Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dark Priest/Warlock Rituals/Black Magick Inc/2011 CD Review

Dark Priest are a band from the darkest depths of the United States that plays a very original form of ritualistic black metal and this is a review of their 2011 album "Warlock Rituals" which was released by Black Magick Inc.

Drum programming is mostly fast beats that sound almost as powerful as a real drum kit with an old school black metal feel, while he synths when they are utilized being a dark ambient ritualistic feel to the last song present on the recording and is used briefly on one of the faster songs to bring a very evil feel to the music, and there are no bass guitars present on the album.

Rhythn guitars are mostly fast raw black metal riffs that have a punk feel with some midpaced riffing being used at times mixed in with some weird sounding distorted tones and on one song they slow down to bring a doomy feel to the music, while the lead guitars are very distorted sounding black metal guitar solos that have a psychedelic feel at times.

Vocals cover alot of ground with alot of high pitched black metal screams that have a depressive feel at times, mixed in with some more grim sounding vocals, deep demonic death metal growls, spoken word parts and a small amount of clean signing and the beginning song is all vocalized calling up demonic names, while the lyrics cover Left Hand Path, Satanism, Luciferian, Black Witchcraft and Old Ancient persion/Middle Eastern Demons, as for the production it has a very dark and raw sound to it.

In my opinion Dark Priest are a very good sounding ritualistic black metal band, and if you are looking for a black metal band that has an old school sound mixed in with a more ritualistic and occult sound, you should check out this group. RECEMMONDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Witch-blood/Destructive Curse" and "Succubus...666. Evoking Eosphorus: Lilitu". RECEMMONDED BUY.

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