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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Black Metal Agenda Vol 1/2010 Compilation Review

This is a review of a compilation called "Black Metal Agenda Vol 1" which was released in 2010 and we will review the songs one by one.

First up is Baalberith from Great Britain with "For the Glory Of Blasphemic Supremacy" a very raw and primitive sounding occult black metal song that starts out really and gets fast in the end with some high pitched black metal screams and riffs that have the early 90's feeling to them.

Next up is Ajal from Malaysia with "Odd Oracle" a very early 90's style occult black metal song with some reaaly primitive riffing and high pitched black metal screams and old school sounding guitar solos and leads.

Next up is Nosferatu from Indonesia with "Lidah Pandora" a song that starts off with a female choir then gets fast and melodic with the high pitched black metal screams of the more mainstream UK black metal bands but still remaining in a more underground direction than that.

Next up is Moloch from Ukraine with "Ljosalfaheimr " a very depressive sounding black metal song with dark, primitive riffing and suicidal screams and cries, another great song from this band which has had one of their recordings reviewed before in this zine.

Next up is Dark Theory from Great Britian with "Please Stop The Dreams" a more experimental dark/black ambient song that eventually gets heavy with some high pitched black metal screams and some guitar riffing with a doom metal feeling to them in addition there is a brief use of clean singing female vocals.

Next up is Infernal Creation from Great Britian with "Storm" a song that is more in the Swedish black metal vein with a good amount of thrash and death metal influences in the riffing that also utilize skill, melody and a good mixture of high pitched black metal screams and deep growls with the riffs utilizing alot of skill and talent.

Next up is Demorian from Sweden with "Release The Nature's Forces" a more atmospheric black metal black metal song that is neither too mainstream or underground sounding.

Next up is Ancient Reign from Canada with "The Dying Light of Nifelhiem" a more melodic black/viking metal song with some primitive riffing and grim sounding high pitched black metal screams.

Next up is Lycanthropy from Russia with "The Right Hand Of Darkness" and atmospheric black metal song that is all instrumental and very skilled in the guitar riffing.

Closing the compilation is Ablasa from Malaysia with "Nar Is Thee(fire-whispering)"
a song that is more raw and primitive sounding then the previous ones mentioned and a perfect fit to close this compilation.

In conclusion this is a decent compilation of black metal with a variety of many different styles and this is a good addition for a black metal compilation. RECOMMENDED.

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