Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bitter Frost/Self Titled/2010 CD Review

Bitter Frost are a one man band from the state of California that has alot of help from guest musicains and this is a review of their 2010 self titled album.

Drums range from slow to midpaced beats with alot as fast playing as well as blast beats, while the keyboards are very symphonic and have an orchestra style of sound mixed in with an avant garde sounding sythn as for the bass playing it is all rhythm bass with alot of fast riffs that follow the guitars and there is the ocassional bass lead at times.

Rhythm guitars contain alot of variety with alot of fast black metal riffing with some riffs utilizing a heavy death metal influence, and there is alot alot of thrash style riffing as well as some slow and melodic parts, as for the lead guitars they are very melodic and fast with influences from power and traditional metal as well as neo classical and the guitar player in the band can compete with the guitat legends any time of the day, and at times there is a classical guitar being utilized with alot of open chords.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams that take influences from both underground and mainstream black metal with some lower pitched death metal growls mixed in with some clean singing that is heavily influenced by power metal and there are also alot of spoken word samples as well.

Production on this album sounds very professional and you can hear all of the instruments very well while the lyrics cover mythology, Illumanti, a small amount of satanic/anti christain themes and some pagan and political topics.

In my opinion Bitter Frost are a very talented band and this album shows alot of potetainal and I feel within a few years they are going to be well known in the metal scene.
STANDOUT TRACKS INCLUDE "Astral" "Pagan Wheel" "Sins That Point To Nowhwere" "Nemesis" "Oplexicon II Speed Of Hate" and "Oplexicon IV-Arrogance". RECOMMENDED BUY

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