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Friday, March 5, 2010

Wolfthorn Interview

1.Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard you before?

Ave! Wolfthorn started as my solo project in early 2001. Between 2001 and 2004 I’ve recorded a couple of demo tapes using the help of a session guitarist and two full-length albums more or less on my own. During that period of time I’ve been cooperating with labels such as Arcane Throne Productions, Total Holocaust Records, N:C:U / Nachtgnosis and Behemoth Productions. The more detailed information concerning the releases’ titles, dates and so on is available on our Myspace presentation as well as from the other internet sources such as Metal Archives for instance. In early 2006 I’ve recruited a full line-up primary in order to perform my music on stage. However, it worked well enough to continue Wolfthorn as a “real” band. The result of this decision was a split 12” EP with Erhabenheit(Ger) released through Raging Bloodlust Records on vinyl and Tanhu Records on a tape in 2008.

2. What is going on with the band nowadays?

We’ve kicked out our old drummer straight after the release of the split EP, then replaced the bassist and recorded our third full-length opus called “Towards Ipsissimus”, which is going to be released through Art of Propaganda / Obscure Abhorrence Productions in March. Meanwhile we’ve got a new bassist again as well as a second guitarist. The current line-up consists of Aer(guitar), Eternal(drums), OldmaN(bass), Abortio(guitar) and me taking care for the vocals, lyrics and the songwriting.

3.How would you describe your musical sound?

Black Metal. This is the only description which fits our sound perfectly. I know of course that the term “Black Metal” could mean a shitload of completely different styles, yet I don’t really care how someone else defines this certain style of music, nor do I care for any sub-genre nonsense.

4. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

To answer this question I would almost quote myself from an interview I’ve done for Hellpike Magazine a couple of years ago: “… The first part of it (also “wolf”) is a way to describe myself or better to say my way of life, which was many times connected to the one of a lonesome wolf. The second part (also “thorn”) should be a description for the music itself and it represents a one more Thorn in the flesh of the crucified. There are both included as you can see - the personal and the ideological aspect”

Obviously such a name is more suitable for a solo project than for a band consisting of five individuals. Yet I’m pretty sure that every person involved in this band now can identify itself with the band’s name in one way or another.

5. How would you describe your stage performance and what are some of the best shows that you have played so far?

First of all, we are NOT playing shows! Our stage performance is a ritual of Blood and Fire. A ceremony to glorify the Great Deceiver. It has nothing, but absolutely nothing in common with a typical heavy metal concert only fit for entertainment of drunken shitheads and for showing the guitarist’s wanking qualities. During the rituals we use chains, torches, animal bones, pig blood and so on. All these things have a strong symbolic power at least for us. They help to create a very special mood and atmosphere within a concert hall as well as on the stage. I wouldn’t like to go in detail about the deeper spiritual aspect of a Wolfthorn’s live ritual. Those few who understand the very essence of the Cult would know anyway, the others are not of any interest.

Until today we’ve shared the stage with bands as for instance Necros Christos, Watain, Eternity, Stormnatt, Capitis Damnare, Impiety, Total Hate, Vargsang, Lugubre, Darkmoon Warrior etc. It’s a bit difficult for me to pick up the best one out of the rituals we have performed, ‘cause the typical judging criteria of a metal show such as sound quality, amount of people attending, visitors reactions etc. mean nothing for the primary goal of this band and for what I am trying to achieve with it. Each of our ceremonies has had its sense and was a success for a certain time being. Although I might add that our latest performance in Oberhausen (Ger) was one of the most intense and extreme experiences which I made on stage at all.

6. Are there any plans to tour the U.S?

I’m not into touring in general. A mini tour (no matter through which country) would be ok, yet everything what goes beyond the 5 days on the road in a row is definitely not my thing. I think the others share my views on this topic. And if it comes to play in the U.S., I would always prefer to be a part of a special event like “The Gathering of Shadows” or “Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child” for example, instead of a regular concert in a local venue. Besides of that I strongly doubt that any U.S. promoter would be interested to get an unknown underground band from the overseas for one or two exclusive performances. It’s simply unrealistic.

