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Monday, March 4, 2019

LeMarchand Interview

1.For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band?
Sabbat: Le Marchand is a Raw Black Metal with War and Folk mixed styles. My songs is to elitist ears, because i try to escape from mainstream much as i can.

2.So far all of the releases have sounded different from each other, how would you describe your musical progress over the years?
Sabbat: In begin i was based in pure wrath noise sound style, but after to recruit new members to band i saw that i was need to explore more about music to explore more the skills of the new members. It was open a door of some opportunities to escape from mainstream. So i felt that was need to explore new kinds of music and did some study to get deep on it. When i was 18 years old i was trumpetist in a college fanfare and these new fields, that i am still exploring, brought in high my musical experience in my past, so i am developing my black arts in this way, trying to bring in my songs the dark side of good music that i like.

3. A lot of your lyrics deal with Satanism, Occultism and Paganism, how would you describe your views on those topics?
Sabbat: In begin i was focused in classic guitar and the first recorded songs was not have any kind of lyrics. After to past bad experiences in life i decided to put in my songs, principally in lyrics, my macabre experience of life. So, as my band's name says, i was inspired in Hellraiser in my lyrics in first demos, but have other parts of my identity that was not being explored, so i was start to explore it in my other songs, as my occultist experience since my 12 years old, because i was a book seller for more of 10 years and i had read  alot about it (principally Lemegedon and Secret Doctrine) and my nationalist part was bring to me the folk history of my ancestors, what all my paganism is about the old gods from Rain Forest. What more gave to me the paganism feeling and understanding was to live inside Rain Forest also. My house is inside it.

4.You also have lyrics dealing with São Paulo Nationalism, can you tell us a little bit more about it?
Sabbat: São Paulo is the most richest state from Brazil. Who born here is called Paulista. My ancestors was Bandeirantes, paulistas that lived here before São Paulo's and Brazil's creation. The first town of Brazil is near my home, called São Vicente. São Paulo tried to separate from Brazil five times and this history of war got my attention really hard and deep. I can say i don't feel myself brazillian, but only paulista, because culture, food, language and behaviour are pretty much different from rest of Brazil. After 1932, the most biggest civil war in Brazil, the federalists tried to destroy São Paulo's culture to paulistas not try to separate anymore. Now, in 2019, only exist few people that spread words about São Paulo's values and traditions, so to use Le Marchand to talk about it was a tool to keep alive the Bandeirante's paganism flame. In past you was not allowed to enter at Rain Forest if you was not curse, the priest of the local church, seven times or you would become a mula-sem-cabeça by Jurupari evil god. São Paulo early history is totally anti-christian history and i got totally surprised when i was know it and really fascinated. Bandeirantes also was hunt many priests and christian's to slave them together with indigenous. I can say it was some kind of true Inner Circle, from Norway, in São Paulo's past history, because when Napoleon was conquering Europe, portuguese and spanish Bandeirantes's leaders was persecuted by jews and christians of them families cause them was escaping the war instead to fight the french.

5.What are some of the other lyrical topics and subjects you have explored over the years with your music?
Sabbat: Yes! Nice question. I explored about astronomy, astrophysics, antisemitism (christians, muslims and jews), historic wars, chronology of Iberia's kingdom (a homage to my ancestors in my family bloodline) and about a daily life of a black metaller inside this cancer society that we live. I was talk about universe cause of your destructive force to exterminate worlds and dimensions and it is reality.

6.You also have RAC written in your description on facebook, does national socialism also play a role in your music?
Sabbat: I am Salazarist and Franchist, cause of my portuguese and spanish blood on my veins. I follow the third via, but i don't express it explicit on my songs, because it is a personal aspect of my identity and in LeMarchand i focus to express a lot about the darkness and historical wars of my ancestors. I don't express politics and racialism on my songs in an explicit way, but make sure that i ultra support it. Le Marchand band need to be a box that listeners open the puzzle to invocate many aspects of hell and demons and i express it, one of the aspects, talking about war, metaphysical transcendence with old wisdom and with specific demons of my pagan culture from Rain Forest. Do not matter from which country the listener to be hearing Le Marchand's songs, the logic keep the same if the listener to assimilate my lyrics with them ancestral culture, them will see that have your own hell and demons witnessed by your ancestors. Le Marchand is more than national socialism or anything from modern world, is a key that listener use to access your own root culture and history. I want my listeners accessing it, the true pre-historical history and culture in your veins.

7.What is the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'LeMarchand'?
Sabbat: I am a big fan of Hellraiser's world. Le Merchand is the under name of a french family of satanists in Hellraiser's history. I just changed a letter to make some allusion about it. Le Marchand i express like being a box, a key, that listeners (if to solve the puzzles) can access your personal hell, to feel your dark side connected with the abyss of chaos and death. I really love cenobites and wish some day to become a cenobite soldier or engineer also from Leviathan's maze.

8.Originally the band started out as a solo project what was the decision behind adding other members into the band?
Sabbat: Yeah! I was start solo and when i found good friends, after many years, them offered to join the band to do some tests. I was no comfortable about it, after many talks we could reach a deal and we started to produce. But one of the past members had no responsibility about schedules jobs of the band and was invited to leave, also when Holokhaosto was join drums he said to remove him also. The person that i don't want tell the name was have really a lack of responsibility to take band in a serious way. Today i am not accepting any new kind of members because i got frustrated with the lack to take it serious. The drummer that recorded Falanges Paulistas album was a friend that offered his skills only to record and by this he was not a member of the band, just a guest session. Holokhaozto is a true black arts warrior that i respect pretty much and he was open my eyes to get in an extreme new fields to compose music.

