory of Chaos.

In my opinion this a really good cd and if you a fan of fast Satanic black metal you will not be disappointed. Standout tracks include"Crucified Jesus Fucking Christ" "Rege Sathanas" ''Beyond The Seventh Sphere" and "To Slay The Holy" . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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