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Akerbeltz Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band?

AKERBELTZ was formed from the beginning by Lilith & Akerbeltz. After a time, Lilith decided not to continue any more as the drummer of this band, and Akerbeltz continued the musical trajectory by him self, playing all the instruments. In October, XXXII anno SATANNA, this recording appears from the depths of an insane mind with rage and metal. This recording is an ode to the creatures of SATAN, and his followers, Nature’s powers, and those whom take pervasion as a way of life, as long as there is a common accord. In this recording they appear various session musicians such as Lilith, Fúnebre, Isnack & Janis. In October XXXIII anno SATANNA, I enter the studio again to record “A Wave Of Darkness”, this time with no session musicians, apart from the inimitable voice of Lilith, that appears in some macabre passages of the record. After a short time, Metal Millenium was interested and they edited this record. I’ve collaborated in the arising of the first Black Metal band that there has been in this country, BEHEADED LAMB… with the recording of a split Cd with the Finish band Azaghal released through Metal Millenium again. After a while I recorded Tabellae Defixionum and Akerhell, the both through Metal Millenium. After Akerhell was recorded I had the opportunity to release finally the demo “Spreading the eternal mayhem” recorded in the ’98 anno bastardi through Blut und Eisen, this time with two bonus track. Shortly after we released with Beheaded Lamb our full length Cd “A Grave To This World”. After the Akerhell was recorded, Lilith formed HARRIDAN with which we recorded in the Redrum Studio the Lugubrious Necromancer demo and the Tales Of The Unholy, this one with the collaboration of Daemonus Von Anthian, former of Winter Frost that also had recorded previously the intro and the outro of the Akerhell; both the demos where released through my own label SATANIK RECORDS in Cdr, after a while Chaos Productions where interested in it and they also released them in tape; also the Australian label Smell The Stench released a limited edition… After this I recorded a split 7ep with the French band Armageddon though Chaos Productions. Shortly after the whole edition was out and we had to release it again through Undercover Records from Germany. In the 2004 Anno Bastardi I released the Never Deny From The Powers Of Sorcery Cd recorded with an 8track recorder through the American label Last Rights, the song from the 7ep was added to this work as we had a lack of recording time for it. In the 2005 Harridan was again releasing both the demos in a new format and this time with a bonus track and with professional cover and remastered through the Spanish label Oniric Records. In the 2006 I played live in Germany in the Under The Black Sun Festival with the Spanish band Amnion as session musicians. In the 2007 a 4way split Lp was released through the Spanish label Oniric records again with two tracks recorded in the

2. How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

My music is a ritual sound that pretends to open the mind of the listener to the abyss. When first heard it sounds like pure chaos, but after listening twice you can start to get the point of it.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?

Akerbeltz comes from the basc mithology, it means black hegoat; the pagans worship him as a spirit of nature, the word Akelarre comes also from this cult. I thought it was the kind of name that would give a first idea of what you couldexpect when you got one of my records.

4. What releases have you put out so far and what labels were they released on?

-Spreading the eternal mayhem.
Blut und Eisen-A wave of darkness. Metal Millenium-
Tabellae defixioum. Metal Millenium
-Akerhell. Metal Millenium-
Never deny from the powers of sorcery. Last Rights
I also have released the 7ep -
Solemn march towards the holocaust split with Armagedon. Chaos Productions and Undercover recordsAnd a 4 way split Lp. Oniric records
Apart from all this I have released with Beheaded Lamb:-Dark blasphemous moon split Cd with Azaghal. Metal Millenium-
A grave to this world. Metal milleniumWith Harridan:
-Lugubrious necromancer. Satanik records, Chaos productions, Smell the stench-Tales of the Unholy. Satanik records, Chaos productions, Smell the stench
-Death's sonnet. Oniric records

And with Körgull the exterminator-
The black legions of death march towards the extermination fields split with Morbil Yell.
Thor's Hammer-Dogs of war. Xtreem music

5. How would you descibe the musical progress over the years, I have noticed the newer stuff seems more thrash influenced?

-My first idea was not to progress but I suppose I have learnt to play some new formulas during the years but my mission remains the same; I want to make pure chaos, so chaos shall be.

6. What direction do you see the music going into during the future?

-I want to release a few more records and then I will probably stop this band to make a different one.

7. I know you used session musicinas to play the Under The Black Sun festival in Germany, are there any future plans for shows?

-It's quite complicated for me to play live as I have to trabel 400Km through a desert with my bike and my guitar to rehears with Amnion (the session musicians) so I will look very carefully the offers for doing future gigs.

8. What are your main influenced music wise or non music wise?

-I've been a metal head since I remember, so I think my first influence is musical, but I also like a lot to read medieval books, horror, history and philosophy, the lyrics come mainly influenced by this books.

9. What are you listening to nowadays and what are some good bands or releases that you would recommend?

-I haven't bought many records lately as I spend most of my time in the rehearsing room but the best and most brutal thing I've listened to lately is Inquisition and I also recommend Clandestine Blaze...

10. I noticed that underneath the band logo there are some runes, what interest do you have in Asaturu and the Northern Traditions?

-The runes under the logo come from the ancient Iberians, they are similar to the viking ones but they have some more characters and there are also two different known forms of runic writtings in this land, I thought that it was quiteinteresting to use our traditions that are also quite rich and not having to copy the viking Asaturu. We have our ownmisticism very influenced by the powers from Hell. Most of the runes found are maledictions.

11. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music and life?

-Our world is sick, all human societies have a so called straight morality, but the biggest atrocities have been done inthe name of some good god, I vomit upon them and their hipocrisy! I'm a true satanist and I don't care to who I say thisbecause I'm convinced of it and every day I'm more convinced that Satan is my god and my music is dedicated to Him!If I had the power I would kill and exterminate just for fun with no stupid excuses.

12. What are some good films or books that you would recommend?

-I'm reading "Tirant lo Blanc" and it's quite good, I also recommend all the books from the Marquis de Sade (brutal), I like quite a lot Maquiavelo, Shakespeare and Dante.

13. Any final words?

The new record of Akerbeltz is called "Infernuko Erreka" and will be released soon through Oniric Records. If you want more info

14. Thanks for the interview?-

Thanks and stay Underground!

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  1. I like his music. Its beautiful chaos.