9.The band started in 2005 but waited until 2011 to release any music, can you tell us a little bit more about the earlier years?
Sabbat: All right! It started as classical guitar music, because i do not was have money to buy equipment's, i only had an acoustic guitar. Years past and i committed 2 murders, killed 2 homeless, and 1 physical aggression to a woman, my ex wife, in 2010. I spent 1 year in prison and got released by good behaviour in 2011. In this time my father was very rich and i took money from him to really record a demo full of rage and vengeance. Same in freedom, i was in conditional liberty, with authorities with eyes in all my steps in my res-socialization till 2018. The laws in Brazil is a pure joke, criminals lives pretty well here and past few time in prison. From 1997 till 2011, i was addicted on drugs really hard and was a monster in streets. So after jail i got really angry about criminals and drugs, i hate to seems like other scum people in this shit society in South America, so i stopped totally to commit crimes and drugs use. Changed totally my behaviour, do 8 years that i nevermore was drink and got addicted in drugs, living clean and sober till now. Changed all my friends (majority was socialist addicted drug users) and places. Now i became a real man that honors my ancestors history and i am trying to restore my dignity. In 2016 i was need to get back to jail, but half time (only during night) till 2018 to finish my sentence's years. Too i was ordered to do community services and the judge said to me to work in weekends, for 2 years, in a natural historic river park inside Rain Forest called Poço das Antas, where i did some videos and took some pictures. Exactly in 2016 my father lost his empire, lost all his money and i was need to finish my sentence, so Le Marchand's rehearsal got stuck, but now in 2019 is pretty possible to Le Marchand get back to record a new album in studio and release the debut. While i was in jail from 2016 to 2018, half time, i was keep to produce some songs to explore new kinds of sound.

10.Has the band had any opportunities to do any live shows yet?
Sabbat: It is a thing that i think serious. Should Le Marchand to do live shows? Here in Brazil, principally in São Paulo, true black metallers are against live shows. We think that we will be playing to posers, because the public is not compose 100% of true people. But in other side, i have some wish to do a live show, principally now that Le Marchand have a real warrior in drums. So to find a way to not betray my values, only can be a secret live show to really few people that i know them. I do not know if a international tour can be possible, as i was a criminal here, so many countries will not give to me any visa to travel. But yes, live shows is possible, since it is secret and to few people. Had some opportunities in past to do a secret live shows, but as i was still paying for my sentence, i was not totally free to do it. Now that i am with 100% of my freedom back, its possible to do live shows and it will happen, i just need to rehearsal for some months before to do it and since Holokhaozto agree to do it also.

11.So far the band has worked with 'Trize Listras Rex', and 'Damnatio Memoriae Records', can you tell us a little bit more about these labels?
Sabbat: Treze Listras Rex was founded by Adalberto Bezerra, a true warrior of the underground scene, only to release Falanges Paulistas split album, since Le Marchand and Furor Volturno was not getting good offers from labels that we got in contact. After to release this sucessfull album, Treze Listras released other stuff and raised a name in worldwide underground scene. We was want to release Falanges Paulistas in K7 version also, so Damnatio Memoriae Records was offer to release it by his black art hands and with his own money, because the owner saw the good stuff that Falanges Paulistas is. The owner is Frater Malignant, a true black metaller, from Manaus, in Amazonia state of Brazil. His label already had a name in the underground scene when he was offer to us release it in K7. Both labels are the only serious labels that Le Marchand manage to work for a long time.

12.On a worldwide level how has the reaction been to your music by fans of black metal?
Sabbat: I got surprised with reaction. To me i was producing shit, but some people saw a real value on it and i really thanks to who got join on it. I can say Le Marchand was well received in U.S.A., Japan, France, England, Germany, Colombia and Argentina. Some minority don't like some stuff that Le Marchand did and i thanks them also for the bad reviews, it helps myself to improve and them spread the band's name also. I can say i got really an impressive good reaction and thousand people was want enter in contact with me in my personal profile in social medias and i was receive some letters by mail also, but many do not know that Le Marchand have official profile in social medias. Maybe people was more curious about myself that by the band. I don't know.

13.Where do you see the band heading into musically during the future?
Sabbat: Heavy and aggressive tunes on guitar and bass, with a lot of noise, some erudite classical music on synth and of course a 90's extreme rhythms on drums by Holokhaozto. Le Marchand will keep producing raw black metal while keep producing melodic stuff, but always trying to keep the essence of evil metal in song compositions. In debut i want to mix some acoustic guitars from São Paulo's folk culture and after debut i want release some splits without synth and melodic stuff. Darkness, negativism and hell always will be present in all productions that Le Marchand to do. Sometimes i will talk about São Paulo's war histories in lyrics, but majority will be occultism and hell. Le Marchand is always trying to get far from mainstream.

14.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
Sabbat: Darkthrone, Isengard, Sarcofago, Morte Negra, Herege, Kazyklu Bey, Rotting Christ, Grand Belial's Key, Barbatos, Sabbat, Countess, Death Altar, Necrocifer and many others are great influences in my compositions. I can say that me and Holokhaozto listens actually Absurd, Goatmoon, Moonblood, Patris, Wolfnacht, Sledge Hammer, M8l8th and many others. If the band have members of third via, we will appreciate pretty much. I listen also a lot of erudite music and folk traditional songs from São Paulo and other countries. Military march's also. Everyday listening a mix of metal and traditional songs.

15.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
Sabbat: To readers of this amazing zine, support your local underground scene, buy original stuff from band's labels and all other stuffs. To who that knows Le Marchand's songs, thank you for your support and to who that do not like, thank you to spread Le Marchand's name. Thank you Loki to share a space in your black arts zine to myself answer this interview. Some questions was hard to answer and others funny. You are doing a good job and readers go buy this zine! That our old evil Gods kill all our enemies! Hail Evil 666!!!


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