Thursday, December 17, 2009

Drudkh-Microcosmos/Season Of Mist Unerground Activists/2009

Drudkh is a band from Ukraine and the mastermind behind this band is also the same guy who does Hate Forest and Blood Of Kingu as well, this is a review of their 2008 album Microcosmos which was recently made available in the United States from Season Of Mist and I would describe their music as epic folk/pagan/black metal.

Drums on this recording range from alot of slow parts to some brutal blast beats, while the bass playing which you can actually hear on this recording seems to be slow and melodic with some folk and classical influences with a good amount of distortion.

Rythym guitars cover alot of different variety with some slow melodic riffs that seems to have a depressive,doomy,distorted edge that covers the feel of ancient tribes when paganism ruled the Earth and no one knew what Christianity was and the mixing of Ukraine traditional music with electric guitars sounds very original, while the leads are very melodic and have some classic metal influences, as for the accoustic guitar it sounds very epic with alot of influences from classical and folk music that utilizes alot of full chords.

Vocals are mostly high pitched black metal screams, while the keyboards have the feel of a movie soundtrack from a fantasy film, as for the lyrics they are written in a Slavic Language but from hearing the music they seem to be about Slavic Paganism and Mythology. The Pan flute at the end of this recording has a very mysterious tone.

Production on this recording which was recorded during the summer of 2007 at Viter Music in Kharkiv, Ukraine sounds very profesional and you can hear all of the music instrumenrs very well.

In my opinion this is a great album and I would recommend to all fans of pagan black metal, you can not do wrong picking up a copy of this cd if you are a fan of this style of black metal. However if your a fan of Hate Forest or Blood Of Kingu, dont expect this still sound like those other projects.. Drudkh is an entity of it's own.

Standout tracks on this recording are Days That Passed and Widow's Grief. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


  1. This review is VERY well written. As a non-listener to this type of music, I can almost imagine the recordings from this review. The review is concise, thought through and logically presented. WOW!!!

    Author's aunt