Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kratornas Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band, what were your goals in the beginning, and what made you decide to form a brutal black metal band?

Main goal is self improvement. There’s nothing more to expect, especially in making this kind of “selfish music” where only the like-minded individual will appreciate. Spreading the music is next, just to see what others think. Thus, also knowing where I stand as a guitarist. I don’t make music to please others but listening to critics really makes room for improvement. This so-called formation of a “brutal black metal band” is not an intention. That’s just the way it should be, but brainless brutality is very easy to make and we don’t do that here…

02. Were did you get the idea for the band name?

It simply came out, well… yeah, just like that…

03. How would you describe your music style?

Like an Anaconda wrapping around you, breaking your bones and devouring you half-dead!

04. How has the response been for the first 2 albums?

The second album is already gathering positive reactions worldwide but of course, we can’t avoid purists that do nothing but criticize and criticize. Most critics were hobbyists that don’t know shit but talk and talk. On the other hand, if you’re seeking improvement, there’s nothing wrong if you listen to them – so that’s OK. I find it stupid for band members who just can’t accept an insult from a critic – that’s just sad…

05. In the beginning you had more band members, but know are a one man band, what made you decide to go in this direction?

The fact is that I don’t want to be a “one-man-band” but after meddling around with morons’, making a decision like this is easy. Back in ’95, it feels awkward but as the years go by, you’ll realize that it’s better to be alone rather than wasting your time working with someone stupid! Sure that it is easy for a FORUM WANKER to bash a “one man band” since they only record shit in their bedroom computer, etc! How ignorant is that?! I’m using a combination of drum machine and DTX and so what?! Fuck off, I guess…

In my case, I’m investing on the needed equipment and already build a bunker for it, sorry to disappoint you but it’s not in the bedroom, so? The whole thing looks like a real studio only that the walls were tweaked with filth and ugliness to raise an atmosphere! Old flyers from ’89 to early/mid ‘90s, animal skulls, red bulbs, chains and barbed wires were coiled in this bunker! If you’re serious in making an art like this you wouldn’t choose a bedroom, a piece of computer and one guitar to do it, that’s just useless! This doesn’t only involve money but mostly an infinite passion in making this kind of music.

So yes, I prefer things like this. I might already found the right people and put them as members but they’re 90 miles away and that will not help Kratornas at all. Once again, that’s just useless! I work base on my own schedule and NOT adjusting on someone else schedule – that’s pathetic.

06. When can we expect new material and what direction do you see the music heading into?

I’ve no idea about the ‘new material’. I didn’t even think I am making a second album after the debut CD came out – if you know what I mean. Improvement is the only direction I can think of, otherwise I’ll end up with an ‘oh-so-brutal-monotonous-666-album with 2-riffs-raw-kvlt musick’, bah! Stagnation is useless, though I’m not talking about changing the style kuz that’s just fake and stupid! Just move forward and deliver the goods…

07. What are your main influences as a musician?

It is mostly guitarists that influence me. Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Petrucci, etc., just anything by Shrapnel Records actually… Other medium includes Bathory, Mercyful Fate, SWALLOWED IN BLACK and ILLUSIONS respectively, Morbid Angel (with Mike Browning), Brazilian Death Metal, RUST IN PEACE, Somewhere in Time, PAINKILLER, Morbid Saint, and 80s German Thrash!

08. What are you listening to nowadays and what would you recommend new or old?

I can listen from WASP to Bathory and it circulates just in there. I don’t collect a thousand of music (be it CDs/LPs/Tapes). That’s just useless! I only have a few and this is from bands that I really like. The only recommendations I could give to your readers now is the South American DEATH METAL releases. I’m not so thrilled about these ‘retro’, ‘intentionally tweaked to sound dirty recordings’, ‘mega-oh-so-brutal-kaotik-666-blackness’ and all of the clone-tribute bands were utterly useless! I hope someday quality in Metal will regain its strength because quality has been lost since ages and with the kind of bands I’ve just mentioned in dislike, Metal will certainly go down the drain in the next years to come…

09. What role does Satanism or Occultism play in the music?

Nothing. Kratornas is not ‘Satanic’. People just love making up with their own stories like linking Kratornas with Satanism just because they see the word Satan in the lyrics! Makes sense to me!

10. What are some good films or literature that you would recommend?

It is usually about the older films once again. How can I recommend recent films like District 9 when everybody here already saw it and got their own opinions about it? I dig classic horrors, mostly. Other stuff includes Witchcraft, Satanic, UFO/Alien/Orange Apocalyptic Sci-Fi, and Gore Films. I could watch other ‘genre’, but there MUST be interesting to watch in there…

11. How would you describe the extreme metal scene in the Philippines?

Great scene! Check out people who is going crazy with Vampiric Black Metal and when that’s over they’ve went Black Thrash but then again, getting tired on it and now switching to Black n’ Roll but guess what kuz Black n’ Roll didn’t last a year for these flukes so let ‘em dig what’s the most popular on blogspots and there they go again with Bestial Black Metal – who knows what next for these idiots… maybe form a band and praise their own work, now… that’s just typical once again aha! There’s also this crab mentality that’s been existing since ages! Everybody is a critic and wants to be! Nothing gets more exciting seeing Filipinos, who didn’t achieve anything in life, criticize someone else. What a waste…

12. Any final words?

I’ve already said everything above I think…

13. Thanks for the interview?

Many thanks to you for this given chance to share thoughts in your webzine. Anyone can drop by to our website @ WWW.KRATORNAS.COM for cds, shirts and other exclusive merchandise only available direct from us (paypal accepted). If you’re from Europe, you can also get in touch with our label, Kneel Before the Master’s Throne Records from Germany.

WEBSITE : www.kratornas.com
EMAIL : kratornas@gmail.com
STREAM : myspace.com/kratorns

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