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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kommandant Interview

1. Can you introduce the band to our readers that have never heard you before?
"KOMMANDANT was founded in 2005 by Jim Bresnahan.Original intentions were as a one off project but due to great demand from fans became a full time band.KOMMANDANT has 3 official releases: "Iron Hands On Scandinavia" (Daemokratia productions),"Stormlegion" (Planet Metal), "Kontakt" (Planet metal).

2. When i listen to your music it sounds like a holocaust, how would you describe your musical sounds?
"Space Junk"

3. What are some of the topics or subjects that you bring out in your song lyrics?
"I consider our lyrical content to be the least emphasized component within our music.The listener will find very little insight into our agenda when exploring this aspect of our compositions.We would best describe our work as a claustrophobic vacuum of indirect transmissions from the stratosphere; disharmonic and segmented yet beautiful.

4. What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
"Our live presentation is something we pride ourselves on.the live attack is very cold,provocative,and disciplined in appearance;yet caustic and infectious upon delivery.It is not uncommon to see audience members leave the auditorium due to how deeply offended they might have become.To these people we say:"thank you for forfeiting your entrance fee to us and have a pleasant trip home!" I have seen this happen on a few occasions."

5. What are some of the touring plans for the future, are you planning on just touring the United States or do you also plan to expand and do an European tour?
"We will tour wherever there is demand.No limitations."

6. your new album came out on Planet metal, so far the stuff I have heard on the label has been power or trad metal, are you the only black/death band on the label and how would you describe the support that the label has given you so far?
"Chris Black utilizes every possible resource within his own means to promote his bands.He has shown KOMMANDANT no less the same courtesy.He released our first album "Stormlegion" as well.He only signs whet he personally likes.In that regard,I consider him peerless when compared to other labels.

7. Do you have any other side projects besides this band, if so who are they and what kind of music so they play?
"KOMMANDANT is the only band i work for.I have no interest in any other musical projects at this time."

8 How has the reaction been to your music so far by black/death metal fans worldwide?
"We have received more than a satisfactory response. Unbelieveable interest from fans and magazines from all over the world.!This is due to the fact that we are very diligent about sending our product in the mail to as many metal contacts as possible.Mail contact is a very high priority within this band."

9.How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
"I have likened our musical progress to an assembly line with a definitive beginning and end without any deviation from the assemblage at hand.I have already seen how it will end up in my mind through an inner portal within my minds eye!Our destiny has already been pre-determined.Let me simply say that it will only become more chaotic and detached from the listeners normal perception of KOMMANDANT up to this point.It will end very badly for the listener I assure you!Pure seduction.

10.What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced the chaotic music that you create and what are you listening to nowadays?
"I really do not believe that any certain current band or even musical style has directly(or inadvertently) influenced the music created by us(Honestly!).We have a very atavistic approach to writing.I draw most of my influence from visual arts when it comes to creating.I hear colors and see sounds!I have not been listening to much music nowadays since we are busy writing for our next full length.I try to keep a clear head while writing."

11.Does Occultism or Satanism play any role in your music or lifestyle?
"Not at this time but we are always open to try something new".

12.Outside of music, what are some of your interests?
"I collect German U-Boot items form both ww1 and ww2."

13.Any final words or thoughts?


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