Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bahimiron Interview

1. Can you give us a brief history of the band!

=== Whelp, It all started in the early 90’s when Grimlord, already vocalist for Texas death metal legends “Imprecation” and a buddy of his Brain F. from the local music scene in Houston . Decided to try and bring the Black Metal movement to the Houston area… Unfortunately, several members that were recruited became unreliable and would rather do drugs and what not then to start a serious project. So the project was laid to the side until 2002 when Grim was able to convince good old Mr. Blaash and Ms. Jenoside to join forces with him. By 2003, the band had recorded a self released demo, rehearsal demo and a E.P for Regimental and Blood Fire Death Records.. I Joined the band in late April or early May of 2003 on the premise of being a live guitarist and they haven’t been able to shake me since.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before!

=== Chaos, A diesel engine running in the red while rolling over broken glass. A sound so horrible, its as if every recording is about to fly apart and hit innocent bystanders in the face with hot pieces of iron.

3. What are some of your other releases other than the split with Terratism and Southern Nihilzm and how would I obtain them!

=== Well, there is a four way split with 3 other Texas bands “ As The Sun Burns” on Killzone Records I believe there are a few copies left in their distro. There is the Sargiest split on Obscure Abhorrence I think those are sold out, You could try Amazon or e-bay. The “Hunting down the Weak” E.p. is sold out. And Our first L.p “Pure Negativism: In Allegiance With Self Wreckage” on Aura Mystique Productions, You can locate that release on their website or even contact Moribund, believe they are carrying it as well.

4. I know some of the band members have a long history in the Texas Underground Metal Scene and are other of the band members involved with any side projects and if so can you explain who they are!

=== Geez, where to start? Mr. Blaash is currently involved with the plague that is “Toward Global Holocaust” They just released a MCD. Grimlord has rejoined the newly reform “Imprecation” is currently recording with fellow Houston based drummer from “Golgotha” under the project name of “Christ Dismembered” They should be releasing something soon, He is also involved with a rock based band by the name of “Fireborn Disciple” which I front as the base player and Vocalist. I also have an acoustic project under my own name. I also happen to be working on a few other things but nothing I can mention at the moment. Ms. JenOside has expressed some interest in recording a project, but as of yet… Nothing has come of it.

5.Are there any plans for any future tours, I know I would like to see you guys play live again!

=== None at the moment, as two of our members live in Arizona and the other two are in Texas , its pretty difficult to get together and practice.. Mush less tour or do any shows.. So if you see us on a bill anywhere you should go, cause there aint no telling when we will play next or if the band will ever play your area again.. It took us four years to in between playing Houston shows.. And this is our base of operations!

6. Are there any plans for any new material!

=== Yes, at this very moment we are working on what should be our very last split, the material was recorded before “ Southern Nihilizm ” was recorded and show’s our progression or, depending on who you as, lack there of. It will be with our brothers in arms “UnChrist” and will be available through Graveless Slumber Records. We are also in the writing process for our 3rd L.p. to be released through Moribund most probably in 2010.

7. What direction do you see the new material going in, what can we Expect!

=== I would love to be able to describe the direction the new material is going, but honestly I can’t. A lot of it is very different from anything we have done in the past, plus we are still very much in the beginning process…. But don’t go thinking that we are getting all technical on ya or anything… The new stuff will of course be Bahimiron through and through, on the seat of your chair chaos!

8. What are some of the best live shows that you have played and which crowds would you say are the craziest or best!

=== shoot that’s a hard one, But I would have to say that our last show here in Houston was probably our best performance and the best response from the crowd I have EVER witnessed.. Not to say that the L.A. or New York/New Jersey shows weren’t any good… Those were great too, along with good crowd reaction. Austin has always been good to us, even if we were off our game at the time or not. But I do have to say that a lot of the time it seems like people don’t know what to do when they see us live… After a song has ended most people sit there wide eyed as if asking “what the hell was that”????.. heh!

9. What rule does Satanism, Occultism, Left Hand Path or Anti Christianity play in the bands music and lifestyle!

=== We all have our own ideology and thoughts on religion, faith or what the hell ever, as a band I think we try to convey the feeling of ramped searing decay. Of course we use a lot of different imagery and lyric concepts, such as Satanism, The occult and other symbols that have got us band from more then one or two distro’s and websites. Its all used as an abrasive form to direct attention toward the pathetic life that most of us are forced to live.. Also, the use of alcohol is another tool used to project that sentiment… But that in itself is very much a real thing in our lives…And we have the bad health to prove it.

10. What are some of your biggest influences music wise and non music wise!

=== I can’t really speak for anyone but me on this subject, But life itself is enough of an influence sometimes. Yes, there are bands and musicians out there that I hail greatly ( I can say that for all of us too )… But hell! Just look around at the fucked up crap going on, anywhere or anyplace… That’s almost enough disgust for anyone.

11. What are you listening to these days and what new bands that you recommend!

===At the moment I haven’t been listening to much of anything, while writing I try to keep my mind clear of metal and listen to only Outlaw Country to be honest. I have come to realize that it helps keeping your mind out of a genre that you are a part of when creating. Well, at least sometimes. But if there is anything metal I’m listening to right now?.. Its really pretty old and aggressive.

12. What are some good books or films that you would recommend!

=== What kind of books and movies are we talking about here? I would suggest “Hustler”, “Debbie does Dallas ”, “Black Cocks Shooting Pearly White Cum”, “Edward Penis Hands”, “The art of Masturbation” and “I Can be A Winner Too” for good reads and wholesome entertainment for the family to watch.

13. How would you describe the metal scene in Texas, I have heard alot of killer bands from the state, and what are some bands that you would recommend!

=== I would have to say, in all honesty that the scene was touch and go at times. But here the last few years its really started to take off a bit and for the most part, is a pretty strong scene.. At least from what I’ve seen, You do have to realize the shear size of Texas , different cities will have a completely different scene.. I would suggest for people to check out “Golgotha” from Houston , those young fella’s are awesome live and I believe that they are just about to release their first c.d. and our label mate “Brown Jenkins”.

14. Any final words!

=== If it moves? Fuck it! If its wet? Drink it! If its on fire? Burn in it!
Whiskey, fire and Pillz….Deacon Krag Daggon.

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