Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Imperial Truimphant -Soundclick MP3's Review

 Imperial Truimphant are a band from New York and I would describe their music as Viking Black Metal with a thrash and death metal edge.

Drums incorporate many different elements from slow parts to some really fast blast beats mixed with some epic viking march type beats, while the bass playing is mostly rhytms with a dark tone that follow the riffs that come out of the guitars and drums without copying them.

Rhythm guitars utilize alot of different influences from the different subgenres but are mostly in the vein of black metal and you can hear some palm muted riffs mixed with alot of fast parts, while the lead guitars contain alot of melody and utilize alot of distortion.

Vocals are mostly in the grim style with alot of low pitched black metal screams mixed in with some ocassional clean singing as well as some death metal growls, while the keyboards when they are utilized contain a very epic feel and there was a voilin utilized on one song that brought back memories of an ancient dark past.

Production on these MP3's remind me of the sound you would hear off demo cassaetes in the 90's and it gives the music a very raw edge. as for the song titles they are mostly about vikings and war with a sense of humor at times with some names such as Retarded Vikings.

In my opinion this is a good band and they seem to bring alot of old school influences into modern day Black Metal and none of the songs sound the same. I would recommend downloading some MP3's as well as buying whatever demo or album this band puts out.

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