Friday, October 16, 2009

In Memorium Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
Nihilist: Greetings & Salutations! As of October 3rd 2009 we are taking a 6 month hiatus from performing any live rituals of any form. Our last performance was with the mighty Velnias from Illinois & a local band named Alda @ the Jewelbox Theater. As we take this time off we HOPE to focus on advancing with any new materials we have started working on for a new e.p. or split with another band. Maybe Ceremonial Castings, not sure at this moment. Just taking time off to let our minds & bodies heal from the physical & mental abuse we have all suffered from performing in Underground death/black/doom/thrash bands for the past 13 years!!!

2. What inspired you in 1997 to form this band, during the days when Washington was kind of going through a post grunge phase, and play the style of melodic black metal that you play?
Nihlist: Well, at that time there were quite a few die hards doing their thing up here & around Oregon. Seattle had Drawn & Quartered,Blood Ritual,Darkenwood,Windam Hell,Baba Yaga, & of corpse Inquisition. I was living in Oregon at that time. And we had Agalloch,Thy Infernal,Murdergod,Warhate,Merde,& Vein. Since that time some have gone onto other bands & others have quit musick altogether. It was a hard time at first, but now things have picked up over the past 6-7 years. We just gave it our all. Even before I was in the band, when I saw In Memorium they were an awesome live band & I think that's what sticks out in peoples minds. We ALWAYS deliver a killer set of fucked-up,decrepit & destructive death black metal!! KILL!!!!

3. How would you describe the musical progress over the years?
Nihilist: We have added more death metal & doomy elements over the past few years. Plus we lost & gained lots of different members since I.M. was formed. It is a totally different machine that the 1st incarnation of this band, however we have maintained & held high the ideals & the original spirit that have been here since the beginning. No more live keyboardist either.

4. What is the meaning behind the bands name?
Nihilist: In Memory of....
5. I know that the band members are veterans in the scen and allso have other projects as well, who are these bands pat or current?
Nihilist:Well for me the bands/projects I have worked with,recorded with, or stepped up to help out would be: Necrocide/Hate-Fuckers/Thy Infernal/Wraithen/Lord Gore/Zettilmeyer (1 show)/Abazagorath/Stahlmantel/Bethlehem/Wizards of Wor (yes, like the old video game!)/Walls of Lava/Vetus Obscurum/Gorebitch/Omnia Mutantor & I'll sometimes do guest vocals with Scorched-Earth or Grey!

6. How would you describe your live show?
Nihilist: An eruption of blackened thrash & pent up aggression. A surge of hate-filled metal & waves of headbanging galore!

7. Are there any touring plans?
Nihilist: We are hoping to have something planned for late 2010. Maybe a mini-tour, but things are up in the air right now.

8. What direction do you see the music going into, on future albums?
Nihilist: More DOOM elements for sure. Darker, more dismal & crawling.

9. What are some of the bands influences?
Nihilist: Metallica/Slayer/Iron Maiden/Black Sabbath/Celtic Frost/Death/Anthrax/Grave/Dark Angel/Vio-lence/Pentagram/Entombed/Katatonia/D666/The Accused/Incantation/Impulse Manslaughter/Discharge/Carcass/Napalm Death-"Mentally Murdered" e.p.!!/Emperor/Mayhem/Impetigo/Disciples of Hate/Bethlehem/Goblin....the list goes on.

10. What are some bands or styles of music that you are listening to nowadays?
Nihilist: I dig on such bands as: Portal/Black Breath/Methadrone/Disciples of Mockery/Agalloch/Evoken/Funebrarum/Necrovation/Maim/Vassafor/Diocletian/Tribulation/Secrets of The Moon/Hirudiniea/Witch Tomb

11. Does anyone in the band follow any Satanic, Left Hand Path, Occult or Pagan philosophies?
Nihilist: Cannot speak for anyone else in the band. And I don't have the time for this one, sorry. Not alot of fun eh?

14. I know that the band members are fans of horror films and Lovecraft, what horror films are you into, and what other literature do you read other than Lovecraft?
Nihilist: As of the past few years I have been catching up on Chuck Palahniuks' works, which I adore. Diary,Survivor,Choke & especially Haunted have all been my favorite reads over the past few years. His travel book on Portland, Oregon was also great. I am also really into autobiographies of semi celebrities, like the Artie Lang bio was pretty fucked up. The new David Cross book was hilarious. Wasted my time on the Steve Martin book though! Heh! Aftermath Incorporated was another pretty intense read. Just started scratching the surface on The Gods of Blood the other night.

15. How would you describe the extreme metalscene in Washington State these days?
Nihilist: Lots of killer & diverse bands around it seems: Black Breath/Scorched-Earth/Anhedonist/Sol Negro/Shaded Enmity/Skelator/Drawn & Quartered/Krohm/Doom Lit Sky/Drakul/Nekro-Morphosis/Lesbian/Grey/Vulgarizer/Slutvomit...etc.

16. Any final words or thoughts for my readers?
Nihilist: Thanks for your time & interest. You can order our new c.d. through your local record den/shoppe or though Vetus Obscurum-"Blood Revelations" e.p. will be available Oct. 30th through Debemur Morti Productions. In the Hour of 11:11...Nihilist

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  1. Aye, great interview, I like the questions you have come up with. It is more 'personal'.