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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adorior Interview

1. Can you update us with Adorior these days?

Ans 1. The current line up is,

Melissa - Vocals
Shrapnel - Guitar
D.Molestor - Drums
Black Venom - Guitar
C. Nunravager - Bass

We have just been working on the next album for some years now, done some shows and got settled into the direction we wanted to take the music.
Now were are at the point were everything is coming together and we are preparing to ejaculate ultra violence.

2. When can we expect new material?

Ans 2. We have just recorded two tracks for a split 12" with Sweden's Terrorama, that will be released by Nuclear War Now! Productions some time in the coming months. Our side contains the new track "Gutters Of Cum" and a cover of the track 10,000 Days of Bloodshed by Blessed Death.
Nearly all of the next album written, and actually there is only one more track to write but that still may take some time as we don't just knock shit out for the sake of it, every track has to be crushing!
We had hoped to record it by the end of 2010 but we will have to see what happens, we spend a lot of time working on the songs, fine tuning them. So it may take until next year before we are totally satisfied with everything and want to record.
The next Adorior album will be called "Love Of The Paedophile"

3. What is the meaning behind the bands name?

Ans 3. Adorior means " Attack!" in Latin.

4. I noticed in the past 12 years there has only been two albums, what do you usually do during those hiatus?

Ans 4. Mostly we got drunk and took drugs and behaved like metal cunts.
We also did a split 12" with Witchmaster from Poland during that time.
It also takes us a long time to do anything because we spend such a long time writing songs, an Adorior record is written over a period of years and not months like many bands.
We are in no hurry to make records, time is irrelevant, only the purity of strength, violence and heaviness we are aiming to achieve matters.
So we concentrate only on making the best record we can and dedicate a lot of time to it.

5. How would you describe your live performance and what are some of the best shows that you have played so far?

Ans 5. Our shows have always very drunk chaotic and violent!
We have done shows with Nifelheim, Destroyer 666, Watain, Zemial, Urn, Obscurity, Gospel Of The Horns, Arkhon Infaustus, Enthroned, Inquisition, Desaster and others.
We also played at a few festivals.
Normally we are too drunk to play well, but we always put on a very violent show. The audiences we normally get are the drunken violent lunatics, so we are on the same level and just create chaos!

6. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?

There are no plans for any tours of any kind.
We have no plans to ever play live again.
But who knows.

7. I noticed that your last album was released on Agonia Records and the one before that was released on Head Not Found, how would you compare these 2 labels to each other?

They both turned out to be bad labels in different ways.
Head Not Found records was just fucked up, and the bigger label that owned it, Voices Of Wonder. They are just a straight up rip off.
Agonia records didn't do a proper job of promotion for our last album "Author Of Incest" and lied so much about everything that it was impossible to continue with that label.
We left Agonia records a couple of years ago, our next album should be released by I Hate records from Sweden.
We are currently working out final details of the contract now.

8. What would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the band heading into on future releases?

Ans 8. Our first record didn't sound anything like it should have, this was down to our inexperience in the studio and on just about every other level too.
We learned a lot from that and added a second guitarist and started to spend much longer on the song writing after that.
Our true direction fully developed in the lead up to "Author Of Incest" and we had a very focused idea of what we wanted to do.
We consider originality to be an important element of what we do and we have tried to develop our own style, that takes time but I believe we have succeeded.
The concept is simple, we want to play the most violent, hard and relentless metal we can, but at the same time keep the riffs very catchy and powerful. while still creating an obscure and unsettling atmosphere.
This concept will continue until the end, we just look for new ways to achieve it.
This time I have written most of the new album on the Guitar instead of on the Bass as I did in the past, so that effects the style of band.
So the music on the next album will feel like a change from "Author Of Incest", but it will not be a big one.
All the high speed and violent shit is still there, but for the new stuff we have added an extra dose of crushing heaviness and big powerful riffs.
Our style will always develop as we are pushing our idea until the end.
But one thing is guaranteed, we only change in ways to become more violent, never less!
Our next album will be like an army of tanks crushing a children's hospital!

9. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?

Ans 9. A lot of twisted and disturbing ideas brought together to describe the filth of humanity, the futility of existence, the essence of insanity. and the power of metal!

10. How has your material been received so far by extreme metal bands worldwide?

Ans 10. It is hard to know, both our previous labels failed to do any proper promotion and we are not the kind of band that really bothers with any self promotion so we have remained very underground over the years. We do seem to have a decent amount of support out there that seems to come from the true scum of the underground, so our music seems to find its way to the right people, but even in the underground I don't think we are all that well known.
I think our next album will receive better promotion and distribution so maybe that will change.
In the end it doesn't matter Adorior isn't supposed to appeal to everyone, just those that wallow in slime!

11. What are some band or musical styles that have influenced the music and what are you listening to nowadays?

Ans 11. The styles that have mostly influences us are the early Death and Black metal from the 80s and the extreme Death thrash bands along with some Heavy metal and Doom influences.We combine many elements from all the different styles, and try to take the purest parts of the idea and bring them together to make something that is grotesque merciless and absolutely metal.
Bands such as Voivod, Sodom, Massacra.,Autopsy, Protector, Slayer, Beherit, Manowar, Nasty Savage, Venom, Razor, CF and many others have had an influence, along with a lot of the bands from the old Brazilian scene. but really it is all great music that influences us.
We try to not be too directly influenced buy any bands, and most of the influence we carry from other bands is in the way that they used the energy of the music to create something very powerful!
I still listen to all the same stuff I always have, but I am mostly listening to early Death Thrash stuff at the moment.

12. I know from a past interview from the 90's one of your band members was writing a book about the many different types of Satanism, what forms of Satanism or Occultism does the band follow nowadays?

Ans 12. We follow nothing, No gods,No spirits or supernatural childish ideas.
Adorior is for the real force of evil that is delivered from the actions of man!

13. What are some of your interests outside of music?

Ans 13. Drugs, Alcohol and Women, those and Metal are the only things that I concern myself with.

14. Any final words or thoughts of destruction?

Ans 14. Cheers for the interview!
Hails to those that refuse to deviate from the purity of violence!
Till The Death!

C. Nunravager.



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  3. Hail Chris and hail Adorior!!!the only interview I have read in years that makes total sense and that I can relate to 100%!!!stay strong brother!!!METAL TO THE DEATH!!!UGH!!!,-(