Friday, October 23, 2009

Merrimack Interview

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your band for my readers that are not familiar with your music?

Terrorizt: vox: Once upon a time, some young metalheads from the Parisain suburbs gathered to play Black-Metal. This was in 1994. i5 years after even if only one member is left from the early days (perversifer-gtrz) Merrimack is still around, more active than ever. Today apart from the guy I've just mentioned, we have EsX (gtrz also in Vorkreist, Necrolith (drmz), Dathorh (bss) also in Purge), and myself(also in your girlfriend). We have released 3 albums (Ashes of Purifacation !! 2002 ; Of Entropy and Life Denial !! 2006 ; and grey rigorism 11 2009).
2. I know you have a U.S tour coming up , what expectations do you have of the tour?

T: It is avery good opportunity for us to play in large venues and convince large audiences. We are very pleased and impatient to confront to so many people who never had to chance to witness the madness of Merrimack on stage. we've toured across Europe several times and we somehow have the impression to play for the very same persons over and over again. So it's all going to be new and fresh, which is pleasant. We expect the North American audience to be very receptive, devoted sick and violent. But that's we expect from every audience anyway.

3. I remember some of your older stuff was more pagan orientated and melodic, what made you decide to evolve into a brutal Satanic black metal band?

The stuff you are talking about is very very old now, and the band's line up was very different back then. Members were way younger and influences were different. With new, more stable members joining, the identity of Merrimack became more solid and more orientated towards sinister and spiritual topics.

4. What are some of the best gigs that you have played so far, and what can us Americans expect when you play out here live?

Difficult question, there were so many gigs ! I defiantly could not pick one up in particular, I would say that all our gigs in Paris turned out really great, with packed venues, fanatic audiences and a truly morbid, sick and dangerous atmosphere. That's what you guys can expect from us: pure Black Metal madness with spikes, leather, blood, darkness, death, danger and devotion.

5. How has the response been to the new album so far?

Very good indeed. We have some excellent reviews in almost all (all1) mags/ webzines, and long time fans are very enthusiastic. People have easily realized the abominable power contained in the work and glorifacation and worship that is Grey Rigorism.

6. What direction do you see Merrimack going into on future releases?

We'll keep on doing what we're doing now: incorporating more and more new elements in our music while making sure it stills faithful to the tradition of morbidity darkness and mystery of the purest Black-Metal.

7. What are some of your influences as a musician?

We are of coursed influenced by the legacy of the most re pungent Black-Metal. We're also listening to many other music styles and this can be felt in our music. We're all big fans of Doom and Death-Metal. Most of us are also into stuff like Sunn0)), Isis, Pelican, Neurosis etc.

8. What are you listening to nowadays and what is your opinion on modern black metal?

I will only speak for myself, not on behalf of the other members. I am myself getting back to vintage stuff like Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top and even older stuff, besides the bands I mentioned in the answer above. Modern Black-Metal is easy to sum up 99 % of shit. But let's be thankful for the incredibly good and strong 1 % remaining.

9. How would you describe your Satanic Left Hand Path philosophy and do you also have any interest in the other forms of the black art?

If by other forms of the black art, you mean occult practicing, then yes, I am more and more involved in such activities. It is up to everyone to question one's own engagement and to get involved in further activities than music or not. I have chosen to do so, and my interpretations, interrogations and comments are to be found in my lyrics. for those that care. I won't develop here the basis of knowledge that is esoteric by essence. Esoteric = reserved for the initiate.

10. What are some of your interests outside of music (i.e films, literature etc.)?

I read alot, though as much as I would like, I enjoy all kind of stuff, but I prefer esoteric literature, historicalm essays and philosophy> When it comes to films, I would recommend Sous le Soliel de Satan (by M. Piliat) and The Island ( byPavel Longuine).

11. How would you describe the black metal scene in your home country?

I would describe it with the exactly same words I've used to describe the modern Black-Metal scene in general 99% percent os shit and 1% exceptional good band. With some good bands disappearing it even tends to be 99.5 %/ 0.5%.

12. Any final words or thoughts for my readers?

Our new album is now out and available everywhere, so make sure to check it out (and to actually buy it instead of downloading it.) The vinyl version will be available very soon ( late october/early november). We hope to see you all on tour, my it be U.S.A and Europe

Have faith in the devil
Hail Satan
Terrorizt on behalf of Merrimack anno 2009

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