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Monday, December 31, 2018


1.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your musical projects?
Morbid hails from the almighty UKU-PACHA (something like "hell/underworld" in Andean mythology)!!! Here is Morbid Devastator from Peru - South America, ready to spit some black venom!!! I´m still a human, looking for other ways of self-development. In Metal matter I´m founder bass/vocals of Death Invoker, editor of Legion of Torture zine, owner of Evil Spirit distro:,, In addition I have some other ideas/projects, but as far nothing is already being done, I find don´t worthy to speak about it.

2.You work as a musician and play in 'Death Invoker', can you tell us a little bit more about the band?
This necromantic abomination was expulsed from the depths of darkness on 2005. Since the beginning the idea was to play a classical and raw extreme Metal, praying cult to the ancient gods, as: Venom, Sepultura, Sarcofago, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Slayer, Death, Possessed; to mention the well-known, at the side of other acts. Lyrics or topics used by Death Invoker are linked with terror, death, destruction, infernal visions, dark history, ancient rituals and any kind of twisted - horrendous issues. We have vomited some releases as: "Reh.Desecrations 2005-2007" tape; "Demo 2010" (3 editions: Peruvian independent release, Polish by Time Before time Rec., Malaysian by Old Goat Corpse prod / Nusantarajim prod.); "Necromantic Desecration" live CD 2016 by Sociedade dos Mortos, Pictures from Hell distro, Diffamatoriv zine from Brazil; "Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge" 7ep vinyl by the same brazilian labels. Along the time it was not a priority to play live, but it is still an important moment when the links with METAL gods is closer. We have played almost 1 time per year since the beginning only. Death Invoker is not the "every weekend band", rejecting the rock star attitude for sure.

3.A lot of your lyrics deal with necromancy and death, do you have an interest in the occult?
666% interested. The sepulchral call of the darkside is something I heard since I was a boy. So I turned interested on this topics, even if this should "feared" a very young boy as I was. I´m much interested in mysteries, the occult and the spiritual darkside of existence. Yet, I´m not a practicer of any kind of ritual nor dogma, or anything. Just I have few knowledge or information. Beside this I have tried to build my own knowledge since many sources and deep reflections. I believe much things related to the "occult" topics, really belong to an ancient knowledge that was property of human beings. However, because of many historical events, this knowledge was banned and "demonized" to have people far away of a knowledge that could be much powerful and could put in risk powers that started to develop on this earth.

4.In your life performances you also do 'Sepultura' and 'Sarcofago' covers, what was the decision behind playing these songs live?
Sepultura (old) is what I call a gem of elder DEATH METAL. Sarcófago is among the raw bands that with very primitive and extreme noise conquered the pits of the ancient underworld. So, as fan of old Sepultura and having Sarcófago closer to the raw style we play, it turned like a tribute for the elder METAL to play some covers. Other bands, as Kreator or Slayer, were played and/or practiced in the

5.Other than a live album in 2016 there has been no music from 'Death Invoker', is that going to change in the future?
There is no music where? In fact Death Invoker has the previous releases I spoke. If you speak about the web, Death Invoker gives priority to traditional formats, as far as we have still copies of royalties, so we would like to sell to support future recordings at studio. Without denying the benefits of technology, Death Invoker gives importance for tradition as a stronger value, not only for Metal, but for entire life. There were some supporters, those that put some Death Invoker noises in the web.

6.You also do 'Legion Of Torture' zine, can you tell us a little bit more about it?
I started with this zine on 2009, after the arrival of Iron Maiden to Peru by first time. I started to move this and spread the zine moniker. Interviews and characteristics of issues were:
Issue 1, released in the mentioned year. Promo chants of death were: “Featuring The Merciless Cruelty Of: Infernal Conjuration (Mex), Evil Damn (Per), Pathogen (Phi), Necrofucker (Per), Lantern (Fin), Recrucify (Per)!!! Iron Maiden Gig Report, 1st Time In Perú!!! Reviews, Bios & Underground Info.!!! A5 Size, 40 Pages (Including Covers), The Whole Xeroxed, Small Font, Pc Made And Handmade. Limited To 80 Copies Handnumbered With Red Marker (Also Check The "Morbid Sign" To Know Your Copy Is An Original One, Fuck Off And Death For Bootlegers!!), Full English Written And No More!!!! First 40 Sold Copies Comes With A Diy Tape Comp. Called "Holistic Metal Tortures". Featuring Heavy, Death, Thrash And Black Metal!!! Limited For The First 40 Deaths Only!!! Also Is Possible To Take 2 Different Comps. ("Holistic Metal Tortures" + "Holistic Death") For The Same Price But In Different Mood, So Ask First”.
Issue 2 was released on 2010. Interviews and characteristics were: “32 pages, A4 size, English written. Interviews: Bestial Rape (ECU), Anarkhon (BRA), Persecutor (CHI), Non Serviam (PER), Demoniac Slaughter (PER), RIP (PER), Warlock's Voice (FIN), Goat Tyrant (POL), Insacred (MAL), Slaughter Messiah (PHI) + Ladies of the Underground section + Tortures from the Old East section + Arts of Torture section + Reviews + Gig reports”
Issue 3 is from 2011. Metal featured was: “… after 666 centuries and plenty of blood spilled… LEGION OF TORTURE ZINE - ISSUE 3, IS UNLEASHED!!! -Executions with: Abhorrot (AUS), Calígula (PAR), Demonic Cremator (SCO), Paganfire (PHI), Sartegos (GAL/SPA)!!! -Evokation of the cursed hordes from the Uku-Pacha (PERU): Croix Mortis, Disinter, Evil Spectrum, Necrofagore!!! Live Torture reports!!! Deadly reviews (more than 100 items reviewed: Cassettes, CDrs, CDs, EPs, zines) and underground information from the depths!!! -All of this offered in 32 xeroxed pages, A4 size, English written, small font (size 5 – 6 of PC)…”
Issue 4 is in progress since years. I could have finished before, but there was lack of time and I should give priority to other things in life. Hopefully it is going to be released for 2019, but I cannot be sure of anything.

