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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mortespermia Interview

1.Can you give us an introduction to this musical project?
Mortespermia was born as a sickness, a miasma conjecture, raised from the coffin where some projects rest and rot (some on hold, others split up), it was developed in the nest of vertiginous torment, between the leg of the crackhead whores, disperse in the air as cigarettes smokes from my black lungs, from countless hangovers, from my detachment to human life and a lot of hate, despair, sarcasm anxiety and devotion!

2.How would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the demos?
Raw, nasty as fuck,narcose, maniac, hateful, despair, euphoria, suicidal, devotion, ill, sick, murder, masturbation, rape, blaspheme,CCCXXXIII, Evil, dense atmosphere, fuck off, bones, bleeding, rotten
and disgusting… organic production which can be compared to decayed body decomposition…

3.How do the song lyrics on the demos differ from the stuff you have written with your other projects?
It have a little bit of what I wrote to in the past, but it is more decadent, nasty and of course more of a dubious taste kind of thing, rape of faith and rape of hope! I still saying that it is not indicated to political correct ones! It started as a very private hell, the grey and ill environment I was falling; then the visions
only got worse! Song lyrics are like Chaosfera shooting at every side aiming hearts and heads!

4.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Mortespermia'?
Morte in Portuguese means Death, the most arcane and unstoppable force of existence, and something I’m obsessed about, be it on spiritual, occult or physical level, spermia comes from panspermia, and it also
mean seed, it is the cum of death, the sinister coitus of necro-narcose, … Said that, is clear the message, life is only a mere shadow of the immensity of death! Praised be Deathkult CCCXXXIII

5.You have released 3 demos this year with this musical project alone, what was the decision behind getting all these releases out in the same year?
 Actually I have 4 demos released this year, the first one is a self-titled bloodstained artifact released (early in this year) under the black banner of the might and necroccult label Aniquilación Satánica Prod. As for the decision, well it is quite simple and there's nothing special nor goals behind it; I want to get rid of this recordings so I can write more kathartic  uncompromised black metal kind of shit, free myself from a lot of anxiety and chaos inside me throughout art and the cursed exXxpression of the void, if you think four foul releases are too much for one year, a new miasma infected artifact (full-length) will be released anytime soon by Aniquilación Satánica… I also have two demos from the first recordings sessions (from the same sessions from Negativizmo Ritval, xXx Raw xXx, Abominaçõez…) but I’m not sure it will be release this year though!

6.Also the project is all solo, how do you feel this project differs from anything else that you have done so far?
Yeah, this project is solo, but I had some contribution from my crime accomplices, I had three guest vocalists desecrating on Abominaçõez &Atrocidadez, these two unreleased demos I talked about above I had two different vocalist vociferating one in each demo, I’m open to work with other vocalists,  but the point is, I want to have full control of creative process, songwriting and all shit, my megalomania with
this project (creative side I mean)  is absolute obsessive, as it started with very personal lyrics induced by paranoia, nausea and hangovers, I feel like this project have something special, the songs are really good, good riffs, dense atmosphere, absurd lyricism. But it is not to everyone for a lot of consequences.

7.How have black metal fans so far reacted to the sound that is presented on the demos?
abyssus abyssum invocat, you feel me? Some think it sucks, some think it is sick and understand the insanity.

8.Are your other projects currently active?
Most of them are on hold or split up.

9.Where do you see the musical style of this project heading into musically during the future?
Is hard to say actually, this new full-length have improved in “sound quality” if compared to the previous one, the reason is; because all of the previous demos was record in the same week, with the same
stuffs under a very fucked up state of mind, this one is like gaze to long into the abyss (I was) and the abyss gaze back into me…still raw, still Mortespermia “no fucking compromises” spirit, personally I think it is better than a lot of shit around the so called black metal scene.

10.You have mentioned some occult references in other interviews, what are some of the forms of 'occultism' that you are interested in?
Luciferianism is what I really got into; but always trying to found my own way by interpretation, because in my point of view if you claim to be your own god, you have to be wise enough to know that almost everything came from human hands and mouth, so be smart to found the inner truth, and be sure it is your own truth! But if I’m my own god, personally so to speak, I’m also my own demon, and life is a living
hell, Mortespermia is more about human condition than anything else, and it is an exXxpression and exXxtension from the demon-I, the monster of carbon and ammonia.

11.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
Aids to my enemies is what I wish, may them perish slowly in agony! Hard drugs to the whore and fuck them hard, alcohol to us, drink to the end of one each other! Vltimato ritval kill yourself and kill us too! We deserve it, we deserve death! Onaviulidetna Orputse to denigrate you all and curse your souls!


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