7. Out off all the albums,demos, and ep's that you have recorded so far, which one are you the most satisfied with?

All of our records were important for me at the certain period of time. While looking back there are always things to change, and every artist would tell you the same I guess. However, I would consider our forthcoming album “Towards Ipsissimus” the most mature one out of all and the most satisfying for me personally. It was recorded by excellent musicians utterly dedicated to the Cult, it has a far better sound compared to every older record and also the lyrical content goes much deeper into the substance of the Belief we deal with.

8. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the band heading into on future releases?

The style we play hasn’t changed that much from the beginning ‘til today. Our music is not about the originality nor technical skills. We are the minnesingers of the Devil and we spread the Gospel of our Lord alongside with playing raw morbid Black Metal. We shall continue to do so in the future as well.

What is in fact different compared to the past is the presence of a drummer of flesh and blood. Also the contribution of Aer (our guitarist) has brought a lot of variety into our songs and the arrangements.

9. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?

As I have used the words like “gospel”, “belief”, “ceremony” et cetera in the lines above, you might already expect the answer on this question. The lyrical content has a deep religious background. The sparks of the Over Side which pierce my soul manifest themselves as prayers, fragments of in-/evocations and hazy prophecies. This is how the (anti)cosmic Deity, the Devil in this case, “speaks” through the living flesh of its servants. Viewing from this point I can’t tell you much about the lyrics for they are not my words. I just write them down and involve them into the music. The process of writing the lyrics differs from time to time. Sometime I receive a whole text within single minutes, sometimes I get just one word or one sentence and it takes weeks or months ‘til it develops to a complete text.

We might also use the lyrics written through other persons, like we did on our forthcoming album, if the lyrics fit our content and ideology.

10. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced the band and what are you listening to nowadays?

I don’t like such questions to be honest, even if I believe to see the intention behind them. Needless to say that I can speak for myself only, while answering this. I’ve been listening, and still listen, to a lot of music of different styles, including the non-metal music. Almost everything of it has its inspiring moments, yet I have never tried to make my music sounding like my favorite artists, at least not purposely. When I’m looking back, I would call early Bathory records, Morbid Angel’s “Abominations of Desolation”, the first two Samael albums, Burzum’s “Hvis lyset tar oss”, Darkthrone’s “Ablaze in the Northern Sky” as well as “Triarchy of the Lost Lovers” by Rotting Christ and the first Immortal album the most influential records for me in case of Black / Death Metal.

As I stated above, nowadays I still listen to the same kinds of music I’ve been listening to in the past. My stereo is currently abused by the unexpectedly great Burzum’s comeback-album alongside with Beherit’s “Engram” and Conan “The Barbarian” soundtrack.

11. What is the inspiration behind the band's satanic beliefs, and which occult philosophers or orders that have influenced your ideology?

The Devil Himself is the greatest inspiration / THE Inspiration. Of course my knowledge on this topic is partly based upon what I have read in several books dealing with the occult. Nevertheless, what has really formed my Beliefs, and I must state that I would never believe something fictional / nonexistent, is my own experience with the Other Side. So no concrete philosopher has had inspired me, nor have I ever been a part of any order / coven whatsoever.

To avoid some possible misunderstandings concerning the title of our new album, I would like to dissociate myself as well as the band from ANY form of “Crowley-ism”. We have absolutely nothing in common with it.

12. What are some of your interests outside of music?

The occult as you might have noticed. Everything else is of no importance for a Wolfthorn interrogation.

13. Where do you see black metal heading into during this decade?

I do not care really.

14. Any final words or thoughts?

Thank you for your support. A.M.S.G.!

SadhuSatana on behalf of Wolfthorn.

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