7.With your zine you also print copies like the old days, do you feel the lack of paper zines does days hurts the value of the metal underground?
I think there are many worthy zines in the underworld. I think zines, cassettes, Cds, vinyl, should still exist. I think they can co-exist with other technology sources. But of course never is going to be like the old days.

8.What are some of the interviews and reviews you have planned for the next issue of 'Legion Of Torture'?
What I can say is that I usually feature bands from each corner of the earth and hell. There are some from South America, Europe, Asia... Stuff to be reviewed are mainly some that I got by trade and/or bought. There are some bands/people that sent stuff, and of course I should give total priority for this. It is matter of respect. Even if I have delayed 666 centuries and perhaps there are faster ways of promotion, stuff will be reviewed, maybe under other strategies to don’t lose time and work faster.

9.You also run 'Evil Spirit' distro, can you tell us a little bit more about it?
Just a low profile and very unproductive distro!!! hahahaha... The stuff I got is mainly the one I got by trade. I have had some buyers or supporters along the time, starting in 2008. But of course I don´t have massive sales or being millionaire because of this. In addition, years ago, I prepared some promo stuff for some bands that deserved promotion and wanted to work in my minimalistic ways. I spread this stuff among the underground, sending to zines and distros, as far as I could. Currently it is just an underground/personal/DIY distro. Nothing else.

10.With your distro you sell home dubbed copies and cdr's, cd's and paper zines, are you able to still make a profit when most people these days download albums online and read online zines?
No fukking profit. Never there was a profit. I never wanted that it would turn in a profit. In fact, if it is about "money" of course I have lost A LOT OF MONEY. Hahahaha... but, running a distro was not a matter of business for me, but a way to be more involved into the underground. That was the main goal since the beginning. If someone wants "MONEY" it is better they go to study and then work. Not to use Metal. It will help to don´t corrupt the Metal spirit, in addition to earn more money of course.

11.Can you tell us on what was it that got you interested in extreme metal?
It was the call of the darkside. I was close to rock because of my mother and grew up watching those vinyls. For 7 y.o. I started to get my own cassettes and Eps of rock music, but never really being involved in such. It was my fascination for darkside that make me to felt closer once I listened to Metal by first time. The lyrics and topics, skulls and flames, the evil, the occult, the mystery. Just I met Metal almost by 9 y.o., in a school trip, but never really know about what it was and did not enter with force back then. This record was Iron Maiden´s – Piece of Mind. Years later, because of an old recorded I started to record as mad some/any TV programs, then I discovered there was a TV program, called, “Viernes de Metal” (conducted by a Metal drummer/musician of some bands, back in the day). I started to record and then remembered the music I listened time ago. Some older friends at school had some tapes, then I started to trade with them my recordings of the program. Then I was able to get access to other bands and that: Sepultura, Kreator, Slayer, Metallica, more from Iron Maiden, other Thrash bands that I don´t really like (Testament, Megadeth…)… This was the way everything started.

12.You also work as a 'social anthropologist', can you tell us a little bit more about this profession?
Specifically speaking about Anthropology has no a direct link with Metal. So I will tell the only thing that could be interesting for your readers (I guess so). As anthropology is the study of human behavior and culture, it is also possible to make research about Metal, considering it is a "community" and has own "values and culture". So, in the last times I started to make some research on Metal culture, as for example origins and development; and the mixture between this global/underground culture and Andean culture. In the proper time, I will reveal this.

13.What are some of the bands or musical styles you are listening to nowadays?
I always listen to traditional Heavy Metal and underground extreme Metal. However, I would not say I´m listening specific to a band currently. Time to time I make some research. Some of the best bands I discover recently are for example: … from the Abyss of Brazil; a powerful Death Metal. Uttertomb, Rotten Grave, Bloody Vengeance or Praise the Flame from Chile are deadly worthy Metal of Death!!!

14.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
Just thanks to send me these questions. Still keep Metal flame in any of this forms!!! And be loyal to death!!!,,

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