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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Abidetherien/Paralysis Engulfed The Myth/2012 CD Review

  Abidetherien are a band from Syria that plays a very raw and primitive form of black metal and this is a review of their self released 2012 album "Paralysis Engulfed The Myth".

Drums range from slow, mid paced to fast playing with a good amount of blast beats being thrown into the music along with a brief use of tribal drumming, while the synths when they are utilized bring a very dark avant garde edge to the music with some Middle Eastern folk instruments being used on the last song, as for the bass playing it has a very strong and powerful tone with primitive riffing that dominates throughout the recording.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, mid paced to fast black metal riffs that are very raw and primitive sounding with some distorted noises with some clean playing, while the lead guitars are very raw and primitive sounding Middle Eastern black metal guitar solos and leads with some melodies being thrown in at times, as for the classical guitars when they are utilized they use some exotic sounding scales and finger picking to bring a Middle Eastern folk music feeling to the music.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams with some deep growls being thrown in at times, while the lyrics cover horror and anti christian themes, as for the production it has a very dark, raw and primitive sound to it.

In my opinion Abidetherien are a very great and original sounding raw and primitive Middle Eastern black metal band and if you are a fan of this style, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TACKS INCLUDE "Begotten" "Ninety Nine Names" and "Sin Sculptor". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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