Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grimbane Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
We have been recording demos for the new album and currently recording is halted as we come up with the finishing details and wait for business matters so on and so forth.

2. I know all of the members are veterans in the Canadian extreme metal scene, what made you decide to form this new band?
I had been looking for the right members to work with as so many here are not valid black metal, or even valid musicians. So when after a few years of letting go ties with certain people being able to run into them saying "hello what is going on" you find people have the same interests still. Timing is everything when it comes to these things as now were older and members have jobs, kids ect..and that was the case this time.

3. Where did you come up with the name Grimbane?
I was noticing that many times in metal bands they conjure up their own ideas and worlds even a band that isn't english will take words and jumble them or scramble to their own meanings or even invent things.So instead of two that's why Grimbane is one word. I just felt that the two words fit well and I liked their meaning too also shorter is better when it comes to band titles I think.

4. I know in some of the songs there are references to Egyptain gods, what interest do you have in Egyptian Mythology?
I have interest as far as ideology the album is conceptual and is about the unveiling the truths of government, religions, and the controlling sect who adhere to themselves only controlling the masses so its all tied together. For generations and even centuries these control methods have been used.

5. When I listened to your album I noticed a bunch of acoustic guitar intros, is anyone in the band classically trained?
I took lots of training as a youngster then realize you must forget all the musical rules and I found learning it all and then conscientiously forgetting it was the best way because music is a feel thing I just try to make whats in my head come out of the instrument.

6. I know in the early 90's there was a black metal skinhead movement going on in the Ross Bay Cemetary in Victoria B.C, is that movement still going strong today?
I see many who are yes all over Canada there is such a strong following and all over the world too now there is bands who follow the ross bay cult

7. According to your myspace page there is a new album coming out, when can we expect it and what direction is the music heading into?
We have no time frame in the band we dont feel pressures like other money making bands or scenes. The good news is the music is 85% done the other 15% is on the table and the details of it all are coming along. The direction is the album isn't a concept album its just a black metal album and the songs are good I cant judge them you will have to .

8. How would you describe a live Grimbane show?
Short and full of surprises we aren't a band that plays every song the same. We try to write songs that use ups and downs, fast parts and slow parts to keep people interested

9. Are there any touring plans?
Yes if we can arrange that sure

10. What are your main influences as a musician?
I like pots and pans crashing out of the cupboard, car wrecks I mean you have to go off in your own head and I try not to be predictable but its tough earlier in life it was all early metal. Sodom Kreator, some punk stuff you will hear it creep into our sound

11. What are you listening to nowadays?
Soundtracks. I do listen in on black metals big name bands to see what they are doing but its mostly other types of music

12. Does anyone in the band follow any Satanic, Occult, or Left Hand Path philosophies?
I am, (as in) I know for the sake of enlightenment but this band is about free thinking and any belief systems I have forbid myself.

13. What are some of your interest outside of music?
I have a career outside of music the band doesnt give me enough income but the normal stuff hunting, fishing, Canadian stuff

14. How would you describe the modern extreme metal scene in British Columbia?
We have many great bands and people who are into it. I dont follow it as I am too busy with my career and such. I know that some bands have come out of it 3 inches of blood and can do well in the world. Gene Hogland is a guy we see at shows so are all the SYL members and the odd time Slayer members are around town recording ect..

15. Any final words or thoughts?
I thank you for your interest in the band and look for new Grimbane 2010 ok

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