Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trokle/Demo 2009/cd review

Trokle are a 2 piece band hailing from Norway that plays a form of Norwegian black metal in the classic vein that mixes in some death metal influences and this is a review of their 2009 demo.

Drum machines on this album are mostly mid paced to fast beats that have a very militant feel to them and there is not much in the way of blast beats, while the bass playing has a very low pitched sound and is all rythym bass.

Rythym guitars utilize alot of different types of riffs ranging from mid paced to fast black metal riffing with some death metal influenced rythyms mixed with some classic sounding metal, while the guitar leads are very distorted sounding and have a very melodic edge to them.

Vocals are mostly black metal screams that are not to high pitched except for maybe a few songs and there are also some death metal growls as well as some clean singing to give the music a perfect balance, Synths when they are utilized have a very weird soundtrack type of feel to them and they are not too overdone and you would not be able to label the music as being commercial.

Lyrics are mostly written in Norwegian but the songs that have English titles seem to touch on some unholy left hand path topics, while the production is very raw sounding which is the right kind of production for this style of black metal.

In my opinion this is a good cd and I feel once this band gets signed to a record contract they will put out an album that will make them one of the best known new Norwegian black metal bands, and this is the band that will probably take this style of music into the new decade.

Standout tracks include "Unholy" and "Panzerrawn". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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