Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crimson Moon Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Crimson Moon these days?
Greeting from the darkened abyss!! Crimson Moon is back asleep for the time being.

2. According to the Metal Archives page, the band is split into 2 different bands with one being based in the United States and the other one in Germany, is it going to stay that way or does one of the bands have to change their name, like the Gorgoroth situation that happened a couple of years back?
Yes there was a lot of drama with an ex band member and it turned into quite the circus. Things have died off a bit now though. I legally own the rights to the first and only three official releases. But with this kind of music there isn't any money to be made and I'd prefer to keep things out of court. Maybe when the time comes things will be handled differently.

3. What are some of the best shows that you played when you toured the United States and Mexico?
In the USA I would have to say the Gathering of Shadows atop the Rocky Mountains in Colorado was memorable. There's just something about playing in the forest and the sounds and vibrations echoing through the hills and valleys. Mexico City is always great to play as well, great response there. Hopefully Crimson Moon will make it to Europe and South America sometime as well.

4. Do you have any plans to tour Europe?
That was always one of the goals, but no plans as of yet.

5. What is going on with Necrochamber these days and what happened to your involvement in Abyssmal Nocturne?
Right now Necrochamber is my main band I'm working on. Pure dark, violent, and aggressive black metal. We started in 1998 but never released anything and was later put on hold until January of 2009. Earlier this year I recruited close friends Titan on bass and Wotan of Vile, Warface, Obelisk on drums. We have 8 songs so far and are hoping to enter the studio to record later this year as well as playing some local and international shows soon. As far as Abyssmal Nocturne goes, they always lived about 2 hours away from me. When the time came I ended up leaving them to concentrate more on my own projects.

6. What direction do you see the new material heading into with the new line up?
Well a lot of the newest material was actually written between 1997-2000 and continues where Under the Serpentine Spell and The Choice of Spirit left off. Very dark, atmospheric and more chaotic and technical. So far there's enough material for about 2 new full length albums. We had started recording in 2008, but then got offered to do a Mexico tour. After the tour things kind of slowed down and everything's been put on hold ever since.

7. When can we expect the next release?
I've been gone and busy with other things for a while. I recently got back to the US after spending 6 months of 2009 in Germany playing guitar with Endstille. Right now we're still waiting for the drum tracks to be finished for the Crimson Moon album. We might have to find a new drummer though. So it's unsure when the next release will be done.

8. What forms of Occultism or Magick are you interested in these days regarding Crimson Moon and what role does it play in the music?
Chaos magick, necromancy, vampyrism, and lycanthropy have always played part in Crimson Moon's music, lyrics and themes. I don't think that will ever change.

9. I read somewhere that most of the stuff you have learned on Occultism came from studying on the computer and practicing rituals, are there any paper novels or published occultists that have had any impact on your views?
My involvement with the occult and supernatural started as a child. Mostly from questions in my own head, and different visions and dreams. I was never brought up as religious, so I always had an open mind. Then as a young teenager I used to check out some books from the local public library. Books on the occult, witchcraft, psychic powers, mythology, etc. This was years before the internet. I never really had a favorite author or ever read something that I thought was the only single way to live my life. So I mostly just read and studied to learn various ways of viewing things. Of course I've read some Lavey, Crowley, Stitchin and some other more underground and obscure stuff, but I don't think one single person or group could ever know the ways and answers to everything. It all comes from self experience and self will. I still buy a few books once in a while, but mostly history books.

10. What are some band or music styles that are influential to the new material and what are you listening to nowadays?
Most of the influences come from old thrash, black, and death metal bands from the 80's-90's, as well as classic metal like King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, etc. I still listen to most of the same bands I used to listen to 15+ years ago.

11. What are your views on the United States Black Metal Scene these days, do you feel it is stronger than it was in the 90's when the band first got together?
It might be a bigger scene than when CM started, but for the most part there hasn't been too many US black metal bands that have really done anything amazing or great in my opinion. I think the best bands that ever came out of the US were the early death metal and grind bands, and some of the old thrash bands.

12. What label can we expect to see the next release released on?
No label at the moment. There's been a few interested, but we'll see what happens.
I might just release the first pressing on my own label, Kthulu Productions again.

13. Out off all the projects that you have, which one do you is the most important to you?
Along with Crimson Moon and Necrochamber, I also do Nibiru and Temple of the Dreaming Serpent. All are equally important to me and all are different in their own ways. Sometimes one project will go strong for a while and then slow down, so I'm always busy trying to keep things moving forward. Right now alot of my time is being put into Necrochamber and trying to get the debut album recorded.

14. I know that you have done both indoor and outdoor shows, which one do you prefer?
Both can have a really great atmosphere. But the outdoor shows are easier to have that special atmosphere, especially if its at night and under the moon and stars.

15. Any final words or thoughts?
Crimson Moon shall return!! Be sure to check the official webpage www.crimsonmoon666.com and www.myspace.com/crimsonmoonofficial for more news as it comes, as well as official merchandise! Hails!

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