Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heirdrain Interview

1.Can you give us an update on what is going on with you and your musical projects these days?

I’ve just get done a big release of an international contribution, which regroups musician all over the world into a big mp3 cd. Which contains 50 songs for about 5h of the music of different style from black metal to dark ambient/noise through obscurantism production right here:

Another from flame noire which is called war between within which a raw black metal
And will be released by wulfrune worxx records and depressive illusions records:

And the last one from Swarn which will be released again on wulfrune worxx records and depressive illusions records:

Other than my new release, I’m working on a box set of my solo project Heirdrain which will include many unreleased songs. It was an idea from a project from a label which is close now but that I wished to continue the project by my own.

My friend and I from Esprit Dérangé are working on a re-release of all our old song recorded in the past which was released by graveless slumber records. But he closes his doors after our release so we are the only one to have the tape of our old release. So we got an offer from depressive illusions record to get it re-release on a tape with all our old stuff.

Also, working on some new album with noosefiller right here :

For sure, I continue to work on any new release with all project that’s I’m involved into !

2.How would you describe the musical sound that is presented on your most recent recordings?

Mostly black metal but I came back to my old root with some of my other band which is some old thrash metal band such like Venom, Sodom, Motorhead, Death, Sepultura, Celtic Frost, Possessed, Kreator, Slayer and so on that I must forget!

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects you have explored over the years with your music?

I must say that I’m writing about anything that comes up to my mind. So far, I have written around 350 Song and over but I could say that I’m writing more about death, despair, society, anti-human and philosophy.

4.What are some of your current and past musical projects and also what are some of the musical genres they are involved with?

My current project is:

Heirdrain (All sort of Metal)
Esprit Dérangé (Black Metal)
Black Impurity (Black/Thrash/Speed Metal)
Ellipsism (Black/Death Metal)
Asceti (Black Metal)
Swarn (Blackened Crush Metal)
Flamme Noire (Black Metal)
Moribond (Doom Metal)
Noosefiller (Experimental/Industrial, Black Noise)
and another gothic project that’s doesn’t have any name yet and maybe aren't active anymore.

My Old Project was:

Bloody Wrath (Black, Death Metal)
Decadência Fúnebre (Black Metal)
Divine Darkness (Black Metal)
Dunguaire (Ambient Black Metal)
Icon of Sin (Black Metal)
Sitvartes (Black Metal)
StarBlood (Black Metal)
Sche’ôl (Black, Ambient, Noise)
Transitus Mortalis (Ambient Black Metal)
Ultra Nova (Black, Death Metal)
Dark Light (Black Metal)
Hécatombe Humaine (Black metal, Ambient, Noise, etc)

Guest Session for:

Deep-Pression (Black/Doom/Ambient)
Dedale(s) (Dark Ambient)
No Way Out (Dark Ambient)
Loki Fun Lilith (Dark Ambient)

5.You have a variety of many different musical styles within your projects, do you feel that it is always good to explore and try new things as a musician?

Sure, I keep myself open minded into music because you can always discover something. I was really close into this when I was young, but when I’ve meet some people that’s showed me dark ambient and noise.  I’ve begun to be more open to any style that I enjoy. Music is so vast and every style is enjoyable, at least, if you like it. I don’t say, ‘’go make some jazz things if you don’t ever like this because you won’t enjoy it and won’t learn anything’’.

6.You have done both solo projects and also have been a part of a few bands, out of the 2 which one do you enjoy the most?

All, because if I don’t find something enjoyable into something, I won’t be in. I’m really open to any style but sometimes, you can enjoy the music from a project but the good chemistry between all the member isn’t there so everything is certainly subject to be a failure just because of that. So both things are important into a project if you want that is work.

7.Have you done any live shows with your musical projects?

In the past, yes, into underground show into woods or into friend basement. But I might get back on stage one days with some band that I’m talking to join or form. Like I said, let see if all the chemistry is there!

8.You have also done many recordings with musicians from different parts of the world, do you feel this makes the music a lot more creative?

Yes, because you don't need to regroup each other to work on your music. You can just woke up one days and say ''well, I'm doing to make this and this'' and up, everything is done. When all the guy are on the same goal and idea, everything goes well. More, if you own your studio like me, you don't need any rendez-vous to record, only just sit, start your engine and play.The negative point of this is that you don't have any contact with the guy but only by the net. Sometime, I didn't get any news from the other guys for no reason and the project was doing really great. I ask myself if he want to get the project split and doesn't have enough ball to tell me or maybe the guy is only death (which I don't hope). So, I stuck with good stuff in my pc and wait to have new from the guy because I don't wish to get his stuff out in case that he used it for another project and feel like I ''steal'' it.

Otherwise than having a band, you must regroup when all the member can and jam then record which is really not the same feeling to me than making music by my own or by the web. But I like both for sure, each of them have their positive and negative point! But the positive point is that you can go to his door and ask him directly if there is anything wrong and kick his ass out !

9.What are some of the record labels you have worked with over the years with your musical projects?

Many, many label, mostly underground, all of them are fair and enjoyable to work with but, again, in the underground scene, you must trust each other you deal with. I have so many things to say about label in positive and negative point that I could start a roman.

10.On a worldwide level, how has the feedback been to your recordings by fans of underground music?

I don't really care of it, I'm doing my things and I goes forward in life. I won't stop just because someone hate me or don't enjoy my music. Nobody can please to everybody and surely not in music. There will always someone to hate/like your music in any way. How much time I've saw people hating a new recording of a band because it doesn't sound like his old stuff and tried something new. All the band have their own way to work/idea and every band evolved into the future. For sure, we make music for the fans and fans make us live in return and are important,otherwise, I would make music only for me but I won't make what I don't enjoy because it's not ''IN''

11.Where do you see yourself heading into as a musician in the future?

Surely making music until my death surely, haha, With all those years active, I don't see why I should stop if I still like this

12.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?

Shit, the list is Fuck'n long but to be short, surely, say venom, bathory, burzum, mayhem, motorhead. Mostly all the 80-90 music era into black, death, thrash, heavy metal

But now, I'm listening to some goth darkwave from time to time band like diary of dreams, blutengel, the cure but I'm not a huge fan of this style.

13.Does Satanism or Occultism play any role in your musical projects?

in the past, I had some satanist lyric and idea when I was young because I hated to be christian. When I grow up and being apostasy, I mostly forgot all those idea and get a bit of occultism lyric from time to time but it's mostly not my main influence in my lyrics.

14.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts? 

Thanks for this opportunities, it's been 7 years I didn't make an interview and I still find this enjoyable! Here all the link you must see: (under construction for now)

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