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Friday, August 27, 2010

Enthroned Interview

1. How has everything been on this tour been so far?
Concerts have been great, good responds from the fans, the only place that has been disappointing so far was in LA, too many people staying home watching television instead of being at the show?

2. What are some of the cities that you have played so far?
Seattle, Boise, Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Vancouver B.C, Ramona?

3. This is your first U.S tour in 9 years, even though you have put out plenty of albums since then, was there some issues with visa's?
Yes some of the problems where do to issues with visas among other things, and also we where working with our old recording studio and we started to focus more on Belguim?

4. How has the new album been received so far?
Very good this album has received the best reaction so far for an Enthroned album, we have gain back some old fans that left for awhile and we have also gained some new fans as well and the response could not be any better than it is now actually?

5. I have noticed with each album the music has been getting deeper into the occult, where have you been drawing your occult inspirations from?
I personally and some of the other members of Enthroned as well are deeply into the occult, when Sabbathan left the band we decided to focus more on the subject matters that matter the most to us, and with some of our past members they did not share the same vision, but now all of the members are sharing those views it is time to unleash something more deep and personal than the typical anti christian blasphemy?

6. What is your opinion of the newer black metal that has come out in the last couple of years, and do you still follow the modern black metal scene or do you stick to the older traditions?
I can listen to any kind of music, but there are still some new bands that have came out that i can appreciate as long as it is good and honest?

7. What ever happened to your old side project The Beast, I remember you put out that album a few years ago and I liked it a lot and I never heard anything again from this project, where there ever be another album?
There wont be a full length album in the future because I never have the time due to my personal life and also Enthroned takes up a lot of my time but I am going to release a final release for The Beast which will be a split album with a band from Belgium called Goat Torment and instead of covering a Beherit song from the last couple of albums we are going the other way around and doing an Impaled Nazarene cover.

8. The new album came out on Regain Records, how would you compare this label to the other labels that you have been on throughout your career?
They are perfect we do'nt have to be at the back all the time to get something done and everything we have asked for has been giving to us plus more and I did not know that there was still such a label that still existed like that and we are a hundred percent satisfied with everything?

9. How would you say the music has progressed over the years?
With us just like every other band there is always improvement as compared to our old personalities as well and our music has also grown up with the members and what we have became today as well, it is not that we wanted to change but it is a natural thing?

10. How would you compare the American black metal audiences to the ones in Europe and South America?
All of the audiences as well as cultures are different, at some places there can be only 10 people but they are still maniacs and you can play some places and get no reaction so it all depends, in Europe you can still find people that are still into it, and in South America they are all into it and you get all the maniacs and die hard's into one place?

11. How would you describe the lyrical content of the new album?
The new album is based on real events that have occurred through our occult and philosophic practices and studies and some experiences from some members throughout the last few years that were translated to texts and then to the music and we wanted to write about something that has not been written about it, and the reality is going much deeper over the years?

12.Any final words before we wrap up the interview ?
Thanks for the interview and I hope you enjoy the show.


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