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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Algaion/Exthros/Pulverised Records/2010 CD Review

  Algaion are a band  from Sweden that has a history dating back to the 90's and disappeared from the scene for a long time, and i would describe their music as being raw and melodic black metal in the Greek vein and this is a review of their 2010 album "Exthros" which was released by Pulverised Records.

Drums are mostly fast with a lot of blast beats and some mid paced drumming, while the bass playing has a very dark tone and follows the riffs that are coming out of the guitars with a great amount of power being used at times, as for the keyboards they are only used in briefly and they bring a tragic sound to the music.

Rhythm guitars are mostly mid paced to fast raw and melodic black metal riffs with some technical parts, while the lead guitars are very melodic sounding black metal guitar solos that brings back memories of thee 90's Greek Black Metal Scene.

Vocals are all high pitched black metal screams, while the lyrics cover darkness, despair, sorrow, occultism and Satanism, as for the production it has a very dark and professional sound that gives all of the instruments a strong and heavy sound.

In my opinion this is a good comeback album from Algaion and if you where a fan of their previous albums you will not be disappointed. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "The Time Is Nigh" "We Are The Enemy" "Nature Our Slave" "Sign Of Evil Existence/Era Of Satan Rising". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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