Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Abominator Interview

> 1. Can you update us with what is going on with Abominator these days?
At the moment we are planning a return from a hiatus that has lasted more than three years. In that time myself and Andrew have been focusing on our respective true death metal bands IGNIVOMOUS and CEMETERY URN. Soon our soul searching journey through the darkness will be over and new bouts of fury will be unleashed. We are also planning to release our early demo material on Nuclear War Now! Productions.

> 2. I know the band has experienced a few line up changes, who is in the
> current line up?

At this point it is just myself and Andrew, but since we plan on returning to the battleground we are negotiating with some worthy souls to join ABOMINATOR. Valak Exhumer is living in Germany doing VOLKMAR so he won´t be continuing with us for now.

> 3. Abominator and Australia have alot to do with creating the war metal
> movement, what is your opinion on the modern war metal scene, there are
> even bands in the U.S and Canada that play war metal, but it does not
> have the same sound as the bands from your home country?

To be honest, ABOMINATOR should be considered more of a bestial black metal band rather than a pure war metal band. I think the term ´war metal´ is quite redundant these days, its always wiser to ask the band themselves what they consider their style to be. Australian bands have always had their own unique brutal sound, and just like the hordes of bands who tried to emulate the scandinavian sound, many of these so called war metal bands have fallen short of the true sound. Abominator can´t really be compared to any other bands, and our true depth goes unnoticed when people mis-label our music.

> 4. How has the support from Displeased records been so far, and how
> would you compare it to Necropolis and Osmose?
Decent support from Displeased records is virtually non-existent, as our last album ´The Eternal Conflagration´ had next to no promotion, despite relatively good sales in certain areas. Displeased records dumped us after just one album anyway, so in the end they are no different to the businessmen ethics of dumbass labels like Osmose or Necropolis.

> 5. How would you describe a live Abominator concert and what are some of
> the best shows that you have played so far?

Epic evil and total destruction! Its a wall of satan, basically. Soon when our line up is solidified we will attack the stage again with unprecedented force and all the posers will surrender in horror! There have been many great shows over the years, one highlight was playing a show with MAYHEM in Sydney, we played like demons! There were also many great shows in the past with Damon Bloodstorm on bass/vox. Maybe he will make a guest appearance at future shows, time will tell.

> 6. Are there any plans to annihilate the United States in the future
> with a tour?

I wish I could say we had such plans, but first we have to get the band together and make sure our live show is as brutal and as satanic as possible! We will not do this half-arsed! Also we have to write some new material to blow the shit out of the venues over in the states and bring fear and death to the hearts of the weak! Anything less would be pointless!

> 7. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what
> direction do you see Abominator going into on future releases?

During the course of our career we have progressed our sound to a point where we really cannot take it any further without sounding like a regular death metal band, so the next logical step is to return to the evil and destructive sound of the demos and our first album. There is a primal evil quality to these releases and we must return to this to make the band whole again!

> 8. What are some of the bands or music styles that influenced you to
> become a musician and what bands or music styles are you listening to
> nowadays?

In the very beginning I found bands such as BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, SARCOFAGO, MYSTIFIER , VULCANO, GROTESQUE, SODOM, POSSESSED etc. to be a major influence on what ABOMINATOR was to become. There are many great bands out there today who retain these traditional ways, but we have a broad range of music that influences us on unseen levels. I personally like to listen to alot of progressive rock ala 1970s style such as RUSH, KING CRIMSON, YES, JETHRO TULL, AMON DUUL II as well as the usual stuff like BLACK SABBATH, LED ZEPPELIN, PINK FLOYD etc. also some old Aussie rock and some industrial stuff.

> 9. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music?

Satan and the occult plays a massive role in what we have created. It isn´t all just about warlike themes and goats and ´fago´ and the like, we express a healthy philosophical realization of the darkness within ourselves and humanity as a whole. It is also based around the eternal battle between god and lucifer and how that affects the universe in its constant state of flux. There is also alot of blatant praisure of evil and death, and that comes from many angles, anger and dissilusionment towards the world, but its also a healthy way to expel these dark emotions and express them creatively.

> 10. What are some of your interests outside of music (i.e
> films,literature and of course beer drinking.)

Beer drinking is a great social hobby, which is strange as we are in general anti-social people! Personally my interests range from alternative science and technologies, hyper-dimensional and nuclear physics to science fiction literature and films, as well as the occult and ancient knowledge, ancient advanced civilizations etc. Andrew is into alot of horror films and literature and we are all immersed in various elements of satanism and philosophy.

> 11. How would you describe the extreme metal scene in Australia these days?

Good, alot of great bands springing up, but also alot of shitty clone bands as well. You have to take the good with the bad I suppose. the best bands going down here right now apart from the forementioned are PORTAL, TZUN TZU, BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS, LUSTRATION, IMPETUOUS RITUAL, SHACKLES, DESTRUKTOR, BACKYARD MORTUARY, URGRUND, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE, HUNTERS MOON, BELLIGERENT INTENT, CADAVERINE as well as a plethora of great black metal and death metal bands too numerous to mention at this point.

> 12. Any final words or thoughts of destruction?

All beware, soon we will return with another sheer outburst of brutal black metal terror, exactly in what format remains to be determined, either a MLP or another full-length if the black godz look down upon us kindly enough. You have been warned, TAKE FUCKING COVER!!!

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