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Setherial Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with Setherial these days?

Infaustus - Right now we are doing the final touches on our upcoming album ”Ekpyrosis” which will be released later this spring through Regain Records. We are also rehearsing for our upcoming European tour which will feature a different line-up than usual.
The tour line-up is:

Infaustus - vocals
Kekko - guitars
Kraath - guitars
Mysteriis - bass
Atum - drums

Other than that we are working on new material that will be released in different formats later on and a music video to promote the new opus.

2. What is the meaning behind the band name?

Infaustus - Setherial stands for absolute death and darkness. It is a name designed by us for us.

3. I remember in 2007 when I bought your last album Candlelight Records was trying to promote you as a new band, even though the band has been around since the early 90’s how that that make you feel?

Infaustus - Well, we have been around since 1993 so we are not exactly a new band. I don’t really know why they labelled us as a new band but we might be unknown in certain parts of the world due to the fact that we don’t tour all the time or make stupid statements in magazines etc to gain fame. We are pleased to be in the position we are in when we have the ability to create music when we feel to and to tour when the energies are right. Setherial has never been about fame or money. Setherial is a vessel which we express our dark art through without boundaries or outside factors.

4. When can we expect the next album?

Infaustus - On”Ekpyrosis” we have taken everything we have done in the past a bit further. It is a higher level of musicianship, more complex songs and arrangements. Not so”live-friendly” as the latest 2 albums, more in the vein of”Nord” and”Hell Eternal”. Most songs are around 6-8 minutes long with the exception of a 30-minute long song that will be released in a different exclusive format. We have also recorded everything ourselves and there are no triggers on the drums so it is a more organic and violent production that suites the new material just perfect. For a band that has been around as long as we have it is important to always challenge yourself so the music don’t gets stagnant.

5. After listening to your music over the years I noticed you change with every album without losing the heaviness what direction do you see the next album heading into?

Infaustus - Like I mentioned earlier, the new material is more dark and complex. People who are into our music will find elements from the past and they will also find new interesting inputs. It still sounds Setherial though so no one who is into this kind of dark satanic art will be disappointed.

6. How would you describe the lyrical content of the new music?

The lyrical theme of”Ekpyrosis” is about a metaphoric connection to the unavoidable conflict of the universe, through a satanic perspective. The ekpyrotic universe draws its name from the ancient Greek word ekpyrosis, meaning”conflagration” (disastrous fire or conflict). The album is a tribute to the complete obliteration of all particles that is ever created where the allseeing/alldestroying eye of Satan is represented by the destructive forces and dark energies of this vast, unknown universe.

7. What is going on with the side projects these days?

Infaustus - Not much is going on with side-projects since all of our time has been devoted to”Ekpyrosis”. Regarding Blackwinds we have material for at least 1 full-length but there are no plans recording it any time soon. I myself will probably record something this autumn where I play all the instruments myself, if it will be released to the public or if I just do it for my own enjoyment I don’t know yet. Time will tell.

8. Out off all the albums that you have recorded so far which one are you the most satisfied with?

Infaustus - This is a hard question to answer since every album is special to us. Right now I would say”Ekpyrosis” since we have worked so devoted for such a long time with that one. The album we are the most displeased with production wise is”Lords of the Nightrealm”. The production on that album doesn’t give the music any justice at all. We have actually re-recorded some tracks from that album so it can be released to the public in the state it was supposed to have been. ”Nord” on the other hand will of course always be a special album since it was the first.

9. What are some of the best shows that you have played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?

Infaustus - Since we only do shows when the energies are right we always give 100% onstage. We don’t rely on any fancy stage show with naked chicks; fire breathing guitars or other distractive bullshit like many other band do. We let the music and our sheer satanic death fanaticism do the talking instead. Of course we use the attributes that is used in black metal such as blood, spikes and corpse paint but we use those things to enhance the experience and not to distract from the music. Some of the most memorable shows we have played are the mini-tour we did with Marduk in Mexico and our last show in France at Black Metal is rising festival.

10. Are there any plans for a U.S tour?

Infaustus - We have had a few offers to go to the US and play but unfortunately the timing has always been bad so it has been impossible for us to attend. All in Setherial is eager to play in the US though since it is a new market for us and a different audience than usual. If everything turns right we will perform in the states early 2011. A US-tour is highly rated on our agenda so it is not a question”if” we will play; it is just a question of”when”.

11. What are some of the bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?

Infaustus - Every time you hear an excellent album you get influenced in some form. Classic albums by Emperor, Burzum and Mayhem were very influential in the beginning of Setherial. Other than music we get our influences from all sorts of art forms such as literature, paintings, and movies and so on. I have always had a huge interest in following the black metal underground so I discover new bands every day. Most of them are pure rubbish but from time to time I find new music that is really good. Mostly I listen to the old classic bands/albums but ”new” bands that are worth mentioning is Lustre, Volahn, Wolves In The Throne Room, Coldworld, Craft, DsO etc. At the moment I listen to the new Burzum-album which is excellent.

12. How would you describe the bands views on Satanism or Occultism and what are some satanic or occult authors, philosophers and orders that have influenced your viewpoints?

Infaustus - Individuality is the potent key for personal and spiritual growth indeed. If you do not constantly challenge yourself and open about different matters and interpretations you’ll end up becoming narrow-minded and limited in mind-perspective, which in our opinion against all that black metal stands for.
We have a constant hunger for knowledge and have personal interests in the subjects and studies of scientific hypothesis and theory, religions, mythology, philosophy, occultism, metaphysics, cosmology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, symbolism to mention a few...
Individually is the freedom to gain perspective and knowledge to draw own conclusions in order for personal development. Who or what has/is the correct interpretation, and who knows the absolute truth/dogma is just the matter of belief and interpretation, the field of knowledge and belief is restricted by just how you can grasp it, on other terms how your brain can receptive impressions and conceptions. Satan is based on own conclusion and experience. That’s why the meaning differs a lot from whom you ask.
Satanism; in the elemental and symbolic sense is something that attract us and is used as our language, Satanism is also the light of Lucifer that illuminates the darkness(that is the oppressive way of religions and doctrines that keep the people enslaved). In Satanism there exist no ultimate reference or law like the bible, and it can be adapted to a sectarian practice or into a individual philosophy.
Intellectual individuals who question their current reality or possess a ideology of knowledge regarded as forbidden has always been label as dangerous enemy by the establishment, state church and the dogmas of society.
Every brain is neurologically unique and therefore we conclude individualism is in our biological nature.
13. What are some of your interests outside of music?

Infaustus - Besides vocals I also play guitars, bass and keyboards. All members in Setherial are multi-instrumentalists but other than music I have a lot of other interests. I work, study, read a lot of books, travel, I often go hiking, watch movies, and work out and so on. Besides music I am also interested in other art forms such as drawing, painting, photography, and moviemaking. I like to have many things going on at once so I constantly develop in the different fields of craftsmanship and knowledge. Most people seem to settle with doing nothing and consuming alcohol during the weekends but that has never been anything for me or any other member of Setherial.

14. Any final words or thoughts?

Thanks for the interest in Setherial. Any updates concerning us can be found at or

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