Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ssenkrad Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about the band for those that have never heard you before?
Ssenkrad is the manifestation of myself only. It was designed as a tool to bring forth everyday life issues and obsticles, problems and fires to an end, through the medium of Black Metal. In one way it could be looked at as a indulgence, similar to drug addiction, I'm recieving my fix, so to speak. In another way, it's more Catharic. Regardless of means it is what it is, Black Metal. We began in 1999 doing demos, at that time there were three members. By means of evolution it became what is today, a one man project. I currently release material on my label SixhundredSixtySickScoreProductions, along with my other projects. I do shows, when invited, and release cd format as well.

2. What is going with the project these days?
There is no sleep. Ssenkrad, or the entity known as such is always releasing, and performing new material. I currently have 6 releases to date, and am working on the most latest, as I speak, along with any live outings that come along. The most recent lp should be available by the end of July.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
Many messages have been sent through out the years regarding this same question. I've had people tell me that they went through systems to translate Ssenkrad, but with no avail. First, the opposite of good is bad, from white, there is black, the yin and the yang, the negetive and positive, ac/dc etc.....What I invoke through Ssenkrad is Darkness. A manifestation of all things negative, or at least negative to the Christian mind. Darkness is it self matter, no one knows were it comes from or how it was created. Anti matter is what is left from something that was created. Think of a cookie dough sheet, get your cookie cutter and press it down, take the shape of what ever you took out, you have your design, it is matter. But what lies in the outline of what you just removed, anti matter, it's anti self. Hence Ssenkrad is Darkness spelled backwards.

4. I have seen one of your videos, that was a live show, what are some of the best live shows that you have played so far?

It's hard to say really. I enjoy playing live on most occasion's. But there are some evenings were the boys and girls become something else, most nights when the moon is waxing. Were they no longer follow their herd, so to speak. But follow them selfs as one, and become the chariot for my dealings. When crowd participation is at it's high, I'm the most happiest.

5. I noticed when you do albums it is only one member, have you ever thought about using the live musicians on your cd's or did the band start out as a full line up and then evolved into a one man band?
In the begining there were three, but every musician in the Black Metal genre knows that, personalities collide, hence the reason why I'm solo. Sometimes I hire live musicians and or stage performers.

6. I have read in one of your interviews that you are a big fan of movies, what are some of the lesser known films that you enjoy that some of the readers are not familiar with, everybody all ready knows about the mainstream stuff like Halloween?

Well I got an early start, my mother enjoyed the avant garde, so I grew up seeing many different pictures. But currently I enjoy anything from Fred Vogal(august underground) Lucifer Valentine(slaghtered vomit dolls) Harmony Korine(gummo,ken park julien donkey boy) Kenneth Anger, John Waters, Lars von, and Vincent Gallo to name a few. If it is abrasive and over the top, then I probably own it. Film is like dope to me. The first time is good(ie the first awful picture) the second time is better, by the tenth time though you want more, something stronger then the past. Thats why I like what I like.

7. I have seen you list Anton LeVey and Aliester Crowley down as influences, are there any other satanists or occultists that you have an interest in?

Any and all. I read, thats what I do. I follow no set dogma, but study all. To most people's suprise I own every literary religous text (ie: Torah, Quaran, Bible etc..) there is. I am non donomination. I'm not a hipocrite like most musicans. If there was one so called occultist and or mythological subject available to me, I'd study more on Robert Johnson, the man of the so called crossroads.

8. What kind of satanist would you consider yourself as being?
If I was to consider myself a Satanist it would be in the literal since. Now western people may think, hey , he's a Satanist. Philosophically, I live as the accusser. Satan it self is just a word, hebrew for accusser, never more never less until the Christians needed a scapegoat, and now Satan has a whole different meaning. It's all creation, everything is myth anymore. To the Christians I'm the apitamy of Satan, and thats ok with me, because I am the oppisite of them. But truely, I live Satanicly through my everyday outings. I do not worship a devil, nor do I pray to metaphysical beings. The only thing I have now is NOW. I live life to the fulliest, and never look back. Fear shall never be used against me, because essentially thats what Christiandom is fear. I remain un- tame!!!

9. What are some bands or music styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to knowadays?
There are many, but I try not to listen to much, to my own genre, in hopes that I am not influenced. I picture Ssenkrad as its own force, and to have ties to other artist I believe takes away from what should be yours and yours only. Currently though I do enjoy different genre, such as , AFI, Morrisey, HIM, Spinerette, although it may come to a suprise to most.

10. Now that we are in 2010 what direction do you see black metal heading into this decade?
As long as there is a judeo-christian god there will always be Black Metal. I'm sure that the future will bring other sub genre, fast or slow, but with the same intent.

11. Out off all the albums and releases that you have recorded so far, which one are you the most satisfied with?

Unfortunatley I'm my worst critic, I'm quite pleased with all, but try to redeem myself on every other outing. The most slept on release is the Ssenkrad Sargagantas split. My favorite would be Candle Goat Blood Worship.

12. How has your music been recieved so far by black metal fans worldwide?
I've never had a bad comment or review, but then again who really knows. There was at one time a certain organization I belonged to that distroed my material, but basically sold copies of my music and never paid me. So I must be worth stealing over?

13. Have you ever considered signing to a bigger underground label or do you want to keep the band as being very underground?
It is not out of the question as long as that it did not interfear with my creative process. I've never did any project in hopes of becoming a star or someone with financial worth. As long as I'm comfortable and my family has the things it needs(which it does now) I'm happy.

14. What are some other interests that you have besides music, films or Satanism?
Music consumes my life, with Ssenkrad, and my other project Speaker Ritual, and new things brewing there is not much else in the life of me. I read as much as I can, study the esotheric, and theology, I'm highly into the species and dicotomy of insects, but deep down to the roots, I'm all about my family, and spending as much time as I can with them.

15. Any final words or thoughts?
I appreciate the interview and any and all support I may recieve

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