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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Watain Interview

1. How has the U.S tour been going so far?
So far this is our third date, so it is hard to say, but is has so far been like we expected it, this time around we managed to being 5 persons for the first time like we do in Europe before then I was doing the bass and singing

2. So how has the switch to vocals instead of vocals and bass has been working out so far?
It is something that I am used to but this is the first time for a U.S tour, I dont really like it, to me it changes far much for the concerts and it does not do it for me but is much material and it is something that I am used to.

3. What are some of the props or dead animals that you are using on this tour?
That is for those to find out when they go to the concert, i feel that people are focusing too much on that, when it comes to a Watain concert it does not matter what kind of species of dead animals that we are using or how many candles we have lit on stage, it is very important for people to remember that they are not there to watch a freak show with a bunch of controversial props on stage, they are here to watch a ceremony and they will take what they get.

4. I have read recently that you got a gold record for your single in Sweden, how did that go?
It was something that happened that i did not pay that much attention to, I know that are label is really happy but it does not make that much difference to me, I suppose that it is a good sign.

5. What happened to your old member St Tetian?
He was not let into the country?

6.I have read somewhere that the band was part of the MLO which became Order Of The Black Flame, how has that been working for you?
That has nothing to do with this interview?

7.How would you compare the American audiences to the European audiences?
I dont really,I dont think that much about these kind of things. The stage is what matters to me and what I do and it does not matter to me whether I am in Afghanistan or China or even my living room, it is always about the same thing to me, what the audience does or does not do less or less I think.

8. How would you describe the lyrical content of the new album?
The lyrics to summon them up which took me 6 years to write , lets just put it this way all the lyrics are written in one single source, it is about love, love for the devil and the love for his blessing and gratitude that I feel towards that blessing.

9. How would you describe your views on Occultism or Satanism, which paths do you follow?
I would describe my views on Occultism and Satanism as determined , intolerance and very illuminated, that would describe my views as a Satanist.

10. Are you happy with the sound of the new album, I have noticed that they new recording had a lot of progression? You have to understand that in order to do a band like this that there is not a lot of room for doubt and not being satisfied, I did that when I was 14
If I was not happy with it, why would I release it.

11. Are you happy with the support that Season Of Mist has given your band so far in America?
That is completely irrelevant to me, it is just a label I think it is very boring and pointless to talk about labels in relation to such an interesting thing such as Watain.

12. Did you have any certain musical influences for the new album?
Mostly Watain, i think every great piece of art and music has been the void of external influences, in order to do something very memorable and worthy of being called Satanic music you must leave all external influences behind and look into yourself, that is the greatest task of an artist and the grand work and that is everything we do with Watain is based upon, to come to know ourselves and create everything we do out of non external influences

13. What is your new opinion of the newer Satanic black metal bands that have came out in the last couple of years?
I cant say that I am, I mostly listen to Judas Priest, G.G Allin and stuff like that.

14. Have you encountered any problems with this tour, like you did with the last one, I have read that a couple of years ago that people were freaking out that you killed a bunch of pigeons?
There will always be people freaking out and that is how it goes, could not care less.

15. What are your plans after the U.S tour?
We are going to South America with Mortuary Drape and do some shows there and we have one month of after that and then we will start touring again around February and March of next year.

16. When do you plan on starting work on the next album?
We dont plan like that, we do things as they come

17. Do you have anything else that you want to say before we finish this interview?
i would like to have people think a bit more before approaching Watain, be it reading an interview or going to a concert or what ever, I think that people are far more into thinking shallow and they dont get the whole picture, and to alot of people we are just a freak show in a way controversial , the bad boys, yeah we might be but that is not why we are here and that is not the purpose or message of Watain, it is just a coincidence, look deeper.