Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mhinotahn/Lord Of Swine/Feral Noise/DVD Video Single Review

Mhinotahn are a band from Texas that has had their 2 previous demos reviewed in the zine and now it is time to review the DVD singel that came with the promo package.

Song one is a video of Lord Of Swine, and in the vuideo you can see pictures of the woods which look very swampy, as well as the band practicing and they dont look like your average black metal band and at the end a guy in a cloak performing a satanic ritual.

Song Two contains alot of pictures from the paper zine that came with the package as well as more photus of the band practicing and in addition alot of pictures that show a humorous attempt at being satanic and evil.

Song Three is helped in black and white and shows alot of black and white pictures of gothic looking castles, with some of the song lyrics being printed up in part of the video as well as all of the band information, as for the musical sound on these 3 songs you can read my demo reviews to get more of an idea on how the music sounds.

In my opinion this is a good DVD from Mhinotahn and it is helped with low budget production and you can tell by watching this that this band does not try to act like other black metal bands. RECEMMONDED.

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