Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dalkhu Interview

1. Can you tell our readers about your band, and what you have accomplished with your music during the 6 years you have been a band?
Sorg: Band consist of me (guitar), Kalki (battery), Berstuk (vocals), Jurij (bass). This line up is active since 2008. First of Dalkhu was meant to be a project for expressing my musical side, but it evolved into something more, when Berstuk joined on vox. We have made one demo entitled Ars Goetia in 2006 and a few months back we've finished the work for our first album Imperator.

2. According to your bio, you formed your band out of disgust for the modern black metal scene, what was it in 2003 that made you sick of what was being considered black metal?
Sorg: I get this question a lot. The turn point for me wasn't in 2003. I kept asking myself what is happening to black metal since around '99 and since then I wanted to make a band to express my vision of extreme metal, but that hasn't happened until 2003. From my point of view what happened to black metal is that it went from obscured into unobscured genre. It became a fashion for people to listen to, it got stuck in it's own created stereotypes. It started becoming this big thing and nowadays it feels like everyone who can play an instrument and every 15 year old kid wants to play black metal. I got fed up with bands trying to sound as the early black metal bands and with modern bands who have their record sound polished and overproduced... And with that the cold feeling of darkness is gone. But on the other hand our main goal is not anymore to go against what is happening, because we really don't care what others are doing as it's their own thing to do. We present the music through our vision and don't care anymore what type of bands call themselves black metal these days.

3. Since you are very underground and most people have not heard you yet, how would you describe your sound?
Sorg: Our sound is kind of old school sounding, but with our own twist. We try to make it as natural as possible. Everyone who wants to hear how we sound can go to and make their own mind about it.

4. What is it that you are looking for in a record label?
Sorg: First and foremost we want a label that will not interfere with our music nor philosophy and would put an effort to promote the band not just press the album and release it. We have some offers and we will see how it goes.

5. In 2006 you released a demo called Ars Goetia, what is your interest in the Goetia?
Sorg: Ars Goetia derives from the King Solomon's grimoire. The demo philosophically speaks about the linked chain between humanity and divinity. Demo is sold out and not available anymore.

6. How would you define the songwriting style of Dalkhu?
Sorg: I take a lot of inspiration from nature and that is why some parts of the songs appear in my head when I am watching the night sky from my window smoking a cigarette or driving in my car through the countryside. In Slovenj Gradec where I live, we have a lot of hills and forests and that gives me a unique feeling. I have a forest 5 metres from my house which is amazing. When I have a song done, Kalki and I rehearse alone to make drums to it, or I record the guitar and send the file to Kalki who work on the drums and then he shows to me what he's done. Sometimes when I write a song I have in my head a specific drum part for the guitar riff. Basically I write all the music and lyrics, but in the end the whole band gives it that final touch.

7. I have seen some of your live stuff on YouTube, had you had to oppurtunity to play outside your country?
Sorg: Our live performances are quite different now as those on youtube, because as an artist you have to get used to being on stage to give your maximum performance and at first it's very strange. We are very different on stage now as we were 2 years ago when we started live shows. You learn and experience a lot. We decided we will not go abroad until we have released our album, though we have had a few offers. In the future we hope to play in other countries if an interest for a Dalkhu concert will be shown.

8. What black metal bands inspired you to become a musician and what other styles of music besides black metal do you draw influence from?
Sorg: The funny thing is, that no black metal band was the reason for me to become a musician. The one who inspired me to play a guitar was my highschool schoolmate and the other reason was Dimebag, I always enjoyed watching him play. I also listen to pagan metal and old school death metal besides black metal. I also like some early heavy metal like Manilla Road, Iron Maiden. Other genres get me bored after listening for 10 minutes.

9. What are some bands or music styles that interest you nowadays?
From more well known bands I like: Dissection, Bathory, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Temnozor, Behexen, Nokturnal Mortum, Kroda, Morbid Angel, Lunar Aurora, Arch Goat, Death, Behemoth, Vinterland, Satyricon, Absu, Melechesh, Darkthrone, Hades, Drudkh, Destroyer 666, Horna to name a few.
And from the underground: Deathevokation, Verminous, Vasaeleth, Branikald, Forest, Ravendark, Katharsis, Goat Molestor, Cultes des Ghoules, Kaamos, Blood Of Kingu, Hromovlad, Orlog, ... but let everyone discover the undergournd for themselves as the grimness awaits them... Among others I listen to Orff's Carmina Burana, some Irish folk music, but on very few occasions. I mainly enjoy extreme metal.

10. Do you have any interest in other forms of the black arts besides the Goetia, and how do the black arts play a role in your music?
Sorg: Black arts play a role in my music and I take that very seriously as oppose to a lot of posers in the black metal scene, but it is only them who live a lie! I don't care. I study thelemic literature, chaosophy, the occult. I am not a follower of any cult as I believe that black art and it's philosophy is an individual thing. It is for an individual to understand and walk the path of salvation or damnation.

11. What are some interests that you have outside of music?
Sorg: Work with graphic design, go to the forest or drive through the countryside and discovering my inner self.

12. I have not heard plenty of bands from Slovenia, how would you describe the metal scene out there?
I think the scene is strong and very underrated in metal world, but for that I think we have only ourselves to blame. It is some sort of a general idea, that if a band comes from another country it deserves more. We are not proud enough of what we have. There are also conflicts among some bands which is really the biggest idiocy you can imagine for a small country like Slovenia. Nevertheless some of our bands are way better than a lot of foreign bands and Slovenian metalheads need to start supporting us more! I believe we are doing a good job producing quality music.

13. Any final words or thoughts of blasphemy?
Thanks for a good interview without the stupid questions. Check our myspace for songs and support us by buying our debut album when it gets out if you like what you hear. Stay true to yourself and go where few steps lead. Find your path. Hails!


  1. Should be out by the end of September/early October as I hear...