Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Achral Necrosis/Buried In Black Ice Song Review

Achral Necrosis are a band from Lavetta, Colorado that plays a very dark and atmospheric form and this is a review of their song "Buried In Black Ice".

Drums range from slow to midpaced drumming with some fast playing and blast beats, while keyboards are very dark and atmospheric sounding, as for the bass playing on this strong it has a very strong and powerful sound to it.

Rhythm guitars range from slow, midpaced to fast black metal riffing that utilizes a good amount of skill and a small amont of clean playing while the guitar solo has a melodic sound to it

Vocals are a mixture of grim sounding and high pitched black metal screams with a brief spoken word passage, as for the prouduction on this song it has a very dark and primitive sound to it.

In my opinion this is a very good song from Achral Necrosis which shows alot of improvement since I saw them live 3 years ago and looking forward to hear some more of their newer material. RECEMMONDED.

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