Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bitter Lake Interview

1.For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the musical project?
Bitter Lake is a Atmospheric black metal band, i don't know what else to add really, i think you have to listen to understand.

2.So far you have put out 2 releases, how would you describe the musical sound that is presented on both of the recordings?
Canadian Winter is more of a "finding my sound" piece, all the elements are there but i didn't play guitar for this release, well i did in a way,
the synths were triggered by midi guitar, but i don't feel it lives up to what i had in mind, where as "distortions in sombre"is a lot more what i
was aiming for, i love both pieces but i prefer "distortions in sombre"by a longshot, and will be following up that release with similar style pieces.

3.So far most of the music has been instrumental, are you open to using vocals in the future?
I think a vocalist aims the listener to feel a certain way, lyrics make you feel a certain way and i wanted to avoid that with Bitter Lake, i want
the listener's journey to be there own interpretation of my music, guided only by the music itself, never say never, but for the immediate future, i
have no plans to add vocals, although i'm sure that will change in time.

4.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Bitter Lake'?
It's a political documentary, i haven't even seen it, i just liked the name so it went on a shortlist, then when i started recording "canadian winter"
research led me to a lake in Canada with the same name, so i took that as a sign and stuck with the name, not the most exciting story, but a story all
the same.

5.With this project you record everything by yourself, are you open to working with other musicians or do you prefer to work solo?
I have tried to work with other people and it's hard, it's hard for me to hear an idea i have become something else, so for that reason i work alone, i'm
to selfish about what i create to let someone else in, nothing ever sounds right with someone else on board, but again, never say never. when i gig i will
have live musicians, and that could evolve into something i guess.

6.Currently you are unsigned, are you looking for a label or have received any interest?
I'm not looking for a label actively, but if an opportunity arises and it was right i wouldn't turn it down.

7.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of atmospheric black metal?
Better than i imagined, i have not really had any negative feedback at all, except by people who don't understand the lofi recording methods used and think its
just badly produced, which i can deal with. Sales have been good, which makes me hopeful that i could do this somewhat fulltime, which would be nice.

8.Are you involved with any other bands or musical projects these days?
yeah, actually. I have another project which is more idm/glitch based (Think Aphex Twin or Squarepusher) but i've put that on hold to work on this fulltime, however
i see a chance for mindless self promotion so will leave this link here. ->

9.Where do you see yourself heading into as a musician in the future?
i'm not sure, which is exciting as much as it is terrifying.

10.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
at the moment, lots of symphonic black metal and grunge. i have Dinosaur JR, Emperor and Darkthrone on repeat at the moment. which shows on the new recordings.

11.What are some of your non musical interests?
Cats and weed

12.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
respect one another and stay in school, or something equally as cliche!


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