Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WOLOK Interview

1. Can you all our readers a little bit about the band for those that are not familiar with your music?
To sum it up, WOLOK consists of three sick and repugant musicians with no particular goal and no particular ambitions, as we just play our grim tunes for our own pleasure. To get more into the story, the band was created in 2003 LUC from ZARICH BAAL THARAGH asked me if I would agree on playing music together so that's how we decided to give birth to WOLOK, We released a first demo, Universal Void, which was re-released as an official album a little bit later through Northern Sky Productions (CD), Then we got into that split with REVERENCE and SONS OF FENRIS. Our second album was entitled Servum Pecus (CD / LP) and it was released through Eerie Art Records. For this record, Cypher from LA DIVISION MENTALE came in our band to take care of all twisted rythyms and drums. He's also in charge of all our mixing and mastering shit. A few months ago we released or third album called Caput Mortuum (CD) through Those Opposed Records. You should grab that one if you pretend to enjoy sick music.

2. What is going on with Wolok these days?
Well there's nothing special actually. Caput Mortuum was released in March 2009 and we're just promoting it with answering to interviews and so on. I still couldn't start composing some new stuff as I'm implied in other bands and have alot of things to work on. Currently I'm getting soaked with the brand new songs of LA DIVISION MENTALE and I'm just trying to think how I can puke some lyrics on the music. tThe task is not easy at all as Cypher wrote his best songs ever. I hope it can measure up.

3. Has Wolok played any live shows, and if so what are some of the best places you have played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
WOLOK is definitely not a live band. The music we play does not fit the fucking stage.

4. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
There is meaning at all. Let me explain. Back in 2003, when the decision was made to create the band, I took a pen and started to draw a logo. I don't know why, but these letters came nturally,Fucking dont know why it ended up to WOLOK. At the time I was interested (and still am) in black holes, anti matter and so on, So a paralel was made. See what I mean. Now a few months ago, I was contactacted by a guy who's called Michael Wolok and I must confess I have learned alot from him about this strange WOLOK thing & really disturbing.

5. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see Wolok heading into on future releases?
Our recent works may sound more complex than our early stuff, that is obvious. Whereas Universal Void was more of a basic record I think that Caput Mortuum is much more abstract and hard to get in at first listening. Some people told me they did not undertand anytrhing at all they could not get the essence,but that's just because they're lazy cunts and are use to hearing the mainstream sound, you know. But I dont have any problem with that. I don't plan any release, I don't say guys, let's sound more complex, or let's sound more old school, this is definitely my way of working. I don't know what direction WOLOK willhead into on our next record, it will all depend on my mood and inspiration. That's just a matter of mood and inspiration.

6. How would you describe the lyrical content of the music?
All of our lyrics are very abstract,so I think I better not unviel any detail. Each listener has to get his own interpretantion of the subject as he was staring at a painting. Roughly speaking WOLOK deals with deviance, death, religion, molestation, disease, pain, maggots. obscenity and so on and so forth... But as I said there is not one and only meaning. You just have to dig it on your own.

7. I know that the band members have particapated in many differenr bands around France, are ther any current projects, if so who are they and what styles of music do they play?
Luc is still puking in ZARICH BAAL THARAGH as he regurly releases demos. I guess he's also working on ambient stuff, but I'm not sure about it. As for as Cypher is concered, he's currently working hard on on the new LA DIVISION MENTALE album, as I told you before. He's in charge of all musical direction and I'm just the singer. This project is a mix between Black Metal and Industrial atmospheres. Our first album was released in 2007 and I think you should have a listen to it. You can expect the new album to be released somewhere in 2010 and it will just be a must.And then about me I have been performing in DEVILISH ERA since 1998, though I decided to give it up about a year ago. Now all my attention is focused on WOLOK as it deals with my top priority.

8. What are some bands or music styles that have influenced the music style of Wolok?
We'll. I'm into various genres: Black Metal, Death Metal ( be it old school or uber technical) Thrash Metal,Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Occult Rock... I can't say I am influenced by a band in particular as I do try to create my own music. And I think I succedded. According to the reviews I have read here and there, WOLOK is aofet compared to bands such as BLut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega,but I can tell you that there are absolutely my main source of inspiration though I am really respectful of their art.

9. What are some bands or musci styles that you listen to knowadays?
Right now I'm into THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. Here is a band I could speak of for hours and hours as there is so much to say about them. I discovered that band a while ago and it just changed my approach to extreme music. It doesn't need to be brutal or never-ending-blast-beat orientaed or something to sound extreme. Actually I have not been impressed and posessed for aeons I can't tell you why. I can't telly ou what is so bewitching in THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, you cannot depict with words, you just have to feel it and understand. I was attending the Eindhoven Metal Meeting a few days ago and I had the opportunity to the band on stage. And believe me, that was something unique.That was something unforgettable. Their live rituals can change your life and your vision of music, definitely Occult Rock at its very best. Unique band and unique sound. Just worship. Worship.

10. Does Satanism or Occultism play a big or small role in your music?
It all depends on what you mean for Satanism... What I can tell you is that my music is exclusively guided by my urges and impulses. Satan is more of a way of thinking; not another deity to venerate.

11. Besides music, what are some other interests that you have?
My non musical-interests are so various. As I've been working for a beer company for more than 3 years now, you can imagine how interested in am in the beer market. i'm a huge French wine connoiseur as well. But I doubt your readers give a fuck about it.

12. Any final words or thoughts?
Many thanks for your interest in WOLOK. May your readers get in touch with Those Oppossed Records to get our latest repugnant album. You can also visit our Myspace page as well. !! HYBERLINK "http://www.myspace.com/wolok " www.myspace.com/wolok !

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