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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Black Metal Agenda Vol 4/2010 Compilation Review

This is a review of the 4th volume of the Black Metal Agenda compilation and we will review the songs one by one.

Starting off the compilation is Satan from Columbia with "Possessed By The Beast" a real short black metal song with a drum machine.

Next up is Black Empire from Mexico with "I'm The Enemy" a more primitive sounding black metal song with thrash influenced riffing, high pitched black metal screams and deep growls along with some melodic riffing and heavy bass lines.

Next up is Ereshkigal from Mexico with "Legion" a very fast, raw and primitive occult/black metal scream that is very old school sounding with mostly high pitched black metal screams along with some demonic growls as well as some more melodic riffing.

Next up is Hordagaard from Norway with "The Helvete Med Kvitekrist " a black metal song with some clean vocals and melodic riffs that have a Norwegian folk music feeling to them.

Next up is Omen from Malaysia with "The Devil Incarnate {re-visited}" another great raw and primitive sounding black metal song from this great band that utilizes a great amount of high pitched black metal screams with some deep demonic sounding growls.

Next up is Dry from Indonesia with "Beneath The Stars" a classical music influenced song that combines a lot of raw and primitive sounding black metal riffs with an orchestra along with some grim sounding growls mixed in with some dark melodic riffing as well as some classical guitars towards the end.

Next up is Brabazom from Malaysia with "Beast Of Mortality" a song that starts off with some classical guitars then turns into a more mid paced black metal song that utilizes some melodic riffing and switches forth between electric and acoustical.

Next up is Infernal Rites from Germany with "Keeper Of The Seven Gates" a very heavy, brutal, fast, raw and primitive sounding black metal song that is very blasphemous, satanic and anti christian that uses grim sounding black metal screams with a brief use of deep demonic growls.

Next up is Nekro Morphosis from Seatlle, Washington with "Under The Guillotine" a black metal song that has some thrash and death metal influences in it with some deep death metal growls and high pitched screams along with some melodic riffing.

Closing the compilation is Incarceration with Sacrifice(Pre demo Version) a very fast black/death metal song that utilizes influences from both genres with some deep demonic black/death metal growls with a brutal death metal guitar solo being used towards the end of the song.

In conclusion this is another great compilation that shows improvement from the last one and belongs in all black metal fans collection's. RECOMMENDED

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