Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sammath Interview

1. Can you give us a brief description of the history of your band.
Sammath started late 93, early 94. After some demos and promos we finally got a deal with Folter in 97. I signed on for three more cds last year. It’s a damn fine label, got a good name and most important , joerg from Folter knows what black metal is. The band history isn’t that interesting, just as any other band, a bio can be reads on for all those who have fuck all else to do.

2. How would you say your sound evolved over the years. I noticed when I listened to both
your first and second album's the sound seemed to change.
-You should hear the third, and now upcoming fourth album. Change is necessary to grow. Stagnation should mean death if you ask me. Some bands do this well, like cannibal corpse, acdc, shit like that. I understand fans of these bands won’t buy anything anymore if they change style completely. The thing is, these bands live of their music. So if they change style, no food on the table. I believe money and black metal don’t mix. All commercially successful black metal bands suck, all of them, no exceptions. I can do as I please, the label always supports me. It will always be extreme metal, but never the same record twice.

3 Are their any left hand path or satanic philosophies that you practice or belief in.
No, I hate religion, religions are for stupid ignorant morons who should all get shot, fuck them. People who wander their own path is what I believe in. I hate any form of religion, most people simply suck. It seems as though black metal attracts every kind of lowlife these days. Those “I hate the world “screaming pussies who think everyone should die, how about you start with yourself, faggots!!! I really just don’t get it that people believe in some old man sitting up in heaven waiting for us all, I’ve said it before and ill say it again If god does exist, he probably listens to metal, the ruthless bastard.
Black metal is strength, arrogance, power, unending hate, but never weakness like suicide This always stands for weakness, the weak will perish!

4. How would you describe the black metal scene in Germany..
Im dutch, but live two km across the border into Germany, I really don’t know the German scene as well as I should. There are some great bands though. Lunar Aurora, Graupel, Funeral Procession, Truppensturm, all bands form the VAN label but fucking great stuff. Also Folter just signed a German band, Thorngoth, very good black metal. I learn a lot of new stuff through myspace, but because there are so many bands I simply forget what their names are…

5. What are some of your main influences.
- Coroner, Autopsy, Sadistik Exekution, Mortal Sin,Revenge, Kreator, Sodom, man I could go on for hours. There are so many great bands out there that got me into it all in 85 onwards. The first Death albums, Death Angel, Carnivore, early Venom. Bal Sagoth, Slaughter, Blasphemy, Gehenna.

6. Are there any plans for a U.S tour, I know I would like to see some German black metal bands play out here.
-We had some contact last year with some promoters from Chicago, but in the end it was all to expensive, anyone out there, all we need is a place to sleep, and large amounts of alcohol.

7. What are you listening to these days and what new bands would you recommend.
-I would recommend the latest Revenge cd to anyone who hasn’t heard of it already, one of the few bands that really only sounds aggressive, always, no compromise. Some other new bands are emerging, I mainly listen to old stuff though, like Bestial Warlust. Other new bands I really get into I cant really name, I gues im an old bastard. Some dutch bands people should check out: The monolith deathcult, Fenris, Gheestenland, Brandhaard, Salacious Gods, Vermin.

8. Any films or books that you would recommend.
Books, everything by Nietzsche. Films, I don’t give a shit about movies, except old war classics, or documentary’s about war.

9. Any final thoughts.
yes, black metal is about power, arrogance and last but not least, musicianship. All spectacle wearing mummy boys who hate themselves fuck off. There is rope for sale anywhere, find a tree and use it.
One more thing, black metal should be respected as a art form with certain boundaries, so also a huge fuck you to all Christian, emo, electronic and house , trance morons everywhere raping the scene.
Thanks for the interview, metal or death!

10. Thanks for the interview
You to man, good luck with your underground activities, keep the flame burning!

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