Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Evil Hordes-Serpent God Compilation 1/2010 Compilation Review

This is a review of a compilation with all Costa Rican's black metal bands called the Evil Hordes which was released by Serpent God Records in 2010 and we will review the songs one by one.

Al Azif brings us "Rise Of Cthulhu" a very fast, raw and primitive black metal song that is very inspired by the Necronomicon and H.P Lovecraft mixed in with some deep growls.

Next up is Zwarte Vlam with "218" a very fast, raw and primitve occult/satanic black metal song with some grim sounding vocals and lo-fi production that brings out the darkness in the music.

next up is Formost with "Lord And Servants" a very fast, raw and primitive black metal song that has some darker death metal influences and some ocasional deep growls with most of the vocals being screams and you can also hear some thrash riffing in the song.

Next up is Nocturnal Banishment with "Imperium Flames" a more slow and mid paced black metal song that has a an evil sounding guitar solo, doom/death metal style riffing with some high pitched black metal screams, in addition this song changes the pace of this compilation and adds something different with somewhat of an early 80's black metal feeling.

Next up is Balpehor with "Pride And Glory" a song with some militant sounding drum programming and distorted black metal screams and this song is in the slow and repetitive direction with a brief use of dark ambient sounding synths.

Next up is Amarok with "Forbidden Legion Of Satan" a primitive sounding satanic black metal song mixed with some melodic riffing as well as some heavy bass lines that have the feeling of some really unknown 80's underground metal.

Next up is Vederl Gal with "Infernal Anihilation" a fast raw and primitive black metal song that brings back the classic 90's old school sound with some melodies and deep growls that have the Swedish black metal feeling to them as well as some spoken word chanting to Satan.

Next up is Morbid Funeral with "Sphera Lunae" a more raw and primitive mid paced black metal song with dark melodic riffs and grim sounding black metal screams along with a brief use of funeral sounding organs.

Next up is Imperious Satan a band from Nicaragua with "The Eternal Storm" a more mid paced black metal song with primitive riffing and high pitched depressive black metal screams in addition the song is very long and different from the rest of this compilation.

Closing the compilation is Ancient Forest with "Darkest Path" a more instrumental song that starts out reaally slow and melodic and then gets very fast, raw and primitive sounding.

In conclusion this is a very great compilation album and it seems like the bands from Costa Rica are really into the more primitive and satanic forms of black metal, and if you are a fan of South American black metal, you should get this compilation. RECOMMENDED BUY.

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