Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kathyaarsys-Anymous Ballad cd review/new album online/2009

Kathyaarsys are a band from Spain that plays an unique blend of black,death and doom metal with alot of progressive influences and this is their third album.

Drums on this album are mostly slow with some occasional blast beats and alot of technical parts, while the bass playing seems very progressive and takes the role of being a lead bass that sounds very melodic and you can hear it on this recording.

Rhythm guitars on this cd sound very technical with alot of palmed muted riffs and a good mixture of heaviness and melody, while the accoustic guitars sound very progressive with alot of fingerpicking and alot of darkness and depression. Lead guitars sound distorted and utilize alot of different influences from a bunch of different musical styles and you can hear alot of scales being utilized.

Vocals seem to cover alot of range and you can hear a mixture of death metal growls, black metal screams mixed with alot of clean singing, while the production on this recording sounds very proffesional and you can hear every musical instrument, I did not have a copy of the lyrics since you can only hear this album online but I would say that they cover alot of dark and depressing topics.

In my opinion this is a good band and album and I would recommend everybody to go to their myspace page give it a listen and buy it when it comes out